Quebec City

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Quebec City Food Adventure

by adachow 1 day ago

My wife and I will be spending 3 days in Quebec City in late May -- no kids. We would like to experience as much as ...

Is the Canadian fine dining scene superior, on average, to that in the states?

by dwkayak 1 month ago

I've been to Canada twice as an adult - once about a year ago when I spent a few days at Whistler and just now for a ...


ferret commented 11 days ago

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American Thanksgiving in Quebec City?

by jsbird 3 months ago

My husband and I will be staying on Isle d'Orleans (just a few minutes drive outside of Quebec City) this week. We a...

Seeking advice for Montreal & Quebec City "food destination vacation"

by smiles33 9 months ago

My family loves to eat and we almost always plan our vacations around food. I'm thinking of Montreal (and possibly ad...


smiles33 commented 5 months ago

Quebec City Recommendations

by brooklynnyc 8 months ago

Does anyone have any recommendations for Quebec City restaurants for a NYC foodie? Most of the posts on here are pre...


foodyum commented 7 months ago

Five days in June on a budget

by rhododendron 9 months ago

Three days in Montreal and two in Quebec City for a family vacation in mid-June. Child is a 14-year-old adventurous e...


rhododendron commented 8 months ago

Tips for an NC Hound in Montreal and QC

by Remsleep 10 months ago

For her combination graduation / birthday present, my younger daughter asked if I would take her to Montreal and Queb...


Remsleep commented 8 months ago

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Restaurants in Quebec City

by lizberg310 9 months ago

HI - We are taking a family cruise and will have one day in Quebec City for lunch. We have kids and a vegetarian in t...

Restaurants in Quebec City?

by Marena38 9 months ago

Hello, I've seen some posts on best restaurants in Quebec City, but they were a bit dated. Our family will be in QC...

tinpanalley commented 9 months ago

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Birthday Dinner on FĂȘte de la Saint-Jean-Baptiste in Quebec City

by gourmandee 11 months ago

I will be visiting Quebec City June 23-26 and my birthday is on June 24. I will be a 10 minute walk from the Old Queb...

Quebec City Winter 2017

by ThomShap 1 year ago

Before I went to Quebec for the winter carnival last week, I did some hunting around Chowhound, which has always serv...

cherylmtl commented 1 year ago

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Solo Dining Quebec City

by JennaBean 1 year ago

I will be traveling on Quebec City on my own the last weekend in February. I have booked a late dinner on the Sunday...

Kosher food shops in Quebec City?

by tinpanalley 1 year ago

Does anyone happen to know if there are any kosher shops in Quebec City? I've been searching for matsoh meal or crack...


captain_vegetable commented 1 year ago

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Best Restaurants in Quebec City for a Pescatarian

by pamE 1 year ago

Traveling to QC soon with a Pescatarian, and looking for some ideas for where to eat that are less than $$$$. We love...

Quebec City in winter with kids?

by lmwmcintyre 2 years ago

Heading to Quebec City in February with husband and 2 boys (11 & 13) for a few days. Suggestions where to eat for bre...


lmwmcintyre commented 1 year ago

Gaspe Region Including MTL and QC

by katesalter 1 year ago

First, thank you to everyone who gave advice over the last few months. August 7 - My mother "S" (74) and I (34) de...

kpzoo commented 1 year ago

Quebec City restaurants for solo traveler

by sarahbeths 2 years ago

Looking to help my mom find great restaurants in Quebec City. She is a cancer patient traveling alone in between chem...


CaptCrunch commented 1 year ago

Le Continental (Quebec City) report

by CaptCrunch 2 years ago

I have tried Le Continental in Quebec City yesterday. Le Continental is an old school french restaurant where tabl...


harry2005 commented 1 year ago

Montreal/Quebec City Review of my week of dining

by sitruc999 3 years ago

Just returned from a week in the lovely Quebec area. Thought I would post my itinerary and thoughts. 1st night-Mont...


flobow commented 1 year ago

Quebec City 2016

by Verole 1 year ago

I'm currently in Quebec City and have been blown away by two restaurants, Le Hobbit Bistro on Rue Saint-Jean and Lege...


CaptCrunch commented 1 year ago