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Eating out in Raleigh? Get tips for the best restaurants and top places for local specialties like barbecue, plus weigh in on where you like to eat in the city.

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Most underrated and overrated restaurants in NC Triangle

by 27705food 1 year ago

Perhaps a good discussion starter. Which restaurants do you feel are overrated (this board, critics, newspapers o...


jnwall commented 6 hours ago

Raleigh: Anyone been to chicken and waffles off 440, Mr Wonderful's

by panthur 3 years ago

I need the scoop, is it worth the drive from the exact opposite side of 440? Compare to Dame's at all in any way? ht...


burgeoningfoodie commented 11 days ago

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Provenance in Raleigh, NC

by burgeoningfoodie 28 days ago

This past Sunday the family needed to get out of the house and we decided to take our little master to Marbles. I wa...

ISO authentic Mexican in the Triangle

by TerryG 2 months ago

We wll be hosting visitors soon who are interested in inexpensive, authentic Mexican (or other Latino) food. in the ...

LulusMom commented 29 days ago

Anniversary lunch - Raleigh or Durham

by BerriesAndToast 2 months ago

I am looking for restaurant ideas for a Saturday anniversary lunch, ideally in downtown Raleigh, North Raleigh, or do...


BerriesAndToast commented 29 days ago

Game Sausage?

by Ashmolean 2 months ago

Where can I find game sausage like duck, rabbit, wild boar in Raleigh?? thanks!


BerriesAndToast commented 2 months ago

Looking for a Hispanic Caribbean food market?

by Alexiel 3 months ago

Looking for a Hispanic/Caribbean grocery store that carries salted cod fish, canned ackee, jerk seasoning, ox tails, ...


Ashmolean commented 2 months ago

Best Bakery in Raleigh? ISO Best Cinnamon Bun Ever (Preggo Craving)

by panthur 7 years ago

I am looking for the best cinnamon bun in Raleigh, although I'll expand that to the Triangle for a heavenly experienc...


burgeoningfoodie commented 3 months ago

Interested in starting a Raleigh cooking/supper club?

by edinaeats 4 months ago

I'm interested in organizing a cooing/supper club in the Raleigh area for people who love to cook. The exact forma...


burgeoningfoodie commented 4 months ago

3 layer vegetable pate in Raleigh, NC area?

by Erika RollerGirl 6 months ago

I am looking for a 3 layer vegetable pate to purchase locally (preferably in Raleigh but I am open to other areas nea...


Erika RollerGirl commented 5 months ago

BottleDog Offers A Pastrami Sandwich Alternative (Raleigh/Cary Area)

by klmonline 7 months ago

We've written in the past about the difficulty in finding good pastrami sandwiches around the Triangle (heck, around ...


bbqme commented 6 months ago


by Barbarella 7 months ago

Need an updated list of great restaurants in the area. We will be staying in Briar Creek for five nights. Also need a...

Barbarella commented 7 months ago

Raleigh Late Night Dining

by Guilty Gourmand 7 months ago

I work in downtown Raleigh and occasionally end up having to work through dinner until 10 or 11 some weeknights and f...


Guilty Gourmand commented 7 months ago

Crawford & Son - Raleigh

by Djenkinsrdu 8 months ago

Long time lurker. Went to Crawford & Son last night for the first time and had one of the best meals I have had since...


D R C commented 7 months ago

Help! I've been tasked with a shrimp appetizer!

by peopleflavoredsoylent 8 months ago

Hi Chowhounders! Even though I love this site, I don't cook. (regardless, I do get a vicarious thrill reading abou...


peopleflavoredsoylent commented 8 months ago

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Ashley Christensen Interview on Eater

by jnwall 9 months ago

There is an interview with Ashley Christensen of the occasion of the publication of her new cookbook, go here: htt...

Wegmans Adds Future Raleigh Location

by JTomWilson 9 months ago

Wegmans announced their 3rd. future location for the Triangle a few days ago. It's to be in Wake Forest near I-440 (I...

romansperson commented 9 months ago