The 12 Best Food Podcasts to Listen to Right Now

Looking for the best food podcast to listen to right now? These are some of our favorites. Thanks to the development of some very good culinary podcasts, today’s food-obsessed are asking each other...

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WXOU Radio

by KP_4532 12 years ago

Can anyone advise me about this bar? I am in town briefly next week for a birthday (30) dinner and drinks with a handful of people. Is this a good place to hang and have cocktails while seeing pe...

Radio Food Shows

by Tonto 13 years ago

We have a three hour radio show here in New Orleans five days a week that discusses nothing but food, wine, and restaurants in the area. Does anything like this exist anywhere else?

Radio episode with Chef Michael Smith

by Margaret_L 13 years ago

There's a great food radio episode with Chef Michael Smith. http://www.cbc.ca/thecurrent/2007/200709/20070907.html Not everything can be heard but majority of the streaming audio is pretty inte...

XM radio with CD, or AM/FM plus Cassette [moved from Boston board

by almansa 13 years ago

This is just an observation, but people seem to place quite a lot of faith in their servers' opinions. Why would someone ask a server his or her recommendations, unless, of course, all menu items a...

Phantom Gourmet's new radio show

by BLM 13 years ago

I understand today(Saturday) was the debut of the Phantom Gourmet radio show on 96.9 FM Talk Boston with the Andelman brothers. Going to the 96.9 FM talk website, for some reason I couldn't get a l...

Kasper's at Third Coast Radio Festival

by cfarivar 13 years ago

Kasper's, RIP: Here's the piece: http://www.thirdcoastfestival.org/audio_library.asp#current

Top Chef's Sam Radio Interview

by OCAnn 13 years ago


Central Coast Wine lovers: "Grapevine Radio" in SLO/CA area

toodie jane
by toodie jane 13 years ago

On local radio station KVEC/920 AM., a show returns today featuring "....interviews with winemakers, chefs, retailers and other in the food and wine industry." Reported in today's (SLO Co) Tribu...

Jim Leff is on Sirius Radio 112 (Martha Stewart) right now

by jackie 14 years ago

Fun interview ought to be going on a while longer if anyone has access...

Jim Leff on Public Radio 8/21 (and podcast)

by Andrew Gore 14 years ago

I was on a Chowish mission Saturday to find and eat the infamous "Porno Burrito" in Los Angeles. I was chowing down on this flaccid wonder and listening to KPCC, my local NPR station on my Walkman ...

Big Dog on radio tonight

by MichaelB 14 years ago

He's probably too modest to mention it, but I thought it should be publicized that Jim Leff will be on the Open Source radio program/blog tonight, for a show about potatoes. The show is produced lo...

Big dog on WGBH radio at 7:00 tonight

by MichaelB 14 years ago

I just posted this on the Food Media board, but I thought I'd provide a pointer to it here, since the Open Source program is produced locally, and we no doubt have many spud-loving hounds who have ...

radio food shows

by Roxie Lifton 14 years ago

Are there any great radio food shows out there (aside from the Splendid Table, which you may or may not like)?

What happened to Rocco Dispirito on WOR Radio?

by kelvin8r 14 years ago

Tuned in to the show yesterday-no Rocco...Went on WOR's website and he's been excised...what's up w/that? Although I never cared for him before, he was pretty good on that show...shared plenty of ...

culinary/food radio programs

by N 14 years ago

Know of any culinary/food related radio programs that are on during the week (M-F), that can be listened to over the internet?

Chinese organ-meats radio interview

by Josh Karpf 16 years ago

Hi, I mostly lurk here. But I'm a diligent lurker! KCRW-FM's "Good Food" show has interviewed me about Chinatown organ meats, which I spent three days cooking and/or eating. It'll air this Satu...

CBC Radio Toronto Restaurant Review Review

by The Lone Chow-Baby 18 years ago

I hereby create this thread and ask for reviews of the restaurant review program currently running on CBC Radio One in Toronto (99.1 on your FM dial !) P.S. Does anyone remember where that chin...

Heard on the radio that Maison Robert may be closing

by pastrytroll 17 years ago

Driving home this afternoon, WBZ radio had a little segment on this. The story went that MR told the landlord that they will not be renewing their lease, and that the landlord is approaching super...

Calvin Trillin on the radio Thursday

by Abbylovi 17 years ago

I know that Calvin Trillin is a big CH favorite. This Thursday he'll be on the WNYC Leonard Lopate Show (93.9FM and AM820) which goes from noon to 2pm. Don't know what time he'll be on. Here's a bl...