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quiet enough for conversation?

by Alexandra 19 years ago

We are looking for some ideas for lovely, new and interesting restaurants in any neighborhood, to go with some hip and trendy/savy friends who have some hearing problems. We need some places that ...

Quiet Breakfast near Penn Station

by Irene B 19 years ago

Any ideas for a meeting near Penn Station, nothing major, cozy would be nice

Lunch - Nice Quiet, romantic?

by Soj89 19 years ago

Any suggestions for a nice relaxed place for lunch that wont break the pocketbook? A restaurant that is less busy and has an atmosphere that lends to conversation is preferred over anything trendy....

quiet new year's in NYC?

by mewood 19 years ago

Hello, I'm planning a visit (from Boston) to New York to meet a long distance friend for New Year's. We're staying in the East Village in another friend's apartment. Do you have any recommendations...

ISO: quiet coffee shop & mexican diner in WIlliamsburg

by sarahoc 19 years ago

Does anyone know of a coffee shop in the area that is quiet and lets you study for hours, and a good cheap mexican/spanish diner in williamsburg? I'm moving to Williamsburg from Park Slope and I ne...

quiet coffee/tea at 5 pm Michigan-Lake Shore

by Dbird 19 years ago

I am abashed at writing as I feel I owe some reports on past advice received & taken, but am hoping for indulgence on another request. I am looking for a public venue for a quiet business meeting a...

quiet restaurant for a birthday dinner

by chowcat 19 years ago

I have a curious request. I'm looking for a good restaurant (not the highest-price tier though) that is not too noisy, to take my mother in celebration of her 75th birthday in early November. She l...

Quiet, reasonably priced, Westside

by Artsdoc 19 years ago

Need to meet a friend's significant other for the first time--who's on a moderate budget, Westside. Looking for something quiet and conducive to (hopefully) good conversation, inexpensive-to-moder...

need quiet dinner recs with lots of wines by the glass

by Becca Benghiat 19 years ago

husband's bday is next week - I want to keep it low key, sometime midweek. I miss the wine bar bistros that have proliferated around chicago - any recs here? we can splurge a little bit... thanks!

Two dinners: one quiet, one noisy

by Sylvia G 19 years ago

Here's a report on two-thirds of our weekend dining. Saturday night we had a most enjoyable dinner at Delmonico's, in what is currently a Hilton on City Ave. Their specialty is steak, and as far as...


by JMALONEY 19 years ago

I am looking for a outdoor place, sorta casual, good food without any crowd - any suggestions? Tried Aqua in East Rockaway? where the Porthole used to be I enjoyed it but need another suggestion.

seattle---first date, quiet not too romantic restaurant

by rebecca s 19 years ago

Hi all I've got a first date on Sunday and I'd love suggestions for where to go for dinner. I don't want any place too over-the-top romantic---that'd be too much for a first date. Someplace where w...

HELP! Need QUIET rest. near Wilshire/Bundy TONIGHT

by evanloo 19 years ago

My boss has a mtg. off Wilshire and Bundy and wants dinner resis for a quiet restaurant nearby. Westwood? Brentwood? Santa Monica? He's not too familiar with the area, so something close by wit...

Quiet/good DC dinner

by Desert Girl 19 years ago

I'll be in DC (staying in Georgetown at the Latham)in a couple of weeks, planning to meet up with a couple of friends from New England who will be in town for the weekend. They'll be staying in a ...

Looking for quiet place in Downtown Toronto

by pj gallagher 19 years ago

This may be a tough one: I'm looking for a quiet place where I can get a bite to eat, coffee, tea etc AND do some paperwork. Little or no background music but background conversation is just f...

Where to go for a nice, quiet dinner?

by Tatyana Gourov 19 years ago

I am looking for a restaurant (any location in the city) that has delicious food, is not a "scene", has attentive service and nice (not flashy) decor (it would also be nice if one could have a quie...

really quiet!

by SG 19 years ago

due to lack of activity on this board, i find myself visiting and contributing to the manhattan board with greater frequency of late!! C'mon there have got to be new hidden gems being uncovered d...

barcelona hotels

by ham 20 years ago

okay so its settled and we're going to barcelona. i've got such terrific food recs,thank you all so much but i still need hotel info; mid to upper range ,quiet,pleasant. thanks everyone

quiet restaurant close to hollywood

by dkatzman 20 years ago

Will be at the new Diplomat but am looking for a restaurant for six that will allow for actual converations to occur. Food quality is important also. Seafood or caribbean cuisine would be great. ...

Quiet places

by Fabe Fox 20 years ago

A few of us were looking for a quiet place for dinner. Someone found Mark's in the Mark Hotel. Does anyone have firsthand experience?

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