Pressure Cookers

What to Do with Your New Instant Pot

If you're wondering what to do with your new Instant Pot, first of all, congrats! Whether you scored a pressure cooker on deep discount for Prime Day or were gifted one by some kind friend or family...

Canning in an oil bath instead of a pressure cooker?

by piano boy 11 years ago

I've looked around but haven't found an answer to this one so maybe someone on here can help. I do a fair bit of canning with fruits and what-not but wanted to get into more serious stuff like f...

Lightweight pressure cooker?

Sid Post
by Sid Post 4 months ago

In the past, I have camped at altitudes that did not allow me to cook dry beans. Some days, canned chili "again" is a bit much and it would be nice to cook dry beans in a reasonable timeframe. An...

Cooking From Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbooks, Part 4

by DuffyH 3 years ago

Please join us in cooking with your electric pressure cooker and posting about your experiences here. You can cook from any book or any recipe and any model or kind of pressure cooker, but please n...

Is it possible to pressure fry at home?

by Dylan 17 years ago

Most people know that one of the "secrets" to KFC (personally, I'm a fine of the stuff) is the fact that they fry it in a pressure cooker. Now, an industrial pressure fryer is a pretty scary thing ...

Tried and true electric pressure cooker recipes

by VFish 4 years ago

Hello, I am new to Chowhound, started in the cookware section trying to figure out new cookware. I am also new to my 6 qt. Instant Pot Ultra and I've started looking up some recipes. I am wo...

Instantly Southern

Jim Leff
by Jim Leff 2 years ago

Surprised there’s been no discussion of “Instantly Southern: 85 Southern Favorites for Your Pressure Cooker, Multicooker, and Instant Pot” by Sheri Castle. It seems to be well regarded (and is curr...

Magefesa Nova Pressure Cooker

by droolingdoggie 1 year ago

Hi all: I am considering buying the Nova super-fast pressure cooker made by Magefesa in Spain. I searched through this forum and found that all threads were created a long time ago about older mode...

Need advice — Electric pressure cookers

by odkaty 1 year ago

Our Instant Pot (6qt duo) died just before it's 3rd birthday. I'm in the process of dealing with Instant Pot customer service ... but, before I go too much further, I want to step back and consider...

Anyone ever used popcorn shoots?

by emma_nuk 1 year ago

Watching Chopped. They had an unusual ingredient: popcorn shoots. Apparently they’re grown from the kernels you use to make popcorn. They’re sweet. And that’s all I know about them, except what I...

Your Best Instant Pot Recipes, Please

by ninrn 1 year ago

I got my niece an Instant Pot Duo for her birthday, and while she and her boyfriend give it the good old college try every single week, so far everything they’ve made is highly problematic—too mush...

My adopted Fagor MultiRapid

by TeresaWA 4 years ago

I jumped into the pressure cooker craze via buying a Fagor Elite 6 quart. I am fully in love. Not only is it a great cooker, the pan is probably my best performing piece of cookware On a treasu...

Air fryer

by learntocookchinese 2 years ago

I've been thinking about getting an 8 QT Instant Pot. (I have the 6 QT.) I've also been thinking about getting an air fryer. I see the Instant Pot Duo Crisp is both a pressure cooker and an air ...

Tagine Comparisons? Pressure cooker?

by Sigurd 2 years ago

I love the look of the Moroccan tagine(tajine) but I have no experience with them. Aside from the gorgeous shape (not a small consideration :) ), what is it like to cook with them? Can I achieve...

6-quart Instant Pot on flash sale at Cdn Tire - 4 days only

by lagatta_encore 2 years ago

If anyone is interested in a good price on a SMALL Instant Pot. In store only. (I have zero commercial relationship with Cdn Tire, have never even worked for them as an employee or contract worker).

Electric Pressure Cooker with Stainless Insert?

by jp96 11 years ago

I'm looking for an electric pressure cooker that does not have the nonstick insert. I would like stainless steel but I'm not sure if one exists. The Cuisinart has nonstick, and I believe the Fago...

Presto pressure cooker parts

by Fritz 2 years ago

Has anyone "resealed" their old Presto with parts kits available?

Need pressure cooker advice NOW. Anyone on who knows how to cook with them?

by vvv03 10 years ago

I'm trying out my pressure cooker for the first time today. I'm currently making dried pinto beans and ham hocks. All the recipes call for about 55 mins of high pressure, but I soaked mine overnig...

Pork Ribs in Pressure Cooker - a day ahead? HELP!

by JTPhilly 7 years ago

New to this PC thing probably should have used the slow cooker Defrosted a rack of pork rubs that I never got around to grilling on sunday - use it or loose it decided to try pressure cooker met...

Instant Pot vs. Stovetop Pressure Cooker - 2017

by btnfood 4 years ago

I've been a fan of pressure cooking since I first tried this method in the early 1990's. My first PC was a Cuisinart, then made in Belgium by Demeyere. I loved this model, but after many years of u...

Pressure Cooking Chicken Then Grilling It? Has Anyone Done This?

by ThaiYouUpLongTime 2 years ago

I make some DELISH grilled chicken leg quarters (legs and thighs still connected). So incredibly juicy and delicious. The only thing I don't like is babying the grill for like 40 minutes. I was thi...