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NEED quiet lunch place with round table for 12-15

by Jerome 18 years ago

Hey. I need a quiet lunch place with a round (sorry, important) table that can serve 12-15 for a working lunch. Good food and round table more important than price. Location: I would prefer the Eas...

Quiet But Good?

by Willy Wilson 18 years ago

I want to go out to a new top-end restaurant. I've been to many of the good ones, i.e., Radius, L'Espalier, Locke-Ober, Biba, Julien, Aujourd'hui, Hamersley's, Rialto, Mama Maria, Maison Robert, Ha...

quiet and delicious near South Station???

by Purlie 18 years ago

I need to take a guest out for dinner and serious conversation--we'll be coming from the Seaport Hotel, so the nearest bit of Boston is probably the area around South Station (unless anyone has oth...

Quiet, romantic Japanese restaurant

by Mike 18 years ago

The sort of place where you might think you're in Japan. Could be sushi, could be noodles, could be kaiseki...any recommendations? Thanks

quiet dinner in Brookline

by A joy 18 years ago

I am looking for a quiet place to have dinner in Brookline with friends on a on weeknight. We would like a place where they will leave us alone. Does anyone know anything about Cafe Europa or Dahli...

quiet, comfortable bar

by clambaker 18 years ago

looking for a quiet, comfortable bar in Manhattan, pref. with a good juke. simple foods like burgers and sandwiches. want to stress the quiet, tho.

Quiet, good, not expensive restaurant in DC

by Ted Fischer 19 years ago

I am going out to dinner this Saturday evening with some friends in DC. I really dislike loud cacophonic restaurants where it is hard to hear anything -- (including the person sitting next to me)....

A quiet little table in the corner?

by oneal 19 years ago

Where in Downtown/Midtown can I take my date (Our 2nd) for a drink, and possibly a less than innocent kiss. Must be over 30 friendly.

Seeking Romantic/Quiet Dinner in SF or Penninsula

by Autumn 19 years ago

I'm looking for a place to take a friend who is visiting from out of town. I'm somewhat enamored of this person, so I'm looking for something with a romantic atmosphere - fairly dark with good ligh...

Needed: A Romantic, quiet and inexpensive restaurant

by Rachel 19 years ago

There are postings on this board for these three criteria but not all three at once. Please help, I need a restaurant that is quiet (but not an older crowd) and not outrageously expensive (entr...

rome hotels again sorry

by ham 19 years ago

boring i know but i'm taking my partner on a special romantic trip to rome at end of march. can anybody recommend a quiet hotel with big rooms and big beds with crispy white sheets and the full enc...

ISO quietish restaurant with GOOD food

by bookistan 19 years ago

I would be most appreciative for suggestions for restaurants where you can carry on a conversation without shouting (we will be a group of six on a Friday night) that also have very good food. Pre...

Quiet Cafe Theater District/Upper 30's

by josephsm 19 years ago

My book club usually meets at Caffe Rafaella in the Village where we are able to get a large table in a quiet room. However, the next meeting, on a Thursday around 6:30pm, needs to be within wa...

Best place to meet for a quiet drink

by sara 19 years ago

Hi I need to have a meeting with 2 other people on Saturday from 5-7 pm and we'd like to meet over drinks someplace around 13th and Sansom. I have thought of Trust and Valanni, and Fergie's thu...

Seek quiet Pasadena dinner spot

by Mark Hunter 19 years ago

I've eaten at a number of places in Pasadena where the food was pretty good, but the atmosphere quickly got noisy. I want to have a long, quiet conversation over dinner with someone that I don't kn...

Quiet Please?

by Bashful3 19 years ago

Need your help. WE have two dinner occasions coming up shortly, but all in party require a relatively quiet restaraunt Figs in our neighborhood, Fairmount, would be fine, but we would like to br...

Un-noisy (quiet) restaurant for family ocasions..all prices okay

by erica 19 years ago

Where can I take (elderly) family members for a good meal...probably lunch.....where it is very quiet? Good food, not too spicy.......money not too much of an object ?? Need elderly friendly..

Sunday Lunch/Brunch - need quiet, pretty place

by Scribbler 19 years ago

My mother and I are meeting a long-lost cousin in NYC for lunch on Sunday. We would like a place where we can sit and talk for a long while. Good food imperative, pretty holiday decorations a plus.

Quiet New Year's Dinner in Westchester or LI?

by Jill P 19 years ago

Since New Year's is midweek this year, we'd like to keep our celebration pretty low key. Does anyone know of some good upscale resturants in Westchester or LI that are offering an early New Year's...

Quiet Place for drinks?

by Tom P 19 years ago

I would love some suggestions for a place to go to have a drink with a date where you don't have to feel guilty about not ordering food, you can sit and talk without having to stand at a crowded ba...

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