Queens isn't known of "The World's Borough" for nothing. Find food and drink from virtually every part of the world in this part of New York City. To browse additional Location tags for the area, click here."

These Brooklyn DJs Built a Dance Party That Celebrates Food, Drink, and Inclusivity

If you love community, music, and food, get yourself to Nowadays. Nowadays is a gathering space that defies descriptors of New York nightlife. It's not a club; it's not exclusive; it's a place for hanging...

2019 Tripe Dishes

by borisabrams 3 months ago

I am pretty obsessed with tripe in all its forms but I have not been too lucky lately with where I get my tripe. The best has been Raku in the East Village, the tripe at Via Carota wasnt half bad e...

Where to buy Pagoda Shaoxing Cooking

by borisabrams 1 month ago

Hey all, I am looking to up my game with Shaoxing rice wine! I dont want to keep using the stuff with added salt - would rather use more soy sauce or Sichuan chili bean paste. I came across Pag...

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Thai 101, Bayside!!

by Motosport 2 months ago

We hit Thai 101 on Bell Blvd for dinner Saturday. Simply perfect!! Great food, service and ambiance. $6 glass of wine a plus. Large portions = lots of leftovers. That portion of Bell Blvd is b...

Xing Shun Da or Fu Ran in Flushing for Big Group?

by jmp29 2 months ago

Hi all! I'm organizing a dinner feast for a group of 10 or so people and would like to try one of the above Dongbei joints. For those who have been to both places, which would you recommend? We're ...

You tiao and dou jiang in Flushing or Manhattan

by kimijye2 2 months ago

Looking for really tasty you tiao. My Manhattan Chinatown source dried up and I need a new source. It's an essential part of my favorite breakfast spread.

Long forgotten restaurants in Flushing, Queens

by Maria 19 years ago

I, too, remember Old Roma. Not because I ate there (my family was adverse to "western" foods), but because it had its own parking lot in the middle of downtown Flushing!! So, as a child, it seeme...

Queens Bukharan Bread

Jim Leff
by Jim Leff 2 months ago

There used to be a sweaty narrow storefront bakery in Rego Park/Forest Hills area (not Kew Gardens) making highly traditional Bukharan/Uzbek breads (kosher, I believe) the old fashioned way. I used...

Syrian/Lebanese Bayside, Queens

by Motosport 2 months ago

Are there any decent Syrian/Lebanese sit down restaurants in or close to Bayside, Queens. I see Afghan, Turkish and Israeli places but we're really in the mood for Syrian/Lebanese such as Tanore...

Good, Tandoori and goat curry?

by borisabrams 2 months ago

Hi! Having moved from the UK to New York, I have pretty high standards when it comes to any North Indian food. With the exception of Punjabi Deli in the East Village, I have yet to find a good ...

Ilocano, Filipino restaurant

by borisabrams 2 months ago

Hi there, I was wondering if there are any restaurants in the NYC area that specialize in the food of the Ilocano region of the Philippines? (It does not have to be exclusive but if i can find ...

Consistently good Pancita de Res.

by borisabrams 2 months ago

Hi! I am on the hunt for a solid Pancita dee Res, a Mexican tripe stew. I had an excellent one down at Tacos El Bronco and Tacos Matamoros, both in Sunset Park. However, living in Williamsburg ...

I think it is the best fried chicken sandwich...

by stuartlafonda 2 months ago

...all credit to former 'hound Joey Destefano for this amazing find. Thigh meat perfectly fried to seal in the juice. Just hot enough (I like heat), just the right amount of sweet (I don't like...

Ham shanks

by momosz 3 months ago

Hi, Does anyone know where I can buy fresh ham shanks in Manhattan or Queens? Thanks

Regular Donuts

by nuskette 7 months ago

Where can I get good donuts that aren't Dunkin' or hipster? (Look, I enjoy hipster donuts as much as the next person, but sometimes you just want a normal donut.) I would particularly die if I foun...

Fresh Tempeh in Queens or Manhattan?

by clarkJJ 3 years ago

Greetings, I am looking to buy fresh tempeh and was wondering if there's a place to do that in Queens or Manhattan (New York). Any thoughts?

Street Corn in Queens

by gnocchi 3 months ago

Where can we eat some good Mexican style corn, either on the street or at an indoor place that serves other food? Thanks.

Indonesian Food Bazaar - Sunday, April 3

by geckoFeet 3 years ago

Hey, everybody. Excellent news: Perhaps a little over-optimistically, the Indonesian Mosque people have decided that the weather is warm enough to start the food bazaars for the season. The firs...

Woodhaven House What to Order

by 2chesters 6 months ago

Hello everyone I am being taken to Woodhaven House in Rego Park for dinner in a few hours. Does anyone know what would be good to eat there? Thanks!

Happy Robbins? Happy Robin's?

by LoDega 12 years ago

I've been talking to a coworker about a place he loved as a kid in Bayside, Queens, called Happy Robbins (or Happy Robin's, Happy Robbins', or some other variation) but I haven't been able to find ...

The World's Fare 2019: Citi Field, May 16 & 17...

by gutreactions 6 months ago

The second annual World's Fare event featuring 100 curated international food vendors and 60 craft breweries will be held on May 16 & 17 at Citi Field in Queens. The founders say it is an ode to th...