Chowhounds discuss the best food in Providence, from a dog-friendly spot for seafood to the best coffee and beyond.
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Providence Dining

by raggedy1234 4 days ago

Would like your suggestions for dining after a Sunday afternoon theater show in Providence. We will be a group of 8 ...

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Restaurant recommendation for mom's b-day

by Chowmiaow 8 days ago

Hi, I'm looking for an excellent restaurant to take my mom for her b-day. We have been trying places in Providence ...

Sat. afternoon meal in Providence RI

by ktkinder 3 months ago

Hi all - looking for a meal before most good restaurants are open... Looking for a dinner-like meal - could be a high...

Man_Fuel commented 3 months ago

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Providence RI Waterfire

by dfrostnh 5 months ago

Planning a RI weekend with friends and one has just discovered Waterfire will be lit approx. 6:45 the Saturday we are...

Providence food & restaurant blogs?

by ineemeeny 4 years ago

I'm so excited to be moving to Providence this summer, and I'm trying to find out more about the Providence dining sc...

Bob W commented 10 months ago

Brunch in RI

by JR0625 12 months ago

I am getting married and interested in hosting a rehearsal brunch for my wedding in June. Most of my guest have never...


JaneRI commented 12 months ago

Best Asian Restaurants in Providence and RI?

by primes0 1 year ago

Looking for suggestions for your top picks for Asian restaurants in Providence and RI. ps was shocked that den d...


Genkigal commented 1 year ago

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Dinner on Christmas Day?

by sheiladeedee 1 year ago

My husband and are looking for an elegant dinner on the 25th near Providence. We are flexible as to time, cuisine, an...

Looking for Afternoon Tea between Medway & Providence

by Holly_Penguin 1 year ago

Hi. Every year I take my nieces for afternoon tea. This year's count will be 4 girls under age 9 and 2 girls over 4...

garnetmemory commented 1 year ago

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Thanksgiving dinner in or near Providence, RI

by IrnMadnmom 1 year ago

Hi there! I was on Chowhound m a n y years ago and really should have come back sooner. So, to waste no more time...

Capitol Grille

by jdgall 1 year ago

Any hounds been to Capital Grille in Providence? Heard they took over the spot previously held by Ruth's Chris, Any r...

kattyeyes commented 1 year ago

Vinya (Providence, RI) & assorted PVD food news

by RhodyRedHen 2 years ago

We were downtown doing some last minute shopping when we noticed a new restaurant, Vinya, had moved into the original...


Zaoss commented 1 year ago

Providence - late Sunday night and Monday

by caitlinhc 1 year ago

We'll be visiting Providence this Sunday and Monday. Going to see Wicked on Sunday and want to get something to eat A...


RhodyRedHen commented 1 year ago

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Persimmon's new digs

by Shazz 1 year ago

We scored an early reservation this past weekend and were excited to see the new incarnation of Persimmon in Providen...

Now Eating PVD/RI May/June '16

by RhodyRedHen 1 year ago

--Slow Rhode, PVD: finally got a chance to check out this new opening from the folks behind Broadway Bistro. It's s...

Shazz commented 1 year ago

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Fried Chicken Night at New Rivers Providence

by Shazz 1 year ago

Hi any Chowhounders heard that May 24th is going to be fried chicken night? Have heard they make a mean fried bird an...

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Federal Hill Stroll Providence

by bakerboyz 1 year ago

Does anyone know anything about this annual event and if it's worth going to? Just got an email about it: June 7th, 4...

Best sit down pizza with beer in Providence RI?

by devilham 2 years ago

Hi folks, spending an evening and then day in Providence with a pizza loving 9 year old and was wondering where to go...


devilham commented 2 years ago

Now Eating PVD/RI March/April '16

by wormwood 2 years ago

-chilangos - consistently great -slow rhode - very good, look forward to going back. full review in another thread...


RhodyRedHen commented 2 years ago

Best of RI 2015

by RhodyRedHen 2 years ago

January is almost gone, and unless I missed it, I don't think we had the usual post sharing our favorites of the year...


RhodyRedHen commented 2 years ago