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12 Summer Instant Pot Recipes for When It's Too Hot to Cook

Spring doesn't officially end for another month, but Memorial Day signals the unofficial start of summer, and soon it'll be getting hot. No-cook recipes will come in handy, but when you want something...

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Thinking about a pressure cooker

by danhole 12 years ago

After reading all the threads about pressure cookers, and seeing an episode of Always Cooking with Prudhomme, I now think that might be a good thing to try. Especially since it get so darn hot in H...

Oiling the pressure cooker gasket

by FelafelBoy 12 years ago

I was told that the gasket for a pressure cooker should be oiled so as to extend its life. Have such pc users found this to be the case, and if so, how often should they be oiled? I am findin...

Pressure cooker newbie - a question

by azhotdish 12 years ago

I got a 8qt Presto Pro pressure cooker for by birthday, and tried it out tonight with 3 lbs choice short ribs. For the liquid I used 1cup beef broth and 1cup orange juice and also added a 1/2 cup ...


by mariacarmen 13 years ago

At the risk of infuriating everyone, does anyone think it's possible to take a recipe for pulled pork - an oven recipe of 6-8 hours that i pulled off a chowhound post - and adapt it for a pressure ...

Height Level for Food and Liquid in a Pressure Cooker

by FelafelBoy 12 years ago

I know that pressure cookers should only be filled half way for a liquid, and 3/4 for food, but what if the cook is adding food TO a liquid, such as in making a soup? Which height level applies? ...

Black bean soup in pressure cooker

by pescetarian 12 years ago

Tis the season for soup, and I've been thinking about pulling my pressure cooker (which I've primarily used for canning) out of the basement. I am confused on how to use the pressure cooker for a s...

TVP for chili in a pressure cooker

by FelafelBoy 12 years ago

TVP can be added to the rest of a chili mixture during cooking during which time the hot liquid will cook the fragile TVP. I used to put the TVP in some hot water where the water was absorbed to a ...

pressure cooker [moved from General Chowhounding Topics]

by mariekeac 12 years ago

I just saw a really good deal on a pressure cooker. I have never used a pressure cooker in my life, but my brazillian friends say they pretty much use them for anything! What are the best things t...

Pressure Cooker Cookbook

by Candy 12 years ago

Have a new pressure cooker that I love. The slow cooker will go to some needy soul. What I am looking for is a good pressure cooker cookbook. I've seen mention of the Lorna Sass book and that it is...

Fagor Pressure Cooker/Canner

by Candy 13 years ago

Retails at $169. Amazon has it in the Friday sale today for $29.99 and free shipping. 12 pieces in all. I could not resist.

Is Pressure Cooker for amateurs?

by RunBe4UFly 13 years ago

Is it? Since it cooks beyond the normal boiling point, it defeats the purpose of 'slow roasting' or 'brasing' where gentle and slow heat is desired. And did you notice the flavor is dull when me...

Pressure Cooker

by winechick 15 years ago

In true Chowhound fashion, my husband's anniversary gift request was for a 10 qt pressure cooker. I have to say, I was impressed with his first effort, Asian glazed spareribs, which were delicious ...

Presto Pressure Cookers [moved from General Chowhounding Topics]

by Janis 13 years ago

Does anyone know where I can find an old 6 qt. Cast Aluminum Presto Pressure Cooker. It's the best! I bought mine in 1970. My handle broke years ago, but I still use it as a sauce type pan. I w...

Food Blog about Pressure Cookers???

by bearzie 13 years ago

I know you can look up recipes which use a pressure cooker on the net but does anyone know of a food blog that deals almost exclusively with day to day cooking with a pressure cooker? There are so...

Emeril's Pressure Cooker

by Babs 13 years ago

Emeril cooked with a pressure cooker the other night. It didn't look like any I had ever seen. Actually didn't seem too "scarey". Anyone know what he was using? Thanks

pressure cooker in lieu of dutch oven

by traceybell 13 years ago

Well, Amazon can't fulfill my order for a staub dutch oven which makes me sad because it would have been so lovely to use, not to mention just look at. Since I don't want to pay full price for a St...

What else can I cook in a pressure cooker?

by OnceUponABite 13 years ago

Since I got this new gadget a few weeks back, I've made a pot of some stew every Sunday. I love it! But besides curries, and beef stew, what else can I make with it? Are there good pressure co...

Pressure Cookers - what do you use "low" pressure for?

by MikeG 13 years ago

I'm vaguely considering a PC and have noticed that some models only have one pressure setting - 15 PSI - which seems to correspond to the high pressure of two setting models. That seems to be the ...

Hurrah for Pressure Cookers

by jerry i h 13 years ago

I have now made peace with mine, and I enjoy using it on a regular basis. I can cook: chicken curry in 10 minutes, not 1 hour boston butt or chuck roast in 45 minutes, not 3-4 hours chicken o...

A pressure cooker convert!

by OnceUponABite 13 years ago

I have never owned one or used one. I was always scared they'd blow up and I'd be scarred for life! Anyways my husband got me one, and I used it for the first time yesterday. OMG, it is amazing!...

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