Chowhounds discuss the best food in Providence, from a dog-friendly spot for seafood to the best coffee and beyond.

A Bite-Size Stop in Providence, Rhode Island

Planning a stop in Providence, Rhode Island? Here's where to eat, drink, and stay, and what to see. Just a short drive down from Boston and a few hours north of the Big Apple, Providence, Rhode Island...

Where can I find pickled anchovies/boquerones in Rhode Island?

by doski339 1 year ago

I went to Spain years ago and restaurants would serve pickled anchovies before every meal. I am constantly craving them, but I've never seen them sold anywhere. Has anyone seen a store that sell th...

Graduation Dinner - Providence, Rhode Island

by northxnortheast 1 year ago

Help ! (Please). Need to find a nice venue that can accommodate 20 people or so for a nice graduation dinner. Needs to be wheelchair-friendly. We have tried a few places and they either have a lot ...

One night in Providence

by stiv99 2 years ago

Will be spending one Saturday night in Providence in late October, looking for dinner suggestions. Haven't been there for quite a few years - what's really good these days?

Foodie guide to Providence, RI?

by lobsterkiller 8 years ago

I am not seeing a whole lot of info for Providence (and surrounding area) on this site and would love some help. Any recommendations for restaurants, gourmet stores, kitchen stores, or any other un...

chopped liver in/around providence?

by sarabean 11 years ago

was checking out some rosh hashana menus elswhere (i am not jewish) and it reminded me how i've been wanting to try chopped liver for some time. any suggestions or favorites? maybe someplace makes ...

Providence Dining

by raggedy1234 4 years ago

Would like your suggestions for dining after a Sunday afternoon theater show in Providence. We will be a group of 8 women open to ideas for a casual atmosphere with delicious food!

Restaurant recommendation for mom's b-day

by Chowmiaow 4 years ago

Hi, I'm looking for an excellent restaurant to take my mom for her b-day. We have been trying places in Providence for years to eat at and each year she has not been happy. So what else is out t...

Sat. afternoon meal in Providence RI

by ktkinder 4 years ago

Hi all - looking for a meal before most good restaurants are open... Looking for a dinner-like meal - could be a high quality pub. Thank you!

Providence RI Waterfire

by dfrostnh 4 years ago

Planning a RI weekend with friends and one has just discovered Waterfire will be lit approx. 6:45 the Saturday we are there. I have been and know it will be crowded. We had also planned on being i...

Providence food & restaurant blogs?

by ineemeeny 8 years ago

I'm so excited to be moving to Providence this summer, and I'm trying to find out more about the Providence dining scene. Having lived in Boston and DC, I relied heavily on DCist, the late Bostonis...

Brunch in RI

by JR0625 5 years ago

I am getting married and interested in hosting a rehearsal brunch for my wedding in June. Most of my guest have never visited the ocean state and I want it to be a good experience for all. I am loo...

Best Asian Restaurants in Providence and RI?

by primes0 5 years ago

Looking for suggestions for your top picks for Asian restaurants in Providence and RI. ps was shocked that den den came so highly recommended. A casual cafe with good, if extremely overpriced...

Dinner on Christmas Day?

by sheiladeedee 5 years ago

My husband and are looking for an elegant dinner on the 25th near Providence. We are flexible as to time, cuisine, and driving distance

Looking for Afternoon Tea between Medway & Providence

by Holly_Penguin 5 years ago

Hi. Every year I take my nieces for afternoon tea. This year's count will be 4 girls under age 9 and 2 girls over 40. We have been to Duck & Bunny many times and everyone loves it. However the ...

Thanksgiving dinner in or near Providence, RI

by IrnMadnmom 5 years ago

Hi there! I was on Chowhound m a n y years ago and really should have come back sooner. So, to waste no more time: I'm looking for a restaurant in downtown Providence, RI, or near Providence, ...

Capitol Grille

by jdgall 5 years ago

Any hounds been to Capital Grille in Providence? Heard they took over the spot previously held by Ruth's Chris, Any recommended steaks? Thanks

Vinya (Providence, RI) & assorted PVD food news

by RhodyRedHen 6 years ago

We were downtown doing some last minute shopping when we noticed a new restaurant, Vinya, had moved into the original Flan y Ajo/Sushi Yama location on Westminster Street. Vinya bills itself as "B...

Providence - late Sunday night and Monday

by caitlinhc 5 years ago

We'll be visiting Providence this Sunday and Monday. Going to see Wicked on Sunday and want to get something to eat AFTER the show. Any decent late night (non-chain) places near PPAC? And Monday ...

Persimmon's new digs

by Shazz 5 years ago

We scored an early reservation this past weekend and were excited to see the new incarnation of Persimmon in Providence. Located on Hope St, closer towards the Fox Point area, this new location is...