Transform Your Pantry Ingredients into This Easy Butterscotch Pudding

This easy butterscotch pudding recipe relies on pantry ingredients and fridge staples, so you can probably whip it up right now. I am a pudding lover from way back—like all the way back to Snack Packs...

Cake recipe calls for instant vanilla pudding. I don't have any. Is there a substitute?

by xena 15 years ago

I was just about to make a cake using a recipe shared here by renov8r and discovered that I needed a box of instant vanilla pudding. I didn't have any so used another recipe entirely but I was won...

Looking for: corn pudding recipe

by Scott_R 8 years ago

There used to be this wonderful soul food/creole/southern food restaurant in Huntington, NY called the "Cooke's In" (the owner's name was Cooke). Just by way of reference, it was this place: http:...

Best Apple Pie, Best Crème Brûlée, Best Apple Pie in TO, that can be shipped or delivered to East York?

by prima 1 year ago

Where would you suggest? I'm open to restaurants, bakeries or grocery store versions. I picked up a nice apple pie at the Rolling Pin (cash or debit only) in Oct. No delivery though. Thanks ...

What to do with a box of “cooked” vanilla pudding

by pumpkinspice 8 years ago

I accidentally bought vanilla “cooked” pudding (the kind that comes in a little box) instead of the “instant” for a recipe I was asked to make. I always bake from scratch so I really had no idea wh...

Chia Seed Pudding... Clumps

by Rosalie32 2 years ago

I combined 4 cups Almond Milk, tsp vanilla, 2 tbsp syrup, 1/4 tsp cocoa pdr, blended then added 1 cup chia seed and blended briefly, poured into 8oz mason jars refrigerated for 2 hrs. NOW, when I...

Black pepper in bread pudding

by fionasit 2 years ago

I'm just reading old posts on bread pudding while I wait for mine to come out of the crock pot, one woman puts black pepper and cardamom in her bread puddin. How about you any strange ingredients?

Popovers vs Yorkshire Pudding

by conroyea 15 years ago

Just curious, what is the difference between popovers and Yorkshire pudding?

Chocolate Pudding Just Won't Set

by GenoveseC 7 years ago

Hi. Does anyone know why once I put my homemade pudding in the fridge, it turns soupy? While cooking, it smells and tastes delicious. I pour it into a bowl and it's pretty thick. I'm thinking i...

Cocolate pudding mix with almond milk

by EvanM 2 years ago

Jello low sugar chocolate pudding is OK pareve. The instructions say that if you make it with soy milk it will not set. What about other non-dairy alternatives? Can I make it with almond milk or ca...

British puddings, shredded beef suet in Montreal?

by Jeanfrancoisfournier 3 years ago

For years, I've done my own Christmas puddings, British steamed sponges and mincemeat from the same Maple Leaf brand shredded suet as my grandmother used. In the last 2 years every grocery stor...


by Fleur 16 years ago

I am trying to find a recipe for the best rice pudding . Do you prefer baked or made on top of the stove? Please share your recipes.

Tapioca vs Sago - what makes what kind of pudding

by spahkee 13 years ago

Confused coming back from the local marekt - there is tapioca and there appears to a similar dried up pellets for sago. I understand Tapioca compes from the casava plant and is tranditionally us...

Rice Pudding

by randyjl 7 years ago

I made my first rice pudding today. It said to rinse the rice before cooking. I forgot and it turned out fine. Why rinse it?

Help! Can you freeze a banana pudding? Paula Deen's recipe [moved from New Orleans board]

by nosurndr 11 years ago

Thought I would ask New Orleanians about a staple southern dessert: I am making a modified version of Paula Deen's "Not Your Mama's Banana Pudding," using the cream cheese and sweetened condense...

Christmas pudding help please

by farthing 4 years ago

I made my usual Epicurious Christmas pudding recipe which I have made umpteen times before. This year when I steamed it in the oven as usual (in pudding bowl in pan of hot water) at 375 for 6 hour...

How can I repair my crunchy rice pudding?

by hungryinmanhattan 6 years ago

I followed the instructions on chowhound for "Easy Rice Pudding." Now that it is cooled, it is still a little crunchy. What do you suggest I do? Should I add more liquid and continue on the stov...

What seeds can turn milk into a pudding (like chia?)

by glify 5 years ago

I hear flax can do it also but must be ground, not ideal here in Thailand when I'm on the run (we don't have Whole foods here but we do have tons of convenience stores with small milk bottles and p...

ISO best salted caramel budino recipe (Not too sweet) like Campagnolo TO

by itryalot 5 years ago

I am looking to make a salted caramel budino for Christmas party (individual portions). I have heard that Campagnolo's is the best but cannot find it or a copycat. Photo: http://bombasticlife.com...

Christmas cake or plum puddings

by yeggy 5 years ago

What is the best Christmas cake and plum pudding sold in supermarkets. Thanks