13 Bar-Inspired Recipes for March Madness

Avoid bumping shoulders with the crowd trying to win the bartender's attention to get another beer during March Madness 2019. No need to signal the overworked waitress for more wings. You an avoid that...

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[Lavant, West Sussex] Earl of March

by helen b 5 years ago

Really exemplary country pub, rated by the Good Foood Guide too. It's got splendid Downs views, you can see Goodwood, and vintage planes chug chug through the valley practically at eye level. Great...

[Oxford] Three Goats

by Harters 6 years ago

Tiny back street pub serving “proper” pub food. So, that’s a steak and Sam Smith’s pie for my partner and a pork & cider pie for me. These are proper pies – pastry fully enclosing the filling - no...

Oxford - any lunch reccs, please

by Harters 6 years ago

I'm celebrating a major event in life next weekend with us having a two night stay at Le Manoir. Don't ask - but, yes, it really is eye-wateringly expensive. So, we'll be going into the city du...

Scottish themed pubs/restaurants in Manhattan

by gavspen 6 years ago

I know about St. Andrews, Deacon Brodie and Caledonia, but I've never been, so opinions welcome. Any others? And unfortunately, no matter how authentic the place may be, genuine haggis can never...

[Sawdon, North Yorkshire] Anvil Inn

by Harters 6 years ago

Although this is the village pub, I reckon most customers were, like us, there to eat. There’s a shortish menu which punches above the “pub grub” weight. A bit of imagination has gone into the dish...

Pub grub in Prague

by GH1618 6 years ago

I happened to be in Prague during a significant event which caused the town to be overrun with people, thousands in the Old Town square alone. Prague is tourist heaven, of course, and there are co...

Vancouver Island off-the-beaten track?

by digga 7 years ago

Boston 'hound here, looking for towns on Vancouver Island for food (and, of course, great scenery wouldn't hurt) that are passed over in favor of places like Tofino and Victoria (both of which we w...

Seafood & local restaurants near Topsail Island, NC

by 53latour 10 years ago

The week of Labor Day we will be renting a house on Topsail island. It's our first time in this area. I'm looking for suggestions for good seafood/local/pub fare restaurants. We'll have a lot of...

3 days in London - please review my research and let me know if I'm way off-base! Need help with Indian in particular; Cambridge tips also welcome!

by gamene 6 years ago

Hi Chowhounders, I'm a long-time lurker but first-time poster. First off, please accept my belated but sincere thanks for all of your informative posts, which have helped me eat my way through ...

40th bday dinner?

by fara 6 years ago

Dh is turning 40 and there will be about 20 people in attendance.The plan is to keep it a suprise with some people flying in. I am thinking of reserving space in a restaurant or catering at home. D...

Matt Murphy like pub in Boston proper

by Abbylovi 6 years ago

I'm meeting a meat and potatoes friend for dinner in Boston and the ideal place would be a pub like Matt Murphy's. Is there anything like that in Boston sort of near North Station?

Pub/Grill that are somewhat close to East Windsor?

by iamloco724 6 years ago

My parents and I are going to be in East Windsor this weekend im looking for a Pub/Grill that is within 30 min of my hotel in East Windsor384 Monmouth St,We have a picky eater with us that really w...

Restaurant near the Bell Centre with kids

by madison65 6 years ago

I am looking for a restaurant near the Bell Centre for Saturday for an early dinner. We are walking down from the Omni at Sherbrooke and Metcalfe so preferably somewhere between there and the Bell ...

Hidden Gems Close to Sheraton Toronto Centre Hotel. Any help???

by robhowden 6 years ago

Hi folks, Me and a crew of guys and girls are in Toronto working the IndyCar race and we're staying at the Sheraton Toronto Centre Hotel. There are the normal chains and high-price cookie cutte...

Williamsburg, VA Restaurant Recommendations

by Maggie V. 8 years ago

Travelling to Williamsburg mid October and looking for restaurant recommendations - everything from breakfast to pubs to fine dining. Thanks.

Cornwall - St. Ives and Padstow

by LulusMom 6 years ago

I'm excited - in May I'll be spending a bit over a week in Cornwall. Hiking, reading, sleeping and, of course, eating and drinking. I'll have 3 nights in St. Ives and 4 in Padstow. I've searched th...

Ye Olde Fighting Cocks pub (St. Albans) is offensive to chickens

by zin1953 6 years ago

'PETA (People for the ethical treatment of animals) launched a campaign against the pub in St Albans urging its owners to rename it Ye Olde Clever Cocks, which they believe would recognise society’...

Browne's Bistro on Woodlawn - what's the story?

by Thatcher 11 years ago

So, I walk by this place daily. Have always thought it would be interesting to try, as I'm looking for a neighborhood "local" that's an alternative from the pub offerings that line the street. Like...

Fun, lively restaurant with good food Montreal?

by katcarey 6 years ago

We are four adult women looking for an interesting, lively restaurant or pub with good food. I do not necessarily want "fine dining", but a good experience that serves quality fare. Not necessa...

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