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Proper al pastor tacos in Montreal?

by zerodosage 4 months ago

Is there a place that consistently serves proper al pastor tacos in Montreal? What I mean by that is that meat is marinated and roasted on a spit, cut in the proper way (like a shawarma) and serve...

Fumagalli Store - Little Italy

by JerkPork 4 months ago

So this place just opened up across from Milano on St Laurent a few days ago. I've always enjoyed their cold cuts, something I rarely but but Fumagalli products are quite good. This is awesome a...

Ground Marigold

by mmcva 4 months ago

My husband came home with the book 'Supra' the other day. It's all about Georgian cooking, which he tried and loved while in Russia a few years back. One predominant ingredient is ground marigold: ...

Maison Chickpea

by JerkPork 1 year ago

What a great find, don't need to trek out to Laval to Freiha and get dirty looks. Lol Taste is even better than Freiha anyway. Located just by Cote de Liesse on 46th in an industrial area hence ...

Shishito peppers

by meagain 1 year ago

Shishito peppers are amazing and easy to prepare, oil, char, salt and start eating. A really fun food as they say 10% are hot, although in my experience the percentage is higher. Thing is, I'm l...

Cream in Canada/Montreal

by almostalwayshungry 7 years ago

On a recent trip to Montreal I went to the supermarket (Metro) to buy some cream. There were many varieties, of different fat percentages (5%-35%). But all products seemed to have added ing...

Visiting Montreal

by nsm08 6 months ago

Hi, My husband and I will be in Montreal this August for 4 days. This will be our first time. We enjoy going out to eating out and enjoy great food and in a more casual atmosphere. We are sta...


by JerkPork 5 months ago

Is there anyone that sells real churned buttermilk in Montreal? Not buttermilk "product" that Quebon makes. Even the Ontario buttermilk from Harmony is not the real thing and can't even find it as ...

Sushi Delivery Montreal-Mikado or Kashima (or something else?)

by GiladB 5 months ago

I am here for work and am craving sushi for dinner but am working late and cant get out-so delivery it is! I dont mind untraditional rolls or more westernized versions, but the fish HAS to be fre...

Montreal restaurant recommendations needed

by furysmom 5 months ago

We are long time day trip visitors to Montreal but will finally stay a few nights. We need recommendations for (not too expensive) restaurants with good drinks. Really open on cuisine but favorites...

Where to find Pelmen Perogies?

by blork 11 months ago

(Yes, I know it should be "pierogi" but it says "perogies" right on the bag.) I used to buy Pelmen perogies (particularly the cheddar/jalapeno ones) on a regular basis, but over the past year o...

Rose harissa

by williej 5 months ago

I am starting to cook from Ottolenghi's excellent Simple and he often calls for rose harissa. Can anyone tell where in Montreal I might find this. Someone told me an Olive oil place on Mt Royal eas...

thali - new indian downtown

by marblebag 10 years ago

http://www.thalimontreal.com/ 1409 St-Marc / Ste-Catherine 514-989-9048 opened April 22nd 2009 Their specialty is the Thali diinner deal, 7.50$ for vegetarian and 8.50$ for non veg. There is ...

Openings & Closings, April-June 2019

by blork 8 months ago

French Takos is opening soon on MacKay, in the former Halal Bros. space. (Sign is up, "Hiring" sign in the window...)

Places to drink a good glass of wine without having to order food?

by zerodosage 5 months ago

What are the places in Montreal that feature organic, natural, interesting wines with a bar license? I love Larry's but sometimes I am not in the mood for food, or have dinner plans elsewhere.

Prepared XO sauce Montreal

by meagain 2 years ago

Hi. Just wondering if anyone knows a place that sells prepared XO sauce in Montreal. Store or maybe restaurant. Always wanted to try this at home but don't know where to buy it. Thanks.

Moccione & other Italian restaurant recommendations (Montreal)

by chattycathy2000 8 months ago

Would like some feedback on that tiny Italian restaurant MOCCIONE in Villeray. Went by last week and it was jam-packed. I hear it's old team from TOQUE'! that got together and opened this place wit...

Indonesian spice pastes in Montréal?

by lagatta 8 months ago

Marché Hawai used to carry the Dutch Koningsvogel brand as well as some Indonesian brands, in little jars, but no longer have them, only envelopes that are far costlier per use and not as versatile...

I need pig's blood for Boudin

by oana 9 years ago

Hi there, I would like to make PDC's Boudin Maison but I need to find some pig's blood. Preferably organic. My farmer does not have any. Does anyone know where I can find some? Thanks guys, Oana