Pressure Cooking

Believe the Hype: An Instant Pot Is Worth Getting

You're probably familiar with all the things the Instant Pot promises by now. Pot roast in about 45 minutes. Perfect hard-boiled eggs. Tender ribs and pulled pork in a flash. Cheesecake with no cracks...

Cooking From Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbooks, Part 4

by DuffyH 1 year ago

Please join us in cooking with your electric pressure cooker and posting about your experiences here. You can cook from any book or any recipe and any model or kind of pressure cooker, but please n...

Need pressure cooker advice NOW. Anyone on who knows how to cook with them?

by vvv03 8 years ago

I'm trying out my pressure cooker for the first time today. I'm currently making dried pinto beans and ham hocks. All the recipes call for about 55 mins of high pressure, but I soaked mine overnig...

Pressure Cooking Chicken Then Grilling It? Has Anyone Done This?

by ThaiYouUpLongTime 5 months ago

I make some DELISH grilled chicken leg quarters (legs and thighs still connected). So incredibly juicy and delicious. The only thing I don't like is babying the grill for like 40 minutes. I was thi...

Instant Pot disappointment

by mcintoro 2 years ago

Is the instant pot for people who are too busy to make a stew on the stove or is it truly a great addition to the kitchen? I have made three very different recipes in the pot. They all looked gre...

Cooking From Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbooks, Part 3

by DuffyH 2 years ago

Please join us in cooking with your electric pressure cooker and posting about your experiences here. You can cook from any book or any recipe and any model or kind of pressure cooker, but please n...

Instant Pot Soup

by bxgirl 12 months ago

I would like to make a meatless, mushroom and barley soup. The recipes that I am considering all have meat. Would I need to reduce the cooking time of a recipe that contains meat if I leave meat ou...

Power Pressure Cooker XL help

by anniam 12 months ago

I've had a Power Pressure cooker xl for a year and I haven't used it. There are all kinds of recipes and blogs for the Instant Pot but not much for the PPC. Is there something out there that conver...

Loooong forgotten beef tenderloin roast

by CookingChemicalEngineer 1 year ago

Hi All, I found in my deep freeze a ~ 4 pound beef tenderloin roast dated about 3.5 years ago. It looks to have a bit of freezerburn (not deep) on one tip and I plan to trim that off. It is curre...

Corned Beef with Tri Tip

by ktk 1 year ago

I had convinced myself that tri tip had similar course, stringy grain as brisket and i could do as much or as little fat as I wanted by trimming bulk, unpeeled tri tips that were on sale for $1.99 ...

Help me fall in love with my Instant Pot

by bblonde 2 years ago

(I tried to search the CH website for IP ideas but something must've gone wrong with my search as it only yielded 35 results and not very much info. If you have better success, please just post th...

Pork Vindaloo - less fatty

by michaeljc70 1 year ago

I really like Pork Vindaloo. I find that when I use pork shoulder, even well trimmed, it is very fatty. I know that is the nature of pork shoulder. If I make it a day in advance, I can remove the...

Very thin, fairly lean pork belly--How to cook?

by ninrn 1 year ago

Hi, I know that someone asked this question before, but all the answers seem to have been referring to thinly sliced pork belly and not pork belly that's just thin. I have some pieces of fairly ...

I need pressure cooking help

by blueberry pig 13 years ago

I got a 5-qt. Kuhn Rikon pressure cooker recently and think it's great except that when I make things with thicker sauces (chili and curry) more often than not the bottom gets really scorched. I h...

How to cook Premium Japanese Rice with Instant Pot - Electric Pressure Cooker

by ymaz108 5 years ago

Since I got my Instant Pot IP-Duo60, I have tried numerous methods/combinations to cook my Japanese rice, which is pretty different than your regular grocery store bought brands, like Botan or Nish...

Cooking from Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbooks. Part 2

by DuffyH 3 years ago

Because the original thread has gotten exceedingly long, it's time to split it. Below are the guidelines TDQ set out, and a link back to Part 1. Please join me in cooking with your electric pre...

Tried and true electric pressure cooker recipes

by VFish 2 years ago

Hello, I am new to Chowhound, started in the cookware section trying to figure out new cookware. I am also new to my 6 qt. Instant Pot Ultra and I've started looking up some recipes. I am wo...

Le Creuset Dutch Oven vs Breville The Fast Slow Pro

by RaptorsTV 3 years ago

Currently, I only own a LC Skillet and a LC Saucepan. I was set on buying the LC Dutch Oven until I learned about Pressure Cookers. As much as I like the Pressure Cooker, however, I am a bit hesita...

Any really good 'instant pot' type recipes for a Boxing Day party?

by tonifi 2 years ago

If you ...just happened...to know that you were getting an electric countertop pressure cooker (that's kind of the same thing as these 'instant pots, right?) for Christmas, and you also just happen...

Steamed vegetables in Instant Pot turn our poorly

by learntocookchinese 3 years ago

I've steamed a bunch of vegetables -- green beans, Chinese celery, Komatsuna, etc -- and they all turn out poorly. Somehow they become the same unappetizing shade of green and even have the same ge...

Instant Pot Techniques and Recipes

by Brawny 2 years ago

I have looking through the cooking methods to find nothing listed for Instant Pot. I believe that would be a great new addition to your forum. I realize you have "pressure cooking" but The Insta...