Chowhounds discuss the best food in Providence, from a dog-friendly spot for seafood to the best coffee and beyond.

A Bite-Size Stop in Providence, Rhode Island

Planning a stop in Providence, Rhode Island? Here's where to eat, drink, and stay, and what to see. Just a short drive down from Boston and a few hours north of the Big Apple, Providence, Rhode Island...

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Providence Recommendations?

by Ari 20 years ago

This weekend I am planning to go to Providence for the first time. Can someone tell me where to eat. I am not looking for anything too expensive or formal but great food. Thanks for the help!

Providence pizza

by lj 20 years ago

Does anyone know of a good pizza place in Providence or vicinity?

Kosher Deli in/near Providence, RI?

by Ian 20 years ago

Lived in New York all my life and relocating to Rhode Island. Praying to God there's a good kosher deli in the area. Please let me know!

Providence/Rhode Island Recommendations

by Steve 19 years ago

Going to Providence/Warwick area for a few days next week and wanted to check on some restauraunt recommendations I've been given. Anybody tried SPAIN, POT AU FEU, and/or FLORENTINE GRILL? Have m...

Providence Sunday brunch

by ellen 20 years ago

Does anyone have suggestions for a place to go for an early Sunday brunch in Providence? Prefer somewhere other than Rue de l'Espoir or Downcity which are good but getting old. Thanks for your help...

Il Forno - Providence

by Dave R 20 years ago

What has been the Chowhounds' reaction to this restaurant? I had dinner there last fall - one of the evenings of Waterfire - and was not excited. It was good, but I had heard things that ...

Providence, RI, Italian restaurants and bakeries

by Kate 20 years ago

We're on our way tomorrow, Sunday, 11/4, any suggestions for Italian restaurants or bakeries? (Al Forno too expensive I think.)

Italian restaurants and bakeries in Providence, RI

by Kate 20 years ago

We're on our way to Providence tomorrow, Sunday, 11/4 for the day. Any advice on Italian restaurants (besides Al forno, pricy?),bakeries, or shops? Kate

XO Cafe in Providence

by David 20 years ago

anyone eaten there?..I had a drink there last night...didn't eat but everything looked great.

Providence, RI Recommendations

by Steve W. 22 years ago

My wife and I are planning a weekend in Providence in July. Can anyone recommend any fairly reasonably priced restaurants or Bed and Breakfasts? We have heard Al Forno is the best. Is it pos...

Providence places

by Joanie 20 years ago

Every time I get on the New England board, my computer freezes so I'll ask this quickly. Does anyone have a recommendation for a casual but nice place in Prov. for this Sat.? We'll be going to Lu...

Where to brunch in Providence??

by Peter Ellis 21 years ago

My wife and I live in the Boston area, but from time to time go down to Providence to visit our daughter, who attends college there. We'd appreciate any ideas for Sunday brunch options -- anything...

Providence/Al Forno

by david 20 years ago

I'm going to be in Providence one night next week..never been to Al Forno..is it good or hype..heard about a place called Grappa..anyone been? Thanks

buying and dining: fresh fish & shellfish in Providence

by sionnac 20 years ago

Any favorite places to buy fish? So far the closest to me is Babu (I think) in his fish truck on Westminster. I haven't yet. I should but I haven't. Eating fresh fish: The Providence Oyster Bar is ...

Sushi in Providence

by Stacey 21 years ago

I found a wonderful sushi place in Providence-- which is much better than Tokyo on Wickenden Street. Ranza is a tiny place on Hope Street, right where it meets Blackstone Blvd. The first time I ...

Providence Cambodian

by George Kappus 22 years ago

I have made frequent trips to Providence over the last six months and have been surprised and delighted with the variety and quality of Cambodian food available there. (I am speaking of traditiona...

vegetarian restaurants in Providence & Newport

by Shirley Ranz 21 years ago

We're leaving tomorrow (11/7) for a 5 day trip to Providence and Newport. Can anyone recommend a vegetarian restaurant, or a restaurant with a good salad bar? If not how about a good Chinese restau...


by Bilmo 21 years ago

There last weekend. Empire - outstanding all around. Neath's - good, not great. Angelo's Civita Farnese - good food, great atmo. And, some wonderful Italian food shops along Atwells in Feder...

Al Forno in Providence

by Nancy Ives 21 years ago

Does anyone know if the owner's of Al Forno are affiliated with the new Empire restaurant in the same city? Thanks, Nancy

I95 and Providence

by alison 22 years ago

I'm sorry I asked this question on the wrong message board. I'll try again. Does anyone know a good stop near I95 when you're stuck in traffic between Providence and NYC? I'm looking for tasty, f...

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