WCBS News Radio pulls the plug on Bob Lape's 'Dining Diary'...

by gutreactions 1 year ago

Bob Lape has been doing dining commentary on radio and TV for 30 years, especially in the New York metropolitan area....


Bob Lape commented 8 months ago

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Splendid Table host retiring Lynne Rossetto Kasper

by MidwesternerTT 9 months ago

Nice feature interview / article about Lynne Rossetto Kasper retiring from hosting The Splendid Table in our Minneapo...

Food as a weapon of control

by Melanie Wong 10 months ago

" . . . It was too late. The little boy had been given a peek into the transformative world of words and was desperat...

outRIAAge commented 10 months ago

Lesbian farmers are taking over the country, if you believe Rush Limbaugh

by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

"...After eight years under Obama and eight more under Clinton, there are hardly any straight white male farmers left...

Bob Martinez commented 1 year ago

ATK... are you listening?

by kseiverd 1 year ago

ATK with Christopher Kimball has kinda recently had a slot on my NPR station on Saturday... late-morning/early-aftern...

paulj commented 1 year ago

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Interview with "La Mère Michel" founder on Radio Canada

by CaptCrunch 1 year ago

Those who know me also know that I've been harping on "La Mère Michel" for a while now. For those who don't know, ...

Radio for Kitchen Suggestions, ISO

by zackly 1 year ago

I always listen to talk radio while I’m cooking, either political or sports oriented stations. My old Boston Acoustic...


GH1618 commented 1 year ago

Prague's delicious trdelnik on NPR Radio!

by FrankG68 2 years ago

The NPR (National Public Radio) just today had a report from Prague on trdelnik. You can find the audio under “Prague...

vanderb commented 2 years ago

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Food Podcasts, Radio Pioneers

by eatingjoy 2 years ago

If you enjoy today's new podcast format as much as I do...

Bojangles radio commercial

by Ed2014 2 years ago

I just heard Bojangles latest radio advertisement, and the theme was: "It's all about the biscuit" Why would a chain...

alkapal commented 2 years ago

Chef Ruth Rogers, Desert Island Discs - BBC Radio 4

by eatingjoy 2 years ago One of the most interesting ...


eatingjoy commented 2 years ago

Cutting the Curd, Heritage Radio podcast program

by eatingjoy 2 years ago I've been enjoying the programming and thoug...


eatingjoy commented 2 years ago

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Episode 208 - Sugar and Sweets Around the World

by eatingjoy 2 years ago

Today's episode covers the author of this book:

Interesting Public Radio Piece on Chinese Dining in the San Gabriel Valley

by Chandavkl 2 years ago

Long program on the SGV in general, so short cut to the Chinese food segment which is the third line under the pictur...


Galen commented 2 years ago

Jurgen Gothe, local oenophile, national radio celebrity - dead at 71

by LotusRapper 2 years ago


LotusRapper commented 2 years ago

Heritage Radio Network, food & culture content

by eatingjoy 3 years ago The next time you find yourself on the business trip from hell, hit HRN for food related radio progra...


eatingjoy commented 3 years ago

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9/27/14 - Copley Square, radio booth recording food conversations

by greygarious 3 years ago This was mentioned on WBUR today.

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America's Test Kitchen Radio - beverage fads

by greygarious 3 years ago

Toward the end of this hour-long program