Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Find the best restaurants, bars, coffee shops, ice cream, and more in the province of Quebec. We also have tags for many of the individual cities in the region, which you can browse here.

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L'Orygine or Chez Boulay for Quebec City lunch?

by nferlan17 8 months ago

We will be traveling with our 8 month to Quebec City in July and would like to have one nice lunch sit down lunch while there (our version of a date). The little one is well behaved and easily whis...

Cafe Prague

by heathbec 7 years ago

Had a wonderful lunch there yesterday with my 92 year old Czech mom. Excellent all around!

Montreal Smoked Meat... help!

by PanamEric 9 months ago

I'm from Montreal and have been living abroad for 10 years now. What i miss the most aside from the Poutine and Bagels is the Montreal Smoked Meat. I make the bagels at home and they come out p...

T-Fal ActiFry Fryer

by JerkPork 11 months ago

Anyone have any experience with these? Are they worth it? What is the difference between the different models. Most seem to hold 1kg but prices range from $100 to $270 (Canadian). Costco has th...

Montreal, 48 hours. Best Solo Dinner Spot?

by borisabrams 11 months ago

Hi, I am going to be in Montreal this weekend and will be dining alone on the weekend. What are some good restaurants that i could get a seat at a bar and people watch? Ideally I want something...

Swedish meatballs

by mtlcowgirl1 10 months ago

Does anybody know where I can purchase Swedish meatballs besides Ikea? I live in NDG so that would be convenient.

Visiting Montreal at the end of February

by Kase1 9 months ago

So im visiting Montreal February 27th-March 2nd and was looking for some good recommendations. We like ALL types of food but are trying to get some French and Traditional Montreal foods ideally. ...

Sugar Shacks

by wallyg 10 months ago

We have reservations for Martin Picard's Cabane à Sucre Au Pied De Cochon in April. We're taking the kids are are excited. Wanted to see what other good sugaring off experiences there might be......

Recommendations for two "special lunches" in Montreal?

by nferlan17 9 months ago

DH husband and I will be traveling to Montreal this July and are looking for recommendations for restaurants to have one or two nice lunches while there. The catch is that we will have our 7 mo...

Quebec City Yule Log

by msdariaf 11 months ago

Will be visiting Quebec City for Christmas. Any suggestions as to where I can purchase a great Yule Log for our family dinner?

Niter kibbeh & berbere - Ethiopian ingredients in Montreal

by kpzoo 11 years ago

Does anyone know where in Montreal I can find the berbere spice mix and niter kibbeh spiced clarified butter used in Ethiopian cooking? p.s. I know it's possible to make these at home or mail orde...


by heathbec 11 months ago

Does anyone know where I can find Danish Makroner cookies in Montreal? If possible, the "Budget" brand would be best for me. Thanks!

6-quart Instant Pot on flash sale at Cdn Tire - 4 days only

by lagatta_encore 11 months ago

If anyone is interested in a good price on a SMALL Instant Pot. In store only. (I have zero commercial relationship with Cdn Tire, have never even worked for them as an employee or contract worker).

Where to find Ethiopian Spices in Montreal

by RicerRickoni 5 years ago

In particular looking for: Koseret (dried woodsy herb similar to oregano, aka “Lippia Jaavanica”) Besobela ( dried, a kind of basil ) Korerima (large blck pod cardamon) Aka: koramina, k...

Offal in Montreal

by borisabrams 11 months ago

Hi! I have a very rudimentary understanding of Montreal cuisine but after doing some rudimentary research it seems that it is pretty offal heavy. (Excuse my ignorance!) I adore offal but dont g...

Restaurants for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

by flobow 1 year ago

May be traveling to Montreal for Christmas, staying in old Montreal near the port. Looking for restaurants for to go to on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Traditional holiday meal or steak and sea...

Restaurant Chase

by fraize 11 months ago

Does anyone know if Restaurant Chase on Monkland has a license?

ISO Twinings black currant breeze tea

by williej 12 months ago

Many of my sources of this have dried up. The stock gets sold and the store owners tell me they can't reorder. Even unexpectedly one small store in NDG had a sole package a few weeks ago. I was als...