Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Find the best restaurants, bars, coffee shops, ice cream, and more in the province of Quebec. We also have tags for many of the individual cities in the region, which you can browse here.

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Offal in Montreal

by borisabrams 3 months ago

Hi! I have a very rudimentary understanding of Montreal cuisine but after doing some rudimentary research it seems that it is pretty offal heavy. (Excuse my ignorance!) I adore offal but dont g...

Restaurants for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

by flobow 4 months ago

May be traveling to Montreal for Christmas, staying in old Montreal near the port. Looking for restaurants for to go to on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Traditional holiday meal or steak and sea...

Restaurant Chase

by fraize 3 months ago

Does anyone know if Restaurant Chase on Monkland has a license?

ISO Twinings black currant breeze tea

by williej 4 months ago

Many of my sources of this have dried up. The stock gets sold and the store owners tell me they can't reorder. Even unexpectedly one small store in NDG had a sole package a few weeks ago. I was als...


by kelseyd91 4 months ago

My wife and I were in Toronto for work last week and stayed at a B&B in Koreatown there and stumbled across this wonderful thing called Taiyaki made fresh at a Korean supermarket. We drove straight...

Chicken sausages

by Chriama 6 years ago

Hello all, I'm having the hardest time finding "regular" chicken sausages. My preferred brand is Lilydale (http://www.lilydale.com/products/categories/6), but they don't seem to sell that bran...

Looking for a BYOB (St-Henry) for office dinner

by Maximilien 4 months ago

We're looking for a BYOB in the St-Henry area for a office Christmas dinner for about 25 people. We don't have a lot of food restriction, so something at least vegetarian friendly. For example, ...

Want To Find A Great Chopped Egg Sandwich

by MISTER_C 11 months ago

I am looking for a restaurant that serves a great chopped egg sandwich with thick creamy filling. I am looking near Westmount/Snowden/NDG/Cote Des Neiges/West End areas.

Instant pots?

by lagatta 6 months ago

Perhaps I should bring Ottawans in here as well, given the geekish Ottawan roots of this contraption! Does anyone here use one, or have any opinion on them?

Bachelorette group dinner in Quebec City

by cdl5055 6 months ago

We will be celebrating the bride to be in Quebec City in December. There will be about 12 of us looking to have dinner at an authentic semi upscale restaurant. Any recommendations on restaurants th...

Proper al pastor tacos in Montreal?

by zerodosage 6 months ago

Is there a place that consistently serves proper al pastor tacos in Montreal? What I mean by that is that meat is marinated and roasted on a spit, cut in the proper way (like a shawarma) and serve...

Fumagalli Store - Little Italy

by JerkPork 6 months ago

So this place just opened up across from Milano on St Laurent a few days ago. I've always enjoyed their cold cuts, something I rarely but but Fumagalli products are quite good. This is awesome a...

Ground Marigold

by mmcva 6 months ago

My husband came home with the book 'Supra' the other day. It's all about Georgian cooking, which he tried and loved while in Russia a few years back. One predominant ingredient is ground marigold: ...

Maison Chickpea

by JerkPork 1 year ago

What a great find, don't need to trek out to Laval to Freiha and get dirty looks. Lol Taste is even better than Freiha anyway. Located just by Cote de Liesse on 46th in an industrial area hence ...

Shishito peppers

by meagain 1 year ago

Shishito peppers are amazing and easy to prepare, oil, char, salt and start eating. A really fun food as they say 10% are hot, although in my experience the percentage is higher. Thing is, I'm l...

Cream in Canada/Montreal

by almostalwayshungry 7 years ago

On a recent trip to Montreal I went to the supermarket (Metro) to buy some cream. There were many varieties, of different fat percentages (5%-35%). But all products seemed to have added ing...

Visiting Montreal

by nsm08 8 months ago

Hi, My husband and I will be in Montreal this August for 4 days. This will be our first time. We enjoy going out to eating out and enjoy great food and in a more casual atmosphere. We are sta...


by JerkPork 7 months ago

Is there anyone that sells real churned buttermilk in Montreal? Not buttermilk "product" that Quebon makes. Even the Ontario buttermilk from Harmony is not the real thing and can't even find it as ...