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How many pounds of prime rib per person?

by Westy 4 years ago

Hello - Thinking of ordering a prime rib for a family fathering. How many pounds should I bank on per person? Als...


johncameron commented 11 days ago

What are the Best Prime Rib Spots in Dallas area?

by matt4200 15 days ago

Going out to Dallas soon I LOVE Prime Rib, I'm definitely hitting Lawry's, what are the other Best Prime Rib spots in...


matt4200 commented 12 days ago

Non-Steakhouse Steaks in Nassau County on Long Island

by Gastronomos 1 month ago

I grew up on boneless ribeyes. They were, at that time, labeled boneless ribeye steaks or Delmonico steaks or Center-...


harry2005 commented 27 days ago

Leftover beef rib bones

by HBGigi 6 years ago

What, if anything, do you do with the bones left over after you've finished the meat from a standing rib roast? I ha...


goingon commented 1 month ago

Retro Steakhouse

by Booboo731 2 months ago

I'm looking for a great retro steakhouse in Chicagoland (that includes the suburbs!). Remember the kind that was you...


Booboo731 commented 2 months ago

Prepare ribeye steak like prime rib?

by rp17 2 months ago

All the ribeyes at my grocery store today were enormous - about 2" thick and 1.7 pounds. For our usual 1.5" thick on...


Prof_Marco commented 2 months ago

Low-temp prime rib roasting (Cook's Illustrated recipe etc.)

by Robert Lauriston 11 years ago

This is discussed in several topics, since it's such a different method from the usual ~350 degrees I thought I'd sta...


jvarbel commented 2 months ago

Difference between ribs 1-3 or 4-7 on a standing rib roast?

by hungryinmanhattan 5 years ago

I am buying my first standing rib roast. I see it is available at ribs 1-3 or 4-7. Can someone tell me which to buy a...


beef_man commented 2 months ago

PRIME RIB? Where is cheapest and best? Raw, I mean.

by oakjoan 9 years ago

I've used the search engine to no avail looking for places to buy prime rib for Christmas dinner. I thought I'd seen...

Civil Bear commented 5 months ago

Self-Catering an event - tips? Recipes?

by yumcha 9 years ago

I am having an event that I would also like to cook for. It should be for around 70 people. I'd like to be able t...


acgold7 commented 5 months ago

Help Cooking 6 lb Prime Rib

by matt4200 10 months ago

Hi, So I'm cooking a 6lb boneless Prime Rib for a small family gathering tonight. We picked up a 6lb boneless Prim...


cekkk commented 6 months ago

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Pape Meat Co | Millbrae

by Melanie Wong 7 months ago

Until this week, I'd never managed to darken the doors of Pape Meat Company even though it was founded in 1958. I was...

Any "inexpensive" prime rib?

by Fida 7 months ago

Sorry - likely this is delusional. I was thinking of when, as a child, there used to be a restaurant where prime rib...


Blumie commented 7 months ago

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Prime rib roast online

by jalam 8 months ago

Trying to dry age multiple full prime rib roasts at home, been looking for reasonably priced store to buy the meat. C...

Does low and slow work as well for NY Strip roast (top loin) as it does for Prime Rib?

by overthinkit 5 years ago

I'm having 12 people for dinner. Everyone likes med-rare. I have 10 lb whole strip. I'm a firm believer in the 20...

ninrn commented 9 months ago

Prime Rib Roast Successes and Disasters....

by fourunder 6 years ago

It's the day after Christmas 2011, and I'm reading about the disasters, both the less than desired and failed results...


fourunder commented 9 months ago

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Anchor Tavern -- Belmar

by Barbarella 9 months ago

Saw that this place has prime rib on Thursday nights. Has always been a fav of mine. Anyone been and was it worth it...

Standing Rib Roast ; Another Vote For "low and slow"

by Craiglv 6 years ago

I've cooked 2 or 3 standing rib roasts for Christmas dinner for well over 10 years now. I typically buy 2-3 roasts f...


Craiglv commented 10 months ago

Roasting a prime rib. What are your tricks/hints?

by Bonniexx 10 months ago

I got a new roast pan and rack for Chanukah so I'm going to break it in with a prime rib using a Cook's Country recip...


ferret commented 10 months ago

Calling all CH meat experts: why was my rib roast mushy?

by sparkareno 7 years ago

I made a choice rib roast for Easter on my Weber (which I have done many times) kettle over indirect heat. Rubbed wit...


mick10 commented 10 months ago