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Puebla, Oaxaca & DF updates (esp. El Naranjo, Oaxaca)

by evsambista 15 years ago

First, thanks for the excellent recs on the boards. My wife and I are taking the week-long cooking class at Mesones Sacristia, and then splitting a week btw DF and Oaxaca. Any update on wheth...

Buying mole in Puebla & other questions

by NancyC 6 years ago

Hi everyone! I'm in Puebla now, and will be in and out of the city for a few more days. I live in NYC, where I believe most Mexican immigrants come from Puebla. So, is the packaged-up mole poblano ...

Trio of favorites in Puebla, Mexico

by postcardsfromsanantonio 6 years ago

When you stay a month somewhere, you have time to assemble a list of your favorite food spots. This trio of restaurants has virtually nothing in common with one another, aside from the fact that we...

La Purificadora in Puebla, Mexico

by postcardsfromsanantonio 6 years ago

Somehow it seems like cheating. The food offered in a restaurant inside a former industrial structure sculpturally rehabilitated by an internationally acclaimed architect seems destined to taste go...

Mexico city, Puebla, Oaxaca trip with food sensitivities

by Bluebirdmb 6 years ago

Wow I'm really confused about the new site, so I hope I'm doing this right. I'm posting for my parents because they're not very good with computers. They'll be spending two weeks in Mexico with...

PUEBLA: Short report from 11/14

by erica 7 years ago

PUEBLA We arrived at this beautiful Colonial city by direct, very comfortable ADO luxury bus from the TAPO terminal in Mexico City. Here again, do not rely on a taxi driver to know the address ...

Long trip report: Mexico City, Puebla, Oaxaca

by brockton 7 years ago

I recently enjoyed a two week trip through Mexico City, Puebla and Oaxaca with my wife, my brother, his wife and their 21 month old son.  This itinerary was a repeat of a visit my wife and I made i...


by erica 7 years ago

We will be in Puebla for two nights en route to Oaxaca. Seeking any information about where to eat.....I found this, which looks helpful, but looking for other comments or recommendations: htt...

Eating out with kids in Mexico DF, Puebla, Oaxaca

by Utrechter 7 years ago

In July and August I will travel with my 6 and 8-year olds kids and wife from Mexico DF to Belize. I have searched this site and others but no one seems to have the answer on this: we are keen to t...

Mexico City & Puebla report

by hyperbowler 7 years ago

Belated post from March. Great food trip. We encountered a few hitches in terms of places being closed or getting locations or hours wrong. I should have posted an itinerary beforehand :-) Frida...

Puebla 109, Colonia Roma Norte, Mexico City

by Anonimo 8 years ago

A friend pointed out this relatively new, apparently "Mediterranean" restaurant on Calle Puebla, corner of Calle Córdoba. We'd passed it before, paid little attention to it, thinking it's just anot...

New Year's Eve in Puebla

by quentinC 8 years ago

Hi - I will be in Puebla for New Year's Eve and I'm looking for a place to eat. Are there restaurants that do anything special? Not interested in booze-fests or dancing, djs, etc. Thanks!

Trip Report: Puebla and Tlaxcala

by Lord_Codfish 9 years ago

Just went on a trip to Puebla and Tlaxcala for Labor Day, figured I'd report in on what I found... PUEBLA: Fonda de Santa Clara: went to the second branch of this (the one further west, on 3 ...

Puebla: Mercado de Sabores Poblanos

by nateco 9 years ago

I have not found any chowhound posts mentioning this newer market of food stalls. I found an article about it here: http://www.puebla-mexico.com/mercado-de-sabores/ Has anyone been? Does anyo...

Mexico City Eating and Walking, Puebla too!

by dagoose 10 years ago

Hi all, I'm a Seattle Chowhound coming down at the end of this week to do some hardcore eating in Mexico City, Puebla and San Juan del Rio, though the latter will be with friends that live there. ...

trip report from Puebla, Mexico, July 2010

by howardl 11 years ago

This is a brief report on my one week stay in Puebla Mexico in July 2010. I read and used extremely useful posts to chowhound notably from Richard (RST), Rachel, and Anonimo. If they are the coll...

Souping up Puebla

by meatrabbits4all 10 years ago

When I traveled to Puebla in 2004 for the 8th World Rabbit Science Congress, we had a soup that was incredible--but I was never able to get the recipe. It was either chicken or rabbit (it was ha...

Puebla, City and State

by SteveG 13 years ago

I've been to Puebla before and will be returning for another trip soon. Last time we didn't make it out of the centro historico, but this time we'll have a car and want to make a day trip or two t...

nouveau Mexican in Puebla?

by racheljana 11 years ago

I lived in Puebla a few years ago and eat pretty much street food and comida corrida due to my budget. Of course that is delicious but I'm going back now and I want to splurge. Last year I went to...

Breakfast in Puebla?

by foodpro13 12 years ago

I'll be at the NH Hotel -- anywhere good near there for a hearty breakfast before touring Cholula? Thanks!