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What Is the Difference Between Cioppino and Bouillabaisse?

The world of seafood stews is deliciously vast, and while every country—and city, and town, and chef, for that matter—has their own spin on the basic format, many versions of fish stew have a lot in...

RIP Lulu Peyraud

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 months ago

Lulu Peyraud of Domaine Tempier has left this mortal coil. Rest in peace Lulu, 1917–2020, thank you for sharing your wonderful Provençal recipes and Bandol wines with the world. https://www.i...

Provencal bean soup with chicken?

by josephnl 10 years ago

I am enamored of the Provencal bean soup mix that has previously been marketed under the Bean Cuisine label. The mix included beans and herbs to which other fresh ingredients were added and cooked...

Chicane -- dreadful fail at Provencal food...avoid

by Simon 6 years ago

We tried this for a light supper... - Clueless staff (we arrived a little after 6pm and the hostess said "We don't start serving food til 6, so it'll be a while before the kitchen opens!" -- me...

Ideas for Provencal main dish?

by ChervilGeorge 7 years ago

I'm attending a dinner party with a Provençal theme and am assigned the main dish. Would love some ideas. Only caveat is no seafood. Serious bummer but there are a couple attendees that won't touc...

Americans are getting a bad reputation at Provencal restaurants

by sderham 7 years ago

Yesterday I made a reservation for clients at my favorite restaurant. The owner (who I know well) asked me to PLEASE make sure that the clients call to cancel if they decide not to come. She said ...

Tomato Provencal

by AuntieJen 8 years ago

While dining out last week I chose Tomato Provencal as my side dish option. I'm afraid to say I've never had it before so I asked the waitress how it is prepared (OK - I'm probably the only perso...

Provencal degustation - wine pairing help

by mandarin 8 years ago

I am preparing a 7 course Provencal inspired meal and after some help with wine pairings. I have ideas about style of wine (feedback appreciated) as well as any particular brands/suggestions would ...

Provencal Fish Soup

by AGM_Cape_Cod 8 years ago

My mother loves the pureed kind of fish soup that is served with croutons, rouille and cheese. I have been looking for a recipe since I would like to make it for her on Mother's Day. Anyone have a ...

The Provencal Table Linens Man at SD Farmers' Mkt?

by pickypicky 9 years ago

Have you seen the man who used to sell French table linens at Little Italy and Hillcrest Farmers' Mkts? He also had a shop in Old Town, which is no longer there. Any tips appreciated. (and if no...

Zweifel Provencale Chips

by exquisite 9 years ago

I've been looking to buy Zweifel Provencale Chips. I tried it Switzerland and can't forget the flavour. Does anyone know if it's sold in Canada/US? I also wouldn't mind buying it online (if I c...

mystery Provencal brandy--can you help?

by drdawn 12 years ago

Took my aunt to a Provencal restaurant in Paris and had a wonderful desert based on a rum baba using a Provencal brandy. I asked the waiter the name of the brandy, and, having a serious translation...

help! daube provencal with too-strong wine! can it be rescued?

by heidipie 11 years ago

Oh dear! Four pounds of beautiful meat and a bottle of Napa Cabernet did not make good friends in my pot yesterday! It taste so harsh and winey, even the carrots. Is there anything I can do to fix ...

Calamari Provencale

by groover808 11 years ago

I've had this wonderful calamari dish at Taps a few times. It's calamari in this yummy sauce of worcestershire, tobasco, lemon, butter, and tons of garlic! I know they have a version at Scott's Sea...

Provencal Cookbook Recommendation?

by scottbowling 12 years ago

Hi everybody, I'm interested in learning about Provencal cooking, its flavors, techniques, etc. Could anyone recommend a book, website, or something that would be a good place to start? Th...

Julia's Gratin de Pommes de Terre Provencal?

by ffg 12 years ago

Has anyone out there made Julia Child's Gratin de Pommes de Terre Provencal from Mastering the Art of French Cooking? It's subtitle is Scalloped Potatoes with Onions, Tomatoes, Anchovies, and Garl...

Looking for the perfect provencal fish soup

by cjd260 12 years ago

So when I was 16 I had a few bad reactions to shellfish, got tested by an allergist and was told that I could never have shellfish again. Many years later - last month, actually - I got re-tested ...

Pasta to accompany Beef Provencale

by bakerboyz 12 years ago

Can anyone give me a suggestion for an interesting pasta or other dish to go with Beef Provencale. I have dinner for 4 being prepared (that I won at an auction) but I invited 2 extra people and nee...

Le Provencal - Coral Gables

by Frodnesor 13 years ago

Le Provencal, on the west end of Miracle Mile facing out on Le Jeune Road, has been around for about as long as I can recall (and I've regularly visited, lived or worked in the Gables on and off fo...

Where for Provençal olive oil?

by poot 12 years ago

Please recommend your favorite French olive oil and tell me where to buy it. San Francisco locations preferred.

Review-Le Provencal

by doberlady 12 years ago

9 of us went for dinner this past Saturday. Included in that 9 were my 3 year old,12 and 9 year olds. We had a great round corner table and there was a high chair waiting for us at the table. I c...