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Keto lunch ideas (Downtown Montreal)

by blork 3 months ago

I'm having lunch with an out-of-town friend next week. He's on the Ketogenic diet, so no burgers, no pizza, no noodles, etc. I'm at a loss as to where to go for lunch. It's not just a matter of him...

Red Boat Fish Sauce now in Montreal - Marche Oriental St Denis

by sensual_maths 2 years ago

Marche Oriental on St Denis near JTM is now stocking Red Boat fish sauce. Been keeping my eyes peeled for this stuff around town for quite awhile. This is one of the highest quality fish sauces out...

Malt Vinegar Powder

by Jevita 4 months ago

Hi All, any idea where I could find this in Montreal? I have found a few sites offering, but the shipping to Canada is ridiculous. Thanks!

Chinese New Year 2015

by TguyMTL 4 years ago

Thursday February 19th is Chinese New Year. I am looking for a great Chinese restaurant to celebrate with great food and a festive atmosphere! Any suggestions?

Dragon House restaurant (long gone) - chefs still around?

by Apple IIGS 8 years ago

Does anyone here remember The Dragon House (Maison du Dragon) restaurant? It was a Chinese food restaurant that had been around probably close to 40 years when it closed for good in the early 2...

Puffed Wheat

by williej 4 months ago

It is very common to find puffed wheat for making puffed wheat squares in the prairies, but I haven't found puffed wheat in my local IGA. Anyone know where I can find it?

Quebec City reccos, please

by Splendid Spatula 4 months ago

Hello! Daughter and I are traveling to QC for a hockey tournament next week. While there will undoubtedly be a number of team events and a certain amount of rink-side fare, I'd love to have some ...

Cast Iron repair

by emeldag 4 months ago

Some years ago I had a Creuset pot renamelled but I have forgotten the name of the company. Can anyone help me, please?

Oh Naturel Meatless Meatless Chick' n Burgers

by satana_666 9 years ago

I've been unable to find this at Loblaws / Metro stores. Has anyone seen these ? Meatless Chick' n Burgers 440 g I've seen the burgers & chicken nuggets. Thank you. http://www.sch...

Where to find Pelmen Perogies?

by blork 4 months ago

(Yes, I know it should be "pierogi" but it says "perogies" right on the bag.) I used to buy Pelmen perogies (particularly the cheddar/jalapeno ones) on a regular basis, but over the past year o...

Marché Lian Tai

by Plateaumaman 5 months ago

Managed to get a Communauto and ride out to Marché Lian Tai in Ville St-Laurent yesterday. It's definitely worth the journey, especially if you are looking for Taiwanese or Filipino food items. I w...

Atwater Market for tourist?

by guttube 2 years ago

We have very limited time in Montreal and plan to visit Jean-Talon. Would Atwater be redundant? I wanted to go to La Fromagerie Atwater because I had heard good things about it. But I assume that t...

Teen visit

by heathbec 5 months ago

My 16 year granddaughter is coming to visit this Friday for 4 days. Can anyone please recommend some vegetarian friendly ‘cool’ restaurants for lunch and dinner? Thanks!

Luna - Korean on rue Rachel

by lagatta 6 months ago

Have any of you been to this restaurant on Rachel in the Plateau? https://tastet.ca/2018/11/19/luna-restaurant-coreen-plateau/ I remember a longstanding byow at this address; towards the end any...

British puddings, shredded beef suet in Montreal?

by Jeanfrancoisfournier 6 months ago

For years, I've done my own Christmas puddings, British steamed sponges and mincemeat from the same Maple Leaf brand shredded suet as my grandmother used. In the last 2 years every grocery stor...

Best merguez spots

by Kemiam 6 months ago

Hi, I'd like to cook a couscous with merguez - I'd be curious to know what would be your best places to find these around town, since I think I've never bought them (love them, though) ... thanks !

Shishito peppers

by meagain 7 months ago

Shishito peppers are amazing and easy to prepare, oil, char, salt and start eating. A really fun food as they say 10% are hot, although in my experience the percentage is higher. Thing is, I'm l...

Spicy Chili Crisp!

by stak 7 months ago

So, after reading this Serious Eats article, I neeeeeed to try it! I do not have the time right now to search out all the various chilis and spices, so wondering where I can get Laoganma brand S...