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Montreal & Quebec City Recent Visits

by estufarian 29 days ago

With International travel much more difficult, we’ve decided to re-investigate travel within Canada. After a couple of trips to Quebec, here are a few hints for relatively upscale dining. We hi...

Going to Quebec City Wed to Sat resto recommendations pls?

by Idas 1 year ago

Hi chowfolks! I'm taking a quick visit to Quebec city July 1-4. Love to eat at charming and really delicious places. Ambiance is only partly important, I care mostly about local and fresh. Would l...

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Polish pickles

by Tristou 1 year ago

Where can I buy real polski ogorki -- the sweet, eastern European version, not Bic's -- in Québec City? I've found the German gerkins at Pomme-Salade which are close, but not quite what I love.

L'Orygine or Chez Boulay for Quebec City lunch?

by nferlan17 1 year ago

We will be traveling with our 8 month to Quebec City in July and would like to have one nice lunch sit down lunch while there (our version of a date). The little one is well behaved and easily whis...

Quebec City Yule Log

by msdariaf 2 years ago

Will be visiting Quebec City for Christmas. Any suggestions as to where I can purchase a great Yule Log for our family dinner?

Bachelorette group dinner in Quebec City

by cdl5055 2 years ago

We will be celebrating the bride to be in Quebec City in December. There will be about 12 of us looking to have dinner at an authentic semi upscale restaurant. Any recommendations on restaurants th...

Tea Rooms in Quebec City

by Cflower5 2 years ago

Afternoon tea in Quebec City

Quebec City Food Adventure

by adachow 3 years ago

My wife and I will be spending 3 days in Quebec City in late May -- no kids. We would like to experience as much as possible of the food culture....breakfast, lunch and dinner. We like fancy and ...

Quebec City reccos, please

by Splendid Spatula 3 years ago

Hello! Daughter and I are traveling to QC for a hockey tournament next week. While there will undoubtedly be a number of team events and a certain amount of rink-side fare, I'd love to have some ...

Is the Canadian fine dining scene superior, on average, to that in the states?

by dwkayak 4 years ago

I've been to Canada twice as an adult - once about a year ago when I spent a few days at Whistler and just now for a little holiday to Quebec City. On both occasions, I consistently had exceptional...

American Thanksgiving in Quebec City?

by jsbird 4 years ago

My husband and I will be staying on Isle d'Orleans (just a few minutes drive outside of Quebec City) this week. We are looking for a restaurant for an American Thanksgiving in the area. Any leads...

Seeking advice for Montreal & Quebec City "food destination vacation"

by smiles33 4 years ago

My family loves to eat and we almost always plan our vacations around food. I'm thinking of Montreal (and possibly adding in a few days in Quebec City) when my kids have a week off in late Septembe...

Quebec City Recommendations

by brooklynnyc 4 years ago

Does anyone have any recommendations for Quebec City restaurants for a NYC foodie? Most of the posts on here are pretty old. I have a reservation at IX Bistro -- does it live up to the hype? I p...

Five days in June on a budget

by rhododendron 4 years ago

Three days in Montreal and two in Quebec City for a family vacation in mid-June. Child is a 14-year-old adventurous eater. Two things: (1) Favorite picnic items from Jean Talon. Also intereste...

Tips for an NC Hound in Montreal and QC

by Remsleep 4 years ago

For her combination graduation / birthday present, my younger daughter asked if I would take her to Montreal and Quebec City. We're heading up for 5 days at the beginning of June. Beyond St. Viateu...

Restaurants in Quebec City

by lizberg310 4 years ago

HI - We are taking a family cruise and will have one day in Quebec City for lunch. We have kids and a vegetarian in the group. Any recommendations for good, non-experimental places? THANK YOU

Restaurants in Quebec City?

by Marena38 4 years ago

Hello, I've seen some posts on best restaurants in Quebec City, but they were a bit dated. Our family will be in QC for 3 nights in August. we would appreciate some restaurant suggestions. (We ...

Birthday Dinner on Fête de la Saint-Jean-Baptiste in Quebec City

by gourmandee 4 years ago

I will be visiting Quebec City June 23-26 and my birthday is on June 24. I will be a 10 minute walk from the Old Quebec neighbourhood. Can anyone recommend a nice place for dinner on June 24th? Sin...

Quebec City Winter 2017

by ThomShap 4 years ago

Before I went to Quebec for the winter carnival last week, I did some hunting around Chowhound, which has always served me well when I travel. This time, there was relatively scant information, so ...

Solo Dining Quebec City

by JennaBean 4 years ago

I will be traveling on Quebec City on my own the last weekend in February. I have booked a late dinner on the Sunday evening at La Buche. I would love a tasting menu or chef's table for the Saturd...