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Prix fixe: love it or hate it? Chowhounds discuss their best and worst experiences with fixed-price menus and restaurants. Ask the community about deals and options, or share your own thoughts.

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Affordable dining in NYC

by oh_lol 4 years ago

Hi all, I am back in NYC with a few friends in tow and they are wanting to be introduced into the world of food! (I'm so excited to convert them!) The only issue is because they are starting o...

Amazing tiny foodie restaurant in Kyoto- Nakamura

by laurag2 5 years ago

Nakamura may have been one of the hardest to find restaurants in Kyoto but it was worth every walk around the block. We went to Kikunoi the night before and enjoyed this meal twice as much. We were...

Momofuku Ko bar menu?

by sgordon 4 years ago

So I noticed that Momofuku Ko is now offering a shorter prix fixe bar menu for walk-ins - $75 or $90 for 5 or 6 courses. Anyone tried it yet? Mostly curious if it really adds up to a "meal" or just...

Charged full price instead of prix fixe - what would you do

by governator 4 years ago

It's no biggie, but ... Last Saturday my wife and I had dinner at a small french restaurant in Manhattan. I didn't find out they had a prix fixe menu until I got back home in the burbs and w...

Three-course Lunch Menu @ A16 | Marina - San Francisco

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

After a trying Wednesday morning, I needed a comfortable place to chill out for lunch and a good glass of wine before diving back in. I ran down the street to A16 and managed to slide in before lun...

One Night in Chicago - Alinea, Tru, Grace, or?

by irishmom 5 years ago

I have planned one night in Chicago (in June) and would like to choose the best possible dining experience for my husband's birthday. Preferences: We dined at Tru about 11 years ago and loved ...

Comida Corrida @ La Gran Chiquita in Richmond?

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

Driving down 23rd Street in Richmond yesterday evening, I noticed the sandwich board on the sidewalk in front of La Gran Chiquita promoting Comida Corrida. It offered guisado (stewy meat), sopa (so...

Restaurant Au Plat du Jour | Reims

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

My October visit to Reims started rather poorly, foodwise, with an indifferent kebap place. http://www.chowhound.com/post/listanbul-reims-france-1026503 Things started to look up with the next...

Good $49 Prix-Fixe at Cadence

by tjinsf 5 years ago

Just got done with a round of trying the new places that have opened in the last few months and Cadence's prix-fixe was the stand-out in terms of price and food. Also liked the food at Volta a lot ...

Lunch in Boston/Cambridge/brookline

by hungryhoneybee 5 years ago

Hi, I am looking for a decently priced prix fixe lunch ($15-30 or so if possible) in Boston, Cambridge, or Brookline. Ideally a steak or American restaurant although Thai or Chinese would work too....

Masseria by Nicholas Stefanelli Italian near Union Station

Worldwide Diner
by Worldwide Diner 5 years ago

This newcomer by the former chef of Bibiana came in as the third favorite in Tom Seitsema's 2015 fall dining guide. I love Italian food, and I love interesting menus, so not checking this place ou...

Prefix Lunch at JG, Bernardin, Nomad, Del Posto, same quality as Dinner?

by Torolover 5 years ago

I planning on going to Jean Georges Nougatine, La Bernadine City Harvest, Nomad, and Del Posto for their lunch prix fixe deals. I'm curious is their prix fixe lunch the same quality and portion ...

NYE - Prix-fixe

by Nean524 5 years ago

Know of any restaurants doing a Prix-fixe menu for NYE? Looking for something close to/in Center City.

Suggestions for Unique Asian Birthday Dinner in NYC

by rose123 5 years ago

Looking for a recommendation for a birthday dinner in NYC for 2--possibly with tasting or prix-fixe menu, but open to anything. Want to spend $300 total or less. Recent favorite meals include...

Best special occasion prix fixe menu?

by kathrynanne 5 years ago

My non-foodie husband and I our celebrating our anniversary in NYC. I know better than to subject him to way too many courses at Per Se or EMP. I know he'll appreciate a prix fixe more where he can...

A hidden 4-star in Prunedale

by Discerning1 5 years ago

Those of you who know where Prunedale (or Prunetucky, as locals call it) is, may be gasping at the thought of an epicurean restaurant in a strip mall. But, yes, Jim's Restaurant, near Burger King o...

Alder "Re-Launch" menu - now prix fixe

by ElizabethS 5 years ago

Just got an email from Alder - it looks like they're moving towards a set 5 course menu ($65/$35 wine pairing). A la carte menu only available at the bar and patio. I wonder if it's because bus...

Petit Crenn opens Aug 11

by tre2012 5 years ago

7x7 newsflash: ....(Petit Crenn) a casual, all-day café with Stumptown coffee plus a breakfast and lunch full of pastries and omelettes. The centerpiece, though, is a five-course seafood-focused...

Steakhouse w/Prix Fixe menu

by jinglejangle 5 years ago

Hi, I'd like to treat my 23 year old nephew to his first NYC steakhouse for his birthday this Tuesday but don't want to break the bank. I know Ruth's Chris has a summer prix fixe menu between $44-$...

Lunch deal rec

by icorem 5 years ago

Hi all I'm looking for a lunch deal recommendation but I want a place that accept casual attire. I love Bouley deal but I can't stand the need for jacket and the snobby attitude. I love the Del ...