12 Crispy, Gooey Quesadilla Recipes for Any Meal of the Day

It’s hard to go wrong with a warm, gooey cheese quesadilla. But there are many ways to dress it up, as these 12 quesadilla recipes prove. No matter what you fill it with, it's cheap, fast, easy, and...

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How do you eat tostadas & quesadillas?

by JanRan 14 years ago

Do you pick it up and fold it like a taco, or cut it with a knife and eat with a fork? And what about a quesadilla. Is it OK to pick it up and eat like a sandwich?

Best "Real" Quesadillas in New York? (moved from Outer Boroughs)

by Fat and Happy Food Slut 14 years ago

Looking for masa de harina empanada style quesadillas in New York City. I loved them in Guadalajara, but I haven't had much success finding them here. Used to like Hacienda's on 116th St, but the...

Quesadilla Suggestions (Gramercy-accessible)

by carcrash 14 years ago

I'm looking for an old-fashioned, Americanized, crispy/gooey quesadilla. Preferably within delivery distance of East 22nd Street. Any ideas?

Favorite cheese for quesadillas?

by ibstatguy 14 years ago

ok, the idea comes from the thread on grilled cheese sandwiches

quesadillas, pan fried or baked

by paulgardner 15 years ago

What is your taste preference: pan fried in a little oil or baked?

Shrimp quesadillas on Mason St?

by Chella 15 years ago

A Mexican friend of mine recently raved about the shrimp quesadillas that he had at a restaurant he can't remember the name of. He's pretty sure it was on Mason St., and thought the name of th...

Great Quesadillas

by Tracy L. 15 years ago

I never thought too much about my quesadilla making technique until I saw America's Test Kitchen prepare a quesadilla by brushing it with oil (the tortilla) and sprinkling with salt just prior to c...

Mmm, the special quesadilla

by kiwi 16 years ago

Dear Like-Go-Eat?, Honey and I headed to Montebello for a J&S special quesadilla. It was delish! -Very drippy. I licked my hand. Perfect size and perfect price. Not too much food, but enough. O...

quesadillas & huaraches, fresh blue corn tortillas

by Caleb 16 years ago

Just had a moment of ectasy. Little sidewalk taco cart on Echo Park at Sunset, just across from Bank of America. She pounds out the blue corn masa right there. Cheese, chicken, and napolitas fillin...

Special Quesadilla

by Like-Go-Eat? 16 years ago

I had a “Special Quesadilla” today. It has been a number of years since I had one and as I was driving buy this morning I recalled having one on Garfield near the 60 in Montebello years ago. The p...


by Jimbo Jonez 16 years ago

Guilty food pleasure... Any thoughts on where the best quesadillas can be found in NOVA?

Chicken Quesadilla Dinner

by Arlene 16 years ago

For the filling, I marinated 3 chicken breasts in salt, pepper, garlic, oregano, thyme, chili powder, sugar and balsamic vinegar for a few hours then roasted in a 450F oven for 45 minutes and shred...

Quesadilla ideas

by Tracy L. 16 years ago

The other night I made a quesadilla using a olive/rosemary tortilla, my aunt's home grown tomatoes, some feta and a tad bit of mozzerella. I fried it in a little evoo and made mmruth's famous cold...

steak quesadilla

by Vickie 16 years ago

Where can I find a good steak quesadilla in Berkeley?

Corn Tortillas - in quesadillas?

by Coyote 17 years ago

I often use up leftover chicken, turkey, steak in quesadillas made with flour tortillas. I have some corn tortillas I need to use up and some roast chicken looking for a home. Think corn tortilla...

what to make with quesadillas?

by bellenger 17 years ago

I was going to make some nouveau quesadiilas for dinner tonight with smoked gouda, mushrooms with truffle oil and spinach. I am having someone over for a casual dinner so was wondering what else I...

Great Gourmet Quesadilla

by Junior 17 years ago

I had a great quesadilla at the Bel-Air Bar & Grill today. Smoked chicken,walnuts,brie cheese and roasted apples. To die for.

avocado quesadillas - anyone found 'em here?

by rj 18 years ago

Have any of you Chowhounds ever eaten at Border Cafe in Harvard Square? If so, they have the most phenomenal quesadillas there - including my all time fav, avocado quesadillas - does anyone know if...

wanted a foie gras burger but had quesadilla de pompano....

by mark 18 years ago

I had yesterday off and was debating what to have for lunch - most of my weekend choices had missed the marked. Realized I hadn't been to d'artangan (sp?) and had a foie gras burger this summer - o...

Quesadilla Place in the Slope?????

by MM 18 years ago

I heard there was a quesadilla place in par slope with all kinds of fillings - traditional and unusual. Can anyone help me out? Name? Address?? Quality?? Thanks, MM

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