A Flaming Holiday Punch Bowl Will Wow Your Guests

Nothing says “party” like a big, festive bowl of punch. But, if you want to turn the “holiday cheer” up to 11, you’re going to need something even more spectacular: flaming punch! Yes, a few carefully...

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Looking for a rye-based punch to serve at Thanksgiving

by Christina D 9 years ago

If I could, I'd serve something along the lines of a rye-based sidecar. However, I'd like to tone down the alcohol content just a little, seeing as how I knocked out my whole party a few years ago ...

Highly Specific Punch Request

by khoops 10 years ago

I'd like to offer a punch on my birthday and it would be fantastic if someone could help me figure out what to make. First, I need to cap costs at $50 for about 15 people. Less would be better...

Help Me Conjure Up a NYE Punch Featuring Applejack

by isadorasmama 9 years ago

Heading to a party with drinkers on NYE and rather than standing behind the bar all night, I thought I'd make a punch and let everyone have at it. Applejack first came to mind because it's affordab...

holiday punch ideas

pete k
by pete k 10 years ago

I'm hosting a holiday brunch this weekend and am in need of some ideas. After doing an inventory of my current bar stock, I have just about everything to make the following: Jalisco Flower from...

non-cheesy, punch bowl worth, st patricks day oriented concoction?

by jgg13 10 years ago

So I'm looking to put together a punch bowl based drink for a st patricks party, but looking around everything is just the usual "make some disgusting junk green". I don't even really care if it i...

Need a festive holiday punch recipe!

by ds_walter 11 years ago

I'm need some suggestions for a punch to serve at our annual neighborhood holiday party. I try to find a different speciality drink each year and thought I'd try a punch this time. It needs to b...

Apple-type Signature Drink or Punch!!

by LilGirl 11 years ago

We're having an Oktoberfest party next month, and I would like to have an apple related signature drink or punch that I can make ahead. (Earlier the same day) (I would just make the base, and add t...

Summer Punch

by isadorasmama 11 years ago

I have a few gatherings coming up and I'd debating the merits of bringing punch rather than shaking drinks to order. The festivities are outdoors, in friends rural backyards. Anyone have reci...

Need Punch Inspiration!

by modthyrth 11 years ago

We're having my daughter's first birthday party on Saturday, and at that age, it's really just an excuse to have a bunch of our friends over, of course. ;-) I just bought this gorgeous beverage d...

Help! Punch bowl of mojitos, how to assemble?

by susanl143 12 years ago

Okay -- following suggestions on chowhound, I now have a quart of simple syrup flavored with muddled mint. I'm hoping my quart will make considerably more than one punch bow full of mojitos but I'v...

Watermelon punch! Help!!

by Booboo731 11 years ago

I'm hosting a party for 50. I need a punch, mostly for the ladies (men will be drinking beer) and I'm thinking something with Watermelon Vodka. That says spring to me. Don't want anything too sw...

iso Christmas Punch recipes

by pacheeseguy 12 years ago

I'm planning a cheese tasting event with a Christmas theme. Normally I'd serve a variety of wines for the evening, but now I'm thinking about serving a alcohol based punch instead. Any good recipes...

Seeking Great Holiday Punch Recipes -- won't war with popcorn balls!

by PhillyCook 12 years ago

I've been dying to make the popcorn balls from the Chow story a couple of weeks ago -- Coco-Cayenne, Curry-Coconut, and Eggnog -- and our holiday party seems like the perfect excuse. Now I need a r...

Alton's punch episode

by jgg13 12 years ago

Anyone see this? I wasn't expecting much, and admittedly didn't really learn anything new but I was pleasantly surprised. Heck, right in the opening scene I had to do a double take - "Hey, is tha...

Need a good tiki style punch bowl drink

by jgg13 12 years ago

For one thing I'm not sure how some of the punches that immediately come to mind (e.g. Zombie) would really scale up to a punch bowl sized quantity - particularly when dealing w/ the shaved ice. ...

which spirit to use for strawberry punch...

by njchowgal 12 years ago

i am making a punch for new years and was hoping my fellow hounders could suggest a spirit or two to go with the other ingredients: strawberry flavored gelatin sugar water pineapple juice lemo...

rum punch

by toncasmo 12 years ago

i'm having a pirate party for my husband and am making grog. someone told me of a recipe where you put whole pineapple, mexican sugar cane and rum in a conatainer and let "steep" does anyone have...

Girly Punch?

by sunangelmb 13 years ago

I have having a group of ladies over for a cookie exchange party. I want to serve as tasty punch, but am clueless as to what kind to make? I want it to taste good, and be easy to make. Simple ingre...

Easy Tasty Punch ?

by oystersallday 13 years ago

So I am having a last minute Halloween event. Does anybody have any easy punch options? It would be nice if it was boozy and delicious and easy to make. S.