Public Market

A Local’s Guide to the Food, Drinks, and Gifts at San Francisco's Ferry Building Marketplace

This March marks the 15th anniversary of the Ferry Building Marketplace, a San Francisco landmark and favorite gathering place among locals and visitors alike. Though the Marketplace, as we know it...

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Tell Me About Reading Terminal Market Please

by Disneyfreak 4 years ago

I've gotten some great tips from this board so thanks for the info. During my visit to Philadelphia I am planning on visiting the Reading Terminal Market. I am planning on getting a sandwich at ...

Eataly (Boston MA)

by BostonBestEats 4 years ago

In case you have been living under a rock (or are still suffering from a turkey-induced coma), EATALY BOSTON opened at the Prudential Center on Tuesday. We went on Friday, and to put it lightly, i...

[Kuala Lumpur] Chow Hunt in Chow Kit

by klyeoh 4 years ago

Chow Kit is KL's roughest & grimiest neighbourhood, populated by some of KL's most violent characters. The place is full of drug pushers and drug addicts, street hookers (including transsexuals/tra...

Maxwell Street Market - Chicago

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

Sunday morning I made the pilgrimage to Maxwell Street Market to find my breakfast among the bevy of Mexican food stands. I started at the W. Taylor Street end and headed north. First stop was t...

Second Act Marketplace (Upper Haight) [San Francisco]

by hyperbowler 7 years ago

The former Red Vic converted earlier this year to a mixed-use space housing a few different food vendors. Anda Piroshi's items are as good as their active Bernal location and Spice Hound has made t...

Top Hops has opened a booth at the Essex Market, and the world is better for it

by small h 4 years ago

Now you can get your fancy beer (available by the can, six pack or growler) along with your fancy cheese and your fancy bread and your semi-fancy coffee. Woot!

Jasper Hill Winnimere on sale at Boston Public Market

by BostonBestEats 5 years ago

I was just at the Cellars at Jasper Hill stand at Boston Public Market on Sunday, and was excited to see that they have their sensational Winnimere, a Vacherin Mont d’Or-like cheese that won "Best ...

Where to pick up a picnic near Brooklyn Botanic Garden?

by foster 4 years ago

Coming from out of town & planning to spend a members' evening in the garden. Invited to bring a picnic. Where is a good spot to pick up something (relatively) nearby? If it is something war...

Boston Public Market goes to 7 days

by Allstonian 5 years ago

Per Universal Hub, the Boston Public Market will expand to being open 7 days a week, starting July 18. (They are currently open Wednesday through Sunday, closed Monday and Tuesday.) Hours will be...

Chelsea (Market) Lately

by Ziggy41 7 years ago

Navigating through the tourists at the Chelsea Market during lunch time should be an Olympic event. The Chelsea Slalom. Opening the door somehow without letting an entire large polish group in an...

Reading Terminal Market

by arepo 5 years ago

Today I got a surprise visit from my granddaughter and friend. My first thought was to take them to the above but I was wondering whether we should have a particular plan. Browsing, where? Lunch...

What do you think of the Italian Market and its neighborhood? Day/night? Reading Terminal Market?

by Michaelspont 5 years ago

Hello to all, I am going to be in Philadelphia for 2 days and I know next to nothing about the city, but I have a curiosity to go to the Italian Market, which I understand is one of the oldest m...

DeKalb Food Hall Coming to Dtown Brooklyn

jen kalb
by jen kalb 5 years ago

Giant food hall with vendors including Bun-Ker and .... the Arepa Lady?? A second local Trader Joes, too. Could it be that there will actually be some worthwhile eating and shopping here?

Jean Talon Market and vicinity (updates) 2015

by lagatta 6 years ago

Plant selling in full swing now, also local asparagus at last. Also wanted to point out that they have finally changed the picnic tables in the centre of the covered area. There are eight tables no...

Boston Public Market Holiday Hours

by GreyFloors 5 years ago

Try again :-) -KB www.pearlsandoysters.com

Eataly Highlights?

by carbonaraqueen 5 years ago

Please share general thoughts about visiting Eataly- any "must-see" "must-taste" suggestions welcome. I have never been. Should we expect mega-crowds at lunchtime during the week before Christmas?

What are the best eats at Union Sq. Greenmarket and Chelsea Market?

by Torolover 5 years ago

What are the best eats at the Union Sq. Greenmarket or Chelsea Market? Any particular stands I should pay attention to? Thanks!

Boston Public Market is here

by BostonBestEats 5 years ago

Seems like we no longer need a thread dating back years entitled "Boston Public Market Proposal", since it actually opens this Thursday July 30th!!! http://bostonpublicmarket.org/vendors Are ...

Gotham West Market or Chelsea Market?

by souixie 5 years ago

I have not been to either of these markets, but they both seem to be similar to Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia. If the goal of the visit is to look around and grab a nosh at a couple of t...