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St Paddy's Day Pub

by Eon 5 years ago

I am looking for a pub in Toronto on the subway line. Must have a great draft list, good food, and preferably doing something to celebrate Saint patties day. Maybe with Irish stouts or ales etc.

recommendation for dinner for three old friends

by greenwoodgerrard 6 years ago

No need for fancy, just good atmosphere, not too rushed on a Saturday night for drinks and dinner. No food allergies or restrictions, we are not picky. Moderate price please. I recently tried King...

Wilmington delivery options/transportation to downtown area

by sasha1 6 years ago

Hi everyone, I'm leaving the left coast in about a week for a business trip to Wilmington. I've never been there before. Will be staying in the outskirts (Doubletree on Concord Pike) and prob...

Help-need ideas for small business gathering

by rockyd 6 years ago

Need a place for about 30-35, on a Wednesday evening. Private space preferred. Not a sit down dinner but seating available. Heavy (dinner replacement) appetizers and wine/beer. On the Green li...

Looking for a fun place good for group of 10...

by FattyDumplin 6 years ago

I'm taking my junior team out to dinner in a couple weeks, about 10 people total. And in the past we've done stuff like Yokocho and Russian Vodka Room, so fun, kind of esoteric places where you can...

Dim sum

by BuildingMyBento 6 years ago

I'm curious if anyone has recommendations for dim sum in the Philly area (that is, limited by SEPTA access). The type with the carts is preferable. Thanks, BmB

Help with one Philly dinner please

by rizzo0904 6 years ago

Looking for a dinner spot on a Wednesday night. There will be 4 adults and two kids. Two adults will be driving in and need easy/close parking to the restaurant. The rest of us are staying at th...

Ethnic restaurants near Beverly hills

by frenchl91 6 years ago

My husband has to see a specialist for a rare disease in Beverly hills. An organization is paying for his lodging or else we would not be staying in such a nice area. We're planning on using the pu...

Seeking (relatively) quiet lunch restaurant near Montgomery BART [San Francisco]

by emmns 6 years ago

Hello, I need to host a client meeting for 4 people within a short walk of Montgomery BART. Table service is a must, mid-range price is ideal. Any ideas for a (somewhat) quieter spot? I fee...

Food around convention center, no car, lots of ladies [Milwaukee]

by daisylover 6 years ago

Hi - Going to go to bead fest at convention center and hear it is difficult to find places to eat due to proximity and crowds. We will not have a car, was looking for some rec's nearby, or $10 cab...

Melbourne Advice - 5 Days

by TheDegustationAsian 8 years ago

Hi, wife and I will be visiting Melbourne for 5 days at the end of May. We're from New York City (Brooklyn) and will be staying near Southern Cross Station. I've done some research but would apprec...

Sunday Brunch near Logan-accessible T line

by SueFH 6 years ago

My daughter attends Northeastern, she just turned 21 (finally!) and I've got a mid afternoon flight back to Chicago. Don't want anything fancy or dress up, just some great food that won't make it ...

First trip to NYC

by themard 6 years ago

My wife and I are heading to NY for the first time in July. We will be in town from Saturday-Tuesday. We could use some lunch and dinner recommendations. Strongly considered trying to get in at Ate...

I am in your town. I have 100 USD and an afternoon off. Food crawl. Where do I go??

by hyde 6 years ago

For my birthday in April (24th, same as Barbara Streisand and Shirley MacLaine) I spent the afternoon traipsing between 5 separate establishments eating and drinking in a town about 10 miles north ...

Creative mocktails for 16th birthday

by TimTamGirl 6 years ago

My friend is bringing his daughter to Boston next month to celebrate the daughter's 16th birthday. They're from very suburban NJ and she wants to do Cool Things In The City, and I was thinking that...

business trip to san francisco

by stuart954 6 years ago

we will be staying at the hilton sf union square and have 4 nights for dinner, we will not have a car though willing to take mass transit for any dining adventure, price is not an issue, either is ...

San Jose without a car

by Prabhakar Ragde 6 years ago

I'm coming to live in SF while on sabbatical, but, alas, my first week will be spent at the Fairmont in downtown San Jose while my partner attends a conference. I'll be on my own for lunches, and a...

Help needed: Bethesda for a smallish group

by susancinsf 7 years ago

I realize that options might be limited, but I am looking for a place to take a party of eight, on a Wednesday night in late April, that would appeal to a variety of palates and dietary needs, none...

NOLA with Teens - 3 nights of restaurants - staying at Hotel Monteleone

by DDewil 6 years ago

I am a foodie from NYC, my daughters (17 and 20) are well travelled and somewhat adventurous eaters. It is our first time in New Orleans and we would like to try some classic favorites. My 16yo w...

Private room restaurant in East Bay or SF near BART

by toomuchk 7 years ago

We're looking for a restaurant in the East Bay or maybe SF near transit that has a private or semi-private room and can host 25 to 30 people for a wedding rehearsal dinner. Ideally, it would be ...