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Best Restaurants in Quebec City for a Pescatarian

by pamE 5 years ago

Traveling to QC soon with a Pescatarian, and looking for some ideas for where to eat that are less than $$$$. We love small, local places, also hip (sophisticated) spots, but anywhere the food is r...

Quebec City in winter with kids?

by lmwmcintyre 5 years ago

Heading to Quebec City in February with husband and 2 boys (11 & 13) for a few days. Suggestions where to eat for breakfast, lunch & dinner? Heard good things about Creperie le Billig, Le Lepin Sau...

Gaspe Region Including MTL and QC

by katesalter 5 years ago

First, thank you to everyone who gave advice over the last few months. August 7 - My mother "S" (74) and I (34) departed at Toronto 3am. Drove to Kingston, Ontario, arrival at 5:30am. Picked up ...

Quebec City restaurants for solo traveler

by sarahbeths 5 years ago

Looking to help my mom find great restaurants in Quebec City. She is a cancer patient traveling alone in between chemo sessions. This is a very important vacation for her. She loves croissants so s...

Le Continental (Quebec City) report

by CaptCrunch 6 years ago

I have tried Le Continental in Quebec City yesterday. Le Continental is an old school french restaurant where tableside french-style service is still prevalent. The tartare is cut at the table, ...

Montreal/Quebec City Review of my week of dining

by sitruc999 6 years ago

Just returned from a week in the lovely Quebec area. Thought I would post my itinerary and thoughts. 1st night-Montreal-Trois Petits Bouchon-I had the grilled caramelized octopus. It was delicio...

Quebec City 2016

by Verole 5 years ago

I'm currently in Quebec City and have been blown away by two restaurants, Le Hobbit Bistro on Rue Saint-Jean and Legende on rue Saint-Paul. My husband, 9 month old daughter, and I had lunch at Le H...

Four nights in Quebec City; dinner suggestions?

by bauskern 5 years ago

This will be our first trip to Quebec City in early April. We like good food, but don't want a crazy, Michelin-starred experience. In general, we are looking for friendly, unpretentious service, ...

Solo Diner - Quebec Old City

by scarsdalesurprise 5 years ago

I will have an evening to myself in Quebec City in a couple of weeks. I am looking for a French restaurant near the Manoir Victoria hotel that is comfortable for solo diners. Any suggestions?

L'Initiale Legende L'Echaude Aux Anciens Canadiens

Worldwide Diner
by Worldwide Diner 5 years ago

Took a short trip to Quebec City. I spent 3 nights there and saw most of the city. My first meal was at L'Initiale. This is a formal and expensive restaurant. I ordered the Xmas tasting men...

Restaurant recommendations - Quebec City

by tallulaheats 6 years ago

I am looking for some recommendations for restaurants in Quebec city. Breakfast/lunch/dinner. I am interested in great food in areas that are not touristy and have a lively feel. I am open to any ...

Seeking Vegetarian Friendly Restaurants in Old Quebec City

by adventuress88 6 years ago

Hi, I'm spending a night in old QC, my first visit ever, and would love to have some suggestions on cute, romantic, and delicious vegetarian friendly restaurants in that area. My boyfriend and I ar...

Two nights in Montreal and two in Quebec City

by msr 6 years ago

With thanks to our Chowhound friends, we just finished a run of the best four meals we've had back-to-back in thirty years of travels. 1). Joe Beef, Montreal ... Booked a month in advance. ...

Quebec City - Bistro B par Francois Blais, any early feedback

by Voidsinger 10 years ago

Wondering if any fellow Chowhounders (chowhoundees? chowhoundii?) based out of Quebec have been to Francois Blais' (ex-Panache) new bistro, Bistro B. Apparently it's been open a few weeks and rea...

Carnivore-pescavore pair in Montreal and QC

by mary shaposhnik 6 years ago

Heading to Montreal, Quebec City and a night in the Eastern Townships. I've pored over the recommendations here for relatively upscale nights out in each, and more casual meals, so assume I've rea...

Sunday night and Monday night in Quebec City

by petergreen 6 years ago

I am going for a family mini-vacation in three weeks in Quebec City and am excited about all the food loving possibilities. However, for reasons due to work and school scheduling we are arriving on...

Montreal / Quebec City wedding reception venue

by sabz3003 8 years ago

Hi all! I've searched high and low, but just can't seem to find a wedding reception venue that: - Can accommodate 180 people - Has beautiful Victorian architecture (he modern glamorous type - ...

Quebec City

by Riverreader 6 years ago

We are spending a long weekend in the old City. Hoping to hear some great Chow Hound ideas for restaurants, coffee shops and food markets.

First time in QC - restaurant suggestions

by Lurdes777 6 years ago

Only 2 nights in QC, please suggest a good place with a nice fun ambiance. I was thinking L'Affair est Ketchup, but what else?

Trip Report: Ville de Quebec / Quebec City

by ekim256 6 years ago

Salut! I thought I'd provide a trip report since Chowhound really helped with last minute / on the fly research. Been awhile since I've posted :). here's the quick 'n' dirty synopsis: 1. Le Moin...