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Comfortable, quiet, Italian or Mediterranean in or near East Village?

by hungrycomposer 3 years ago

Still looking for a nice, comfortable place to meet old friends. Now Italian, or something "Mediterranean" is in the mix. Good food is important but being able to talk and take our time is a priori...

FQ Restaurants with a quiet ambiance and good food

by dpastor 3 years ago

We are in NOLA for Thanksgiving Week. We have been before, but usually went to party-like restaurants. Now, we need more quiet places - preferably with a historic feel, but not necessary. Looking f...

Quiet, Casual Spot

by Mushka 3 years ago

Hi Chowhounders. I have a new job and am taking one of the top producers to dinner to pick her brain. I am looking for casual but quiet spot for dinner, from Roncesvalles to Ossington, Bloor to Q...

Contemplating a short trip to L.A., the first in years

by Fida 3 years ago

I may be spending a few days in L.A., and would love some input. I'd mostly be in the West L.A. area - Brentwood, Westwood, Beverly Hills. So, roughly, Bundy to Fairfax, maybe? And this would ...

"Undiscovered" Little Italy

by PrometheusOnFire 3 years ago

I loved College Street when it was Little Italy - mom and pop places where food was made and served with the kind of old-world pride that made you feel that you were sharing an experience as much a...

Should restaurants offer Child Free Zones?

by boratini 4 years ago

It used to be when you entered a restaurant you were offered Smoking or non-smoking sections. With the ban on smoking could we not reclassify to kids or no kids? I know this is going to get some he...

Quiet Saturday evening dinner in SF?

by RichInMV 4 years ago

I'm a long-time Bay Area resident, and have grown weary of the frantic and noisy conditions in most SF restaurants these days, as well as the over-hyped food. We're meeting some friends who are...

Not-so-noisy Korean BBQ?

by yang2w 4 years ago

I don't hear as well as I used to. I'd like to go with some friends to a good Korean BBQ place, but all of the ones I know are way too noisy. Any suggestions for one that's quieter?

4 days in NYC-fabulous handicap accessible restaurants suggestions needed

by estarae 4 years ago

Spending 4 nights and looking for wonderful dining experiences. The restaurants must be handicap accessible and handicap friendly! Elegant, quiet and exceptional food -all suggestions would be app...

Pub/Bar with a quiet room in Toronto

by slimikyi 4 years ago

Looking for a bar/pub in Toronto/GTA where they have a quiet room, or at least a more private room, for playing games. Any uptowns?

Quiet restaurant Toronto

by Dasia 4 years ago

Help! Our favourite restaurant to take visitors, Avli, has sadly closed. European vistors are arriving Friday, staying downtown and we'd like to take them out to experience Toronto cuisine on the w...

Quiet for a 1st date but not crazy expensive

by jsmith1234 5 years ago

I'm looking for a nice place to dine, preferably not expensive, definitely not EMP, Per Se, Daniel price range. I want to impress but not break the bank. I'm a professional but I don't work in fina...

Quiet spot for drinks in Manhattan Beach or Playa Del Rey

by Bjartmarr 4 years ago

I'm looking for a quiet place to get drinks in Manhattan Beach or Playa Del Rey. Ideally it would have a cozy atmosphere and tables (rather than just a bar), but it does need to be quiet so we can ...

Romantic restaurant in DC

by Bood 4 years ago

I live in DC and I'm going on a date night with my spouse this coming Friday. Any suggestions on a romantic restaurant? We're looking for something intimate, quiet, price doesn't matter - although ...

Near Museum of Jewish Heritage?

by Fuffy 4 years ago

Anywhere good and QUIET for dinner near Museum of Jewish Heritage? Any cuisine and any price. Thanks very much.

Quiet Sunday Night Birthday Dinner

by rmbelson 4 years ago

Coming to Montreal for 3 nights to celebrate my 65th. I'm looking for somewhere to have the birthday dinner on a Sunday night, and I know not all places are open. My wife doesn't eat meat, but fish...

Quiet lunch near Back Bay Station?

by newyorkberlin 4 years ago

I'm doing a Monday mid-day interview and I'm looking for a nice/upscale-- and quiet-- lunch near Back Bay station. Any suggestions welcome!

Restaurants With Quiet Noise Levels

by Unkle Al 6 years ago

I would like to begin a new thread per the above subject. I think that all of us, as chowhounds. can choose restaurants, using food type, quality, service and ambiance as criteria, by reading th...

Sunday dinner - downtown, not too loud!

by hungryjoanne 4 years ago

I'm having dinner with a friend from out of town on a Sunday evening, and I want to take her out for a great meal. We haven't seen each other for ages, so we'd also like to be comfortable, un-rushe...

Dinner for 10 in Mountain View/Sunnyvale

by bellatrx 4 years ago

I need to choose 2-3 restaurants to host a series of work-related dinners in the Mountain View/Sunnyvale area in a few weeks. It will be a group of 10, including many out-of-towners. I'm looking...