Private Room

Need some alone time while you dine? Perhaps with 10, or 40, of your closest friends? Let the Chowhounds guide you to the best spots in your town with private rooms for rent.


Small Wedding-Westchester

by DC9672 2 years ago

Looking to have an intimate wedding in/ around Westchester. Around 25 people. Can anyone suggest somewhere nice? Good food is important to us! Would love Italian but doesn’t matter. We thought abou...

Looking for a solid mid-range place in Brooklyn for 50 pax

by Agordo 2 years ago

Hi my girlfriend and I are eloping in early May. Afterwards comes the impossible task of hosting meals with various families. For my Haitian side (i'm all mixed up), I am looking for a place in Bro...

Armistice Day Dinner at Royal Feast in Millbrae

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

Last month a family member asked me to help her order from Chef Liu. I told her the best way was to just give him a budget, a couple days notice, and let him cook for us. Despite my 16+ year hi...

Chinese Restaurant w Private Room in SGV

by alicegreene 2 years ago

I'm planning office holiday luncheon and CEO wants Chinese (but not a "Chinese Seafood") restaurant with a private room that seats 10 or so. I see recommendations a couple of years old for Chang's ...

Group dinner in NOLA

by sammyo 2 years ago

Looking for a place that could reserve a private room for about a dozen 30 year olds celebrating a bachelor party. Near or in the Quarter would be great.

Relaxed private room for 75-100

by jaba 6 years ago

Hi all - I'm putting together an evening networking get-together for about 75-100 physicians, ideally near the Westin Harbour Castle. It should be somewhere relaxed with drinks and hopefully decen...

Looking for resto private room for early dinner for 20-25 - $30 ish - Decarie area

by HeathClifff 2 years ago

As an alternative to hosting a gathering at a relative's house for the reception after the ceremony at the cemetary at 4pm for my mother, who died a year ago, I thought of organizing an early dinne...

30 person birthday party private room

by NSL 3 years ago

Good afternoon! I've been scouring the internet for the last couple days but I'm hoping for a little bit more targeted information. I'm planning my best friend's 45th birthday part the Saturday b...

Rehearsal dinner in Bucks County area

by kirashka 3 years ago

Looking for a place to hold a rehearsal dinner in Bucks County area (around 40 people). Our hotel is in Doylestown, but we could go to New Hope, Newtown, Richboro, upper NE, or surrounding areas. ...

Unique Dining Experience

by cma1 3 years ago

Hi All - Interested in a unique, special, upscale/ fine dining experience to celebrate a client anniversary. Partial to private dining. Thanks is advance for any suggestions!

In search of a private venue...

by zook 4 years ago

I am looking for a venue to host a dinner for approximately 60 people of all ages and tastes. Ideally it would be on the strip or nearby as most guests will be from out of town. Cost is not a con...

San Diego - small private dining rooms

by RockyMtnWaffle 3 years ago

Hello San Diego - I'm looking for suggestions for restaurants that have small private rooms - for 6 - 10 people. My dining/book discussion group is looking for new ideas. I've googled "SD restauran...

Looking for a great Baltimore Restaurant for 30-35

by larspeart 3 years ago

Greetings to all my wonderful Chowhounders! I host a dinner at an annual conference (that takes place in a different city every year) and it is in Baltimore this year. This is for my firm's top-t...

30th Birthday Party Spot in Montgomery County, PA

by katiebaby123 3 years ago

Hi Looking for a great place to throw a 30th Birthday party in Montgomery County, PA. I am looking for a loft space/ or outdoor space/ or private room with a bar. I really want something casual, wi...

50th Birthday party venue

by ddsfoodie 3 years ago

Dear Chowhound, Im looking for a private party venue for 100-125 people where I can have a dj, appetizers, and open bar in the San Fernando Valley or downtown, LA or No Ho area. Anyone have any rec...

Yikes... Need restaurant for large family with some strict vegetarians as well as carnivores

by BullfrogDC 3 years ago

Yikes!!! Need Philadelphia restaurant to accommodate 14 people on a Friday night May 18th (graduation dinner) six of whom are vegetarians and another 6 who are big foodies. Nothing crazy expensive....

Fun Restaurant/Bar with a Private room near STL

by Gretchen 4 years ago

We are hosting a team meeting at a hotel near the St Louis airport in a few weeks and are looking for suggestions a nice place nearby where we could get together with good drinks and decent food. W...

Suggestions for a Memorial dinner in the Portland area

by Samurai 4 years ago

In late July I will be coming to Portland (from San Francisco) to host a memorial dinner for my mother-in-law (who recently passed away). She had family in Portland. I am expecting 15-20 people to ...

Looking for an affordable restaurant in Montreal for a party with a private room for 60 people

by sarijl 4 years ago

Looking for an affordable restaurant in Montreal for a party with a private room for 60 people. Preferably something special. I know there are hidden gems in the city, please help me find it.!

Next Door to Mulvaney's B&L | Midtown - Sacramento

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 5 years ago

Wednesday evening I was a guest at a reception at the "Next Door" event space operated by Mulvaney's Building & Loan in Sacramento. I liked the feel and flow of the venue very much so wanted to men...