What Is the Difference Between Radishes and Turnips?

Radishes come in many shapes and sizes. Some favorites include the French Breakfast radish, long and thin and often served with salted butter, the daikon (also known as a Japanese radish) which is pale...

how can i use up lots of radishes?

by diesel 12 years ago

Hi, I have a ton of beauty heart radishes in my fridge from my CSA - OK, not a ton, but about 5 pounds. No, I am not kidding. My husband and I like them in salads OK, but we're getting sick o...

Thai sweet preserved radish recipe

by frumgirl1 6 years ago

Can anyone help me out with a recipe for sweet preserved radish? I'd like this for making pad thai.

Radish Fetish

by paulispumonti 12 years ago

I eat radishes the way some eat apples....... big bites into the rich transluscent core which arouse my senses I buy them with the greens attached occasionally trimming them, sometimes forgett...

Who knew, Radish Pods?

by Fooley0401 9 years ago

I just found out yesterday that when you let radishes bolt, that the radish plants eventually form these little green pods with radish seeds inside. Even though radishes are easy to grow, they have...

Radishes & Radish greens - Roasted, sautéed, pickled, , mashed, etc….

by Stanley Stephan 18 years ago

Radishically long. I have this Lavender Salt from Eatwell Farms that’s been mentioned before on the board. Don’t get me wrong, it is wonderful stuff ,,, French sea salt with dried lavender. Ho...

Need to find watermelon radish in west LA

by Lynndsey Rigberg 5 years ago

Hi Chowhounds, I'm cooking a surprise bday party for a friend and just found out his favorite salad includes watermelon radish. Help! Where to find??? The party is saturday, thanks!

ISO watermelon radishes on UWS

by BEmama 6 years ago

Spent Thanksgiving upstate and sister got some through her CSA. Anybody seen them in the city?

Radish cooking?

by BluPlateSpec 6 years ago

Just got a lot of radishes and was wondering about cooking them. Can you roast them? If so do you oil them and roast uncovered or wrap the in foil?

What do I make with these ingredients?

by anniam 6 years ago

I am doing this farm share thing this summer and I have to use this stuff before it rots. Week 1 included the following: Berkshire Pork Chops - 2 per pack, appx 1 # Ramp Linguine - 1 # Pastur...

Radish greens -- do you eat them?

by comestible 12 years ago

Hi -- got a nice bunch of red radishes at the farmer's market the other day, and I just wondered if the tops are considered edible, and if so, how do you cook them? Or you you treat them as a sala...

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