Quick Bread

How to Turn Melted Ice Cream From Summer Disaster Into Secret-Ingredient Desserts

From soft serve cones to pints of dairy-free ice cream, there's no form of frozen treat that isn't delicious. Generally, we want to eat our ice cream before it melts (although when it's a little soft...

Undercooked banana bread- how can I rescue??

by emilief 11 years ago

I made banana breads last night. When I cut them this am i discovered that some of the middle is uncooked. Can I put them back in the oven and cook more or perhaps in the microwave? I had taken the...

Turning cookie dough into cake batter?

by murphlaw152 8 years ago

I would like to figure out how to turn my favorite cookie recipe into something more like a cake, quick bread, or muffin batter. What is the real difference between cookie dough and a batter? If it...

LAUSD peanut butter bread?

by ticky777666 12 years ago

The Chowhound Team moved this recipe post from the Los Angeles board. * * * * * * * * Does anyone have the recipe for the peanut butter bread that the LAUSD used to serve back in the day? I...

High altutude quick breads

by CWick 5 months ago

Banana bread just came out of the oven. As usual for HA baking, I increased the oven temp by 25 degrees, BUT it took over 10 minutes longer to bake. Thoughts?

What was Roman Meal Cereal??

by toodie jane 14 years ago

I used to make a killer banana bread from a recipe on the box of Roman Meal Cereal. I still have the recipe, but unfortunately RMC is no longer available. It made the best chewy, whole-grain text...

History - Zucchini Bread

by Wayne Keyser 15 years ago

A fellow cook (who, IMO, wouldn't know a spatula from a spit) was going on the other day about zucchini bread being some kind of "food tradition" with a long and honorable history - maybe the India...

Banana Bread: How do I get crispy crusts on muffins?

by Nooshijoon 11 months ago

I put my favourite banana bread into muffin tins in the hopes of getting some portable portions. I greased and floured the muffin tin like I do my loaf pans. I baked the batter for 25 minutes at 3...

Baked ball of cheese in bread??

by Chandler114 1 year ago

I bake a lot of bread and last night while I was making my no-knead Dutch oven loaf my BF asked if there was any way to bake a hefty ball of cheese in the center of the bread so when you cut into i...

Soda bread failed (I'm a newbie)

by tiramisu23 5 years ago

I tried baking soda bread from a good recipe source and decided to bake it in stoneware (round casserole dish from LC). I used homemade buttermilk (milk/vinegar) since this is hard to find where I ...

Quick cakes that don't require preplanning

by MmeFleiss 3 years ago

I wanted to make a quick dessert last night while dinner was bubbling away, and I decided to go for the blackberry almond cake from Fika which I love making as a last-minute dessert due to the mini...

Quick Bread Disaster

by human2 3 years ago

Hi everyone, I decided to try to make a healthy quick bread that brought together some of my favorite flavors from different recipes. I referenced various recipes and modified them together to t...

Irish Soda Bread... pre-make the dough...

by dancingmo 3 years ago

I am going to make a bunch of my favorite loaves of Irish Soda Bread (about 8 of them). Can I make the dough FIRST? Then place into my refridgerator in a large zip lock bag until Thursday night (...

Needed: Two cookie recipes and two tea loaf recipes

by mrshalf 3 years ago

I'm subbing in a fancy Bed and Breakfast for the pastry chef!!!!!!! IKR?! I've been tasked with making two batches of cookies, two tea loaves and one blueberry scone batch. I start early in th...

Flour/sugar ratio

by terri7b 4 years ago

i'm making cranberry bread for a large group. the recipe i found in "food for fifty" calls for 2lb 8oz of flour to 2lb 4 oz of sugar and uses fresh cranberries (it also contains oj and water) i ...

Banana bread question

by bxgirl 4 years ago

What is the best way to store banana bread for just a couple of days? Should it be wrapped in tin foil? Plastic wrap? Should it be refrigerated or kept at room temp? I don't want to freeze it, bu...

Light, moist banana bread

by LizInNJ 4 years ago

Every time I make banana bread, it comes out a little dry with a brown crust. Not burnt, but brown. I would like a moister, lighter-bottomed banana bread. I have mostly used a glass loaf pan at 350...

Slow cooker quick bread

by eenie1 4 years ago

Can I use a quick bread recipe with milk in it for a slow cooker bake?

ISO Gift Bread/Cake Like Ina's Lemon Cake

by owen_meany 4 years ago

For the last few years I've given away Ina's Lemon Cake (the full butter one -- not the yogurt one) as gifts. People love it and it's certainly delicious but I'd like to make something this year b...

Dark and moist zucchini bread

by headRN 4 years ago

Every time I have made zucchini bread it has been light in color and dry. My co worker makes the best dark and moist bread but won't share the recipe. Looking for help.

Bread Poha

by Vaibhavverma 4 years ago

Hello and welcome on my Page. Lets cook something simple, healthy and creative today... -------------------------------------------Bread Poha----------------------------------...