Private Room

Need some alone time while you dine? Perhaps with 10, or 40, of your closest friends? Let the Chowhounds guide you to the best spots in your town with private rooms for rent.

Looking for a great Baltimore Restaurant for 30-35

by larspeart 2 months ago

Greetings to all my wonderful Chowhounders! I host a dinner at an annual conference (that takes place in a different...


masha commented 2 months ago

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30th Birthday Party Spot in Montgomery County, PA

by katiebaby123 2 months ago

Hi Looking for a great place to throw a 30th Birthday party in Montgomery County, PA. I am looking for a loft space/ ...

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50th Birthday party venue

by ddsfoodie 3 months ago

Dear Chowhound, Im looking for a private party venue for 100-125 people where I can have a dj, appetizers, and open b...

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Fun Restaurant/Bar with a Private room near STL

by Gretchen 5 months ago

We are hosting a team meeting at a hotel near the St Louis airport in a few weeks and are looking for suggestions a n...

Suggestions for a Memorial dinner in the Portland area

by Samurai 6 months ago

In late July I will be coming to Portland (from San Francisco) to host a memorial dinner for my mother-in-law (who re...


stevewi commented 6 months ago

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Looking for an affordable restaurant in Montreal for a party with a private room for 60 people

by sarijl 6 months ago

Looking for an affordable restaurant in Montreal for a party with a private room for 60 people. Preferably something ...

Next Door to Mulvaney's B&L | Midtown - Sacramento

by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

Wednesday evening I was a guest at a reception at the "Next Door" event space operated by Mulvaney's Building & Loan ...


gooster commented 6 months ago

Best place for a banquet in Philly Chinatown?

by pichincha 6 months ago

I am organizing a dinner in banquet in August for 40 hungry conference attendees and want to find a good place in Phi...


Unkle Al commented 6 months ago

Post-elopement dinner for 10 in Manhattan

by fowlers0 8 months ago

Hello! My fiancee and I just decided to cancel our big October wedding and have a small ceremony in Central Park on D...


LNG212 commented 8 months ago

In search of a private venue...

by zook 11 months ago

I am looking for a venue to host a dinner for approximately 60 people of all ages and tastes. Ideally it would be on...


zook commented 9 months ago

Private Room Yonge & Dundas

by Mushka 11 months ago

I am looking for a private room to host a business dinner meeting for about 12 on a Sunday night. Yonge/Church and Du...


franpelyk commented 11 months ago

Looking for a restaurant recommendation for a group

by 6orkit 11 months ago

I am looking for a fun place with good food (most important!) for a group about 30. Preferably a private room - but d...


hotoynoodle commented 11 months ago

SGV Private Dining/Chinese Buffet Recs

by noahbites 11 months ago

A lot of the posts for SGV banquet dining are a few years old at this point... I'm looking for somewhere with grea...


beeceeinla commented 11 months ago

Best Prix Fixe Under $50

by zeroencounter 11 months ago

Hi everyone, I am in charge of coordinating a bachelorette dinner for a group of 10 girls in a city I haven't live...


Steve commented 11 months ago

80th Birthday Restaurants

by WestsideLisa 12 months ago

We are taking my mom from Los Angeles to Chicago (to visit family) for her 80th birthday. I am looking for 2 restaura...


WestsideLisa commented 12 months ago

Restaurant for Private Event

by luckycaren 1 year ago

Looking for a cute restaurant with a private area/room for about 15-20 people. Nothing too fancy, maybe in the $25/pe...


IcemanLA commented 1 year ago

Group/Private dinner buffet in San Francisco

by EB_picurean 1 year ago

Next month, in July, at least a dozen friends want to send off a diplomat who works for the Philippine consulate in S...


sarafinadh commented 1 year ago

Skyview Noodle & Tea | Old Town Pittsburg

by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

Yesterday I had an appointment in the far East Bay. It's been a couple years since I was last near the Delta and it w...

Melanie Wong

Melanie Wong commented 1 year ago