The Ultimate Guide to Charcuterie

From humble beginnings often come magnificent ends. Case in point: charcuterie. You might have a vague sense that charcuterie refers to “sausages and things;” you might even be aware of how to pronounce...

Prosciutto Ends?

Little Cupcake
by Little Cupcake 14 years ago

I picked up some prosciutto ends as an impulse buy at the Italian deli. Now what should I do with these???

What's the latest word on electric food slicers? Are there reasonably priced ones that "cut it"? (see what i did there?)

by CoreyCooker 1 year ago

the threads dealing with electric food slicers on here are pretty old. have slicers yet reached a critical mass where home use priced ones aren't terrible?

How long can I hang a 500g prosciutto?

by billy198621 2 years ago

I've made a 500g prosciutto (pork belly) I cured it in salt and herbs for 36 hours and now I am hanging it in my refrigerator for the next 6 weeks or until it loses about 30% of its water content.....

Mail order prosciutto bone?

by Westy 3 years ago

Quite a few soup recipes call for a prosciutto bone. Italian delis with whole prosciutto are pretty rare here in NC. Does anyone know of an on-line resource? A quick google search picked up nothing...

Genoa salami vs. hard salami, and prosciutto opinions

by Big Bad Voodoo Lou 16 years ago

What is the difference between genoa salami and hard salami? I know genoa usually has the little peppercorns, but other than that, I find them very similar-tasting. I usually buy the cheap vacuum...

Fig and Prosciutto Apps - Questions

by amsuka 3 years ago

Hey chow-minds, simple queries here! Making appetizers for dinner party: fresh fig, bocconcini, basil, wrapped in prosciutto. I am considering adding a drizzle of honey, and/or some crushed pistac...

Do you have to cook prosciutto?

by fldhkybnva 8 years ago

I have some La Quercia prosciutto Americano that I'd like to use either in a salad or an omelet. Do you have to cook it? It seems to have strnads of fat similar to bacon which is usually cooked to...

Boars Head Prosciutto Question

by rshenderson 12 years ago

I love prosciutto di parma but it can be really expensive. I've recently been getting the domestic version, most of which is really good. Then I tried Boar's Head prosciutto piccolo. It was pret...

What to do with a lot of prosciutto

by Siegal 5 years ago

The distributer accidentally delivered us a leg?? Of prosciutto. I took home 75% of it. I don't have a deli slicer at home. How do I store this? I live in south Florida so it's hot. How long will i...

What to do with prosciutto?

by alfredck 7 years ago

I picked up some prosciutto at Benton’s Smoky Mountain Country Hams, Madisonville, Tenn. http://www.nytimes.com/2010/05/23/t-magazine/23talk-pork-t.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0 Since you can onl...

Best prosciutto in South Bay/Bay Area

by kmzizzle 6 years ago

Currently living in San Jose and was wondering where I could get the best fresh (non-packaged) proscuitto in the Bay Area within reason (i.e. Rather not drive all the way to like SF just to get it)...

Epic prosciutto fail..

by Coribdx 6 years ago

I was thrilled to find 1 pound of prosciutto in the deli case at my supermarket . It was marked 50% off . So thinking that I was getting the deal of the century I bought it . When I got home I...


by CampySD 6 years ago

This heat is making me crave prosciutto and melon. Where do you get ultra-thin sliced prosciutto - without having to explain to slice it correctly? Whole Foods has done well in the past, but I'm a...

Making Prosciutto!

by LocalFreshOrganic 13 years ago

I have just completed salting my 2nd leg of fresh, wild boar from Carmel Valley and it has been dry hanging for 7 days after 1 month of salt curing. My first go round went well, and the meat was t...

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