Eating out in Raleigh? Get tips for the best restaurants and top places for local specialties like barbecue, plus weigh in on where you like to eat in the city.

Rock Star Chef Cheetie Kumar Riffs on Southern Ingredients with Asian Spices

Throughout Asian-American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Chowhound is celebrating some of our favorite chefs, cookbook authors, and entrepreneurs. For our final profile, Sucheta Rawal spoke with...

A Couple of Shout-Outs

by Guilty Gourmand 7 months ago

The Southeast board has been pretty dead which I've chalked up to our collective inability to dine, explore, or try new things but maybe also partially out of fear (or respect) for publicly comment...

Local Well Known Chef Embroiled in Sexual Assault claims at her establishments

by burgeoningfoodie 7 months ago

In case you weren't in the know.... https://www.wral.com/we-didn-t-know-is-not-an-excuse-ashley-christensen-responds-to-former-poole-s-diner-employee-s-assault-claim/19287351/ https://ac-resta...

Looking for a large amount of Poppy Seeds

by burgeoningfoodie 9 months ago

Does anyone know where I may be able to purchase a large amount of Poppy Seeds? I'm baking a bread that asks for at least a half a pound of Poppy Seed. I think the average size you get in the bak...

Greek Style Pizza

by burgeoningfoodie 9 months ago

I have a few New England (more specifically Massachusetts) relocated folks down here in the Triangle Area who have found memories of Greek Style Pizza(?) and would like to help them possibly locate...

Black Owned Businesses in North Carolina Triangle

Best part of the Triangle for everyday dining

by concordcourtney 1 year ago

Our family is considering moving to the Triangle from Charlotte for various reasons, but we're pretty flexible on where in the Triangle. We just need to be within about 45 minutes of RDU Airport. ...

Meat and Three Sides (but we just want the sides)

by soccermom13 1 year ago

DH and I will be in NC for a little vacation in early April. We especially like the three sides part of the equation in meat + 3 sides options. We are totally fine with holes-in-the wall as long ...

Shuck Beans

by soccermom13 1 year ago

We'll be in NC in April---New Bern, Raleigh, Asheville. Does anyone know where I could purchase some shuck beans to cook at home?

What are you looking to try in 2020?

by burgeoningfoodie 1 year ago

A new year and new places to try (even ones that haven't been created). For those that are still standing or imminent, what places in our area are you looking forward to trying? How about in the ...

Favorite Restaurants in Downtown Raleigh or Durham

by loves2cook82 1 year ago

Looking for a good place to go for a birthday dinner, just me and my husband. Used to be a fan of Poole's Diner, but I don't want to go somewhere I'll have to stand around waiting an hour for a tab...

Chido Taco

by Tom from Raleigh 1 year ago

Truly excellent tacos at Chido Taco! I could see their tortillas were pressed freshly as I waited to order. Their pastor is cooked on a vertical spit in the traditional way. Many local places have ...

Tea rings in Raleigh, NC area

by KyMikey 1 year ago

I have some friends in Garner NC just south of Raleigh that are really into bakery tea rings, especially the ones with pecans on top. I only see them once a year, but we always have to bring them ...

What's Missing in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Hillsborough region?

by burgeoningfoodie 2 years ago

So I'm sure this comes up from time to time, but I'm wondering what you all think is missing in our region. Missing can be loosely translated as under represented or here but there needs to be bet...

SE Raleigh, Cary, Morrisville Lunch Spots?

by Tom from Raleigh 2 years ago

Hi, I recently started a new job in Raleigh near Wade Ave and Edwards Mill Road. This an area I haven't spent much time in, so I'm eager to explore it. Here's what I've tried so far: Pam's ...

Advice for Best E. NC Style Barbecue (Pork) - Durham

by Noice 2 years ago

Going back for a college reunion Thursday of this week, and leaving Sunday night, and hoping to get the best barbecue sandwich of my dreams: vinegary, peppery, smoky pulled/chopped pork on a soft w...

Transfer Co. Food Hall in Raleigh

by Guilty Gourmand 2 years ago

Unless I've missed, I haven't seen any discussion here of the Transfer Co Food Hall in Raleigh. I've been several times to Benchwarmers Bagels and really like. Have only been to the Oyster Bar a ...

Kosher For Passover in Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill

by burgeoningfoodie 2 years ago

Alright, it is that time of year again. Does any place in the Triangle area of North Carolina carry Kosher for Passover meat related products.

Chinese in the Triangle

by st.nick 2 years ago

Best dim sum and/or Chinese in the Chapel Hill/Durham and possibly Raleigh area currently? Thx!!

Sam Jones bringing BBQ to Raleigh

by burgeoningfoodie 2 years ago

There has been some whispers in the foodieverse that Sam Jones (of Skylight Inn fame) is bringing his brand of BBQ to downtown Raleigh in the near future. Anyone else heard similar?

Scott Crawford to Potentially Grow His Empire More

by burgeoningfoodie 2 years ago

The News and Observer stated that, in addition to Crawford and Sons and the French bistro that is on the horizon, Crawford will be opening a steakhouse that does on premise dry-aging and looks to a...