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Business dinner near Hyatt downtown with low noise levels

by zerodosage 26 days ago

I am looking for a place near (or a short cab ride, if nothing works), Hyatt downtown to entertain some business contacts. We will have some work conversation so we are not looking for anything lou...

Quiet little table in the corner...restaurant?

by Kris 19 years ago

There was a restaurant in NYC several years back called Quiet little table for 2 or Cozy Little Table or Quiet Little Table in the Corner....not 100% sure...can anyone tell me the name and if it st...

Annapolis Area Quiet Restaurant Recommendations

by burbgirl 3 months ago

Hello, After living in MD for over 2 years, my husband and I are moving to another state in a few weeks. We're looking to have one last quintessential Maryland meal before we leave. It doesn'...

Fine dining in Portland, OR - need recs for a quiet spot

by danceswchickens 4 months ago

Visiting my aging mom in Portland next week. We are both major foodies, but I usually cook for her as she's sort of allergic to noise and commotion that seems to be prevalent these days in restaura...

Light and Modern?

by farthing 4 months ago

Looking for good midtown restaurants for light and modern new American style food. Not precious succession of tiny portions like Per Se. Preferably quiet too. Thanks.

Low decibel restaurant for birthday celebration

by lisanell 5 months ago

A friend and I are coming to Chicago in early July to celebrate a milestone birthday. Looking for a quiet but excellent restaurant with good wine list. Any suggestions?

Hippie history? Seeking info on 1970's SF restaurant where no talking was allowed!

by Pomegranate7224 4 years ago

In the mid 1970's there was a very simple SF restaurant, maybe in the South of Market area or the Mission. There was no menu, and the food was served cafeteria style. The food was always the same.....

Quiet Restaurant Theater District

by Noanker 9 months ago

Looking for a quiet restaurant for dinner near the Eugene O'Neill theater, or on the way back to Grand Central Terminal--good food, able to talk. We love Mexican, saw Toloache on the map but yelp ...

Bay Area Restaurant Noise Levels

by patsully 10 months ago

I thought these stats were particularly interesting: "Some of the loudest: Kin Khao (89) and Nopa (85) in San Francisco, and Mua (85) and Gogi Time (90!) in Oakland." I love Nopa, but it is defi...

Quiet dinner restaurant for group

by unionpig 11 months ago

Looking for a birthday restaurant for 85 yo Mom who mostly wants something quiet. Could be SF or East Bay. Party could be up to 9 people including kids. I know that good for group doesn’t necessari...

Quiet place for Family of 9 near Tribeca for T-giving dinner

by exalt 12 months ago

Hi all, I'm a new yorker and am being joined by 8 members of my new jersey family for Thanksgiving dinner. We'll be 7 adults and 2 kids, 11 and 5 yo. The 5 year old is hearing disabled and the quie...

Help! East side restaurant for tonight!

by luckiestduck 1 year ago

Hi hounds! I need to select a restaurant for a nice meal tonight, preferably somewhere off of the 456 line, and preferably not too far downtown. We were looking at Hangawi, but she's not that adven...

Quiet Restaurant on LA's Westside?

by IcemanLA 1 year ago

Hi, We're looking for a quiet restaurant for dinner, open to any type of cuisine, but hopefully something in the $20-$25 range for entrees. Doesn't have to be fancy but we like to talk and are g...

Quiet restaurants of all kinds

by luckiestduck 1 year ago

H hounds - I'm looking for quiet restaurants. The full gamut of cheap to special occasion, and all cuisines. As I get older I want less noise and scene, and more good food and charm that doesn't bl...

Quiet, good food & drink, close to Bart, not too pricey

by luvwine4 1 year ago

Need to find a location in SF for friend's planning get-together. We don't have a lot of money but we love good food/drinks and need to hear each other speak. Any suggestions?

Where can I write for a few hours?

by luckiestduck 1 year ago

I'm looking for places I can hunker down for a few hours of writing. EV, WV, Chelsea... anything downtown really. Somewhere without loud music where they won't hustle me to get more than a cup of c...

Ramen in Manhattan

by CAMPA 1 year ago

I'm looking for a ramen restaurant for a HS graduation dinner for approx 10 people on Thursday 6/21. I prefer someplace that is on the quieter side if that is possible. It needs to take reservati...

Manhattan: place for group luncheon

by Lizbet 1 year ago

Six high school friends, from many years ago, are planning to get-together for a late lunch in midtown Manhattan for lunch. We decided to meet at 3:00 on a Sunday to avoid noise and crowds. We li...

A Quiet Little Table in the Corner.....

by Patti 18 years ago

There used to actually be a restaurant by this name in Manhattan many years ago, with intimate, private tables catering to couples looking for a truly romantic dinner. Are there any restaurants ou...

Best Culver City Dinner $100 each with wine

by chnewbie2015 1 year ago

Visiting friends and looking for a place for dinner in or near Culver City. Criteria are up to $100 per person with wine, tip and some place quiet enough to have a conversation