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Very thin, fairly lean pork belly--How to cook?

by ninrn 22 days ago

Hi, I know that someone asked this question before, but all the answers seem to have been referring to thinly slic...


acgold7 commented 21 days ago

I need pressure cooking help

by blueberry pig 12 years ago

I got a 5-qt. Kuhn Rikon pressure cooker recently and think it's great except that when I make things with thicker sa...


SMS45 commented 1 month ago

How to cook Premium Japanese Rice with Instant Pot - Electric Pressure Cooker

by ymaz108 3 years ago

Since I got my Instant Pot IP-Duo60, I have tried numerous methods/combinations to cook my Japanese rice, which is pr...


damoose commented 3 months ago

Instant Pot disappointment

by mcintoro 8 months ago

Is the instant pot for people who are too busy to make a stew on the stove or is it truly a great addition to the kit...


vjtaylor commented 4 months ago

Cooking from Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbooks. Part 2

by DuffyH 1 year ago

Because the original thread has gotten exceedingly long, it's time to split it. Below are the guidelines TDQ set out,...


TorontoJo commented 4 months ago

Help me fall in love with my Instant Pot

by bblonde 8 months ago

(I tried to search the CH website for IP ideas but something must've gone wrong with my search as it only yielded 35 ...


TorontoJo commented 5 months ago

Tried and true electric pressure cooker recipes

by VFish 9 months ago

Hello, I am new to Chowhound, started in the cookware section trying to figure out new cookware. I am also new to...


Nannybakes commented 5 months ago

Le Creuset Dutch Oven vs Breville The Fast Slow Pro

by RaptorsTV 1 year ago

Currently, I only own a LC Skillet and a LC Saucepan. I was set on buying the LC Dutch Oven until I learned about Pre...


drrayeye commented 8 months ago

Any really good 'instant pot' type recipes for a Boxing Day party?

by tonifi 8 months ago

If you ...just happened...to know that you were getting an electric countertop pressure cooker (that's kind of the sa...


Njchicaa commented 8 months ago

Steamed vegetables in Instant Pot turn our poorly

by learntocookchinese 2 years ago

I've steamed a bunch of vegetables -- green beans, Chinese celery, Komatsuna, etc -- and they all turn out poorly. So...


DuffyH commented 8 months ago

Instant Pot Techniques and Recipes

by Brawny 12 months ago

I have looking through the cooking methods to find nothing listed for Instant Pot. I believe that would be a great ...


DuffyH commented 9 months ago

Sweet Potatoes with Bacon?

by DuffyH 9 months ago

Hi everyone, Because I hate that cloying sweet potato casserole, I'm always looking for ways to change things up b...


rasputina commented 9 months ago

Instant Pot - Boneless Turkey Roast

by Veggigal 2 years ago

Has anyone here tried making a boneless turkey roast in an Instant Pot? I can find recipes for a Turkey Breast. But...


DuffyH commented 1 year ago

Good East Asian recipes done in a pressure cooker?

by ninrn 1 year ago

I know there are lots of South Asian recipes that call for or can be adapted to a pressure cooker. Are there any good...


lilham commented 1 year ago

Best Pressure Cooker Recipes?

by Intothedish 1 year ago

Hi! I'm a newbie to this site, so hope I'm doing this right. I am the proud owner of a new pressure cooker. Unfortu...


DuffyH commented 1 year ago

Pressure Cooker vs Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Shoulder

by amyofescobar 1 year ago

*Any quick info appreciated! Trying to feed a crowd this week* I need to figure out if I should be using a pressure ...


DuffyH commented 1 year ago

Cooking from Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbooks

by The Dairy Queen 3 years ago

In my perpetual pursuit of expedient and efficient deliciousness, I recently splurged and bought an Instant Pot 7-in-...


DuffyH commented 1 year ago

Need pressure cooker advice NOW. Anyone on who knows how to cook with them?

by vvv03 6 years ago

I'm trying out my pressure cooker for the first time today. I'm currently making dried pinto beans and ham hocks. Al...


mcjoex commented 1 year ago

Adapting Recipes for Instant Pot

by arielleeve 2 years ago

I just got an Instant Pot and am already in love. Would love to start using it to cook chili. My go-to recipe is the ...


Shrinkrap commented 2 years ago

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