Pressure Cookers

Pressure Cooker Unpeeled Mashed Potatoes

by blackpippi 11 days ago

When I make mashed potatoes I prefer to cook them in their skins then put them through a ricer. However they usuall...


sandylc commented 1 day ago

Tried and true electric pressure cooker recipes

by VFish 7 days ago

Hello, I am new to Chowhound, started in the cookware section trying to figure out new cookware. I am also new to...

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Pressure cooker braising - liquid level

by michaeljc70 4 months ago

Though I had a stove top pressure cooker I rarely used, I recently got an electric pressure cooker (Instant Pot) and ...

C. Hamster commented 4 days ago

Instant Pot Techniques and Recipes

by Brawny 3 months ago

I have looking through the cooking methods to find nothing listed for Instant Pot. I believe that would be a great ...

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Cooking from Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbooks. Part 2

by DuffyH 11 months ago

Because the original thread has gotten exceedingly long, it's time to split it. Below are the guidelines TDQ set out,...

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Is the Instant Pot Duo60 too big for me?

by chkarl7777 21 days ago

I was pretty much sold on getting an Instant Pot DUO60, but now I'm wondering if it might be too big for me. I'm jus...


Nannybakes commented 16 days ago

Can Tamales Be Steamed in the Pressure Cooker?

by Cherylptw 8 years ago

I want to make tamales but I don't have a steamer, instead I've steamed them before using a colander set in a large ...


M59 commented 22 days ago

Instant Pot Duo Mini 3 Qt

by Cam14 4 months ago

Amazon is showing a new addition to the Instant Pot lineup. A 3 quart. Looks like a nice size for side dishes, sma...

KitchenBarbarian commented 27 days ago

Recipes for 1.5 pound brisket in Instant Pot?

by pistachio peas 2 months ago

I have a 1.5 pound brisket in my freezer that I need to do something with, and soon. It was cut off from a giant 7 po...

DuffyH commented 1 month ago

Pressure cooker compared to low n' slow

by rgny 1 month ago

First off, yes I do own a pressure cooker. But I have some really basic questions about how it really works. I unders...

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Instant Pot vs. Other Pressure Cookers

by DebbiB 2 months ago

I'm new to Chowhound and and admit to being a very simple kind of cook. I'm trying to decide between getting an Inst...


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Help! Have I burned my pressure cooker??? Best cleaning method????

by topeater 3 years ago

I have a Fissler pressure cooker and I have an electric stove. I turned the heat way down for my dish, but after abou...


dshaw1_ commented 2 months ago

Pressure Cooker Whistles in Indian Recipes

by ninrn 5 years ago

Many Indian recipes indicate cooking time in a pressure cooker as "two whistles" or "three whistles". How does that ...

paulj commented 2 months ago

fagor duo pressure cooker - the yellow indicator doesn't come up

by mcquinn 4 years ago

I keep having the same problem w/my new Fagor Duo Pressure Cooker - the yellow indicator doesn't come up! after 15/20...


Jody Kenyon commented 2 months ago

Wolfgang Puck Pressure Oven

by Pipenta 4 years ago

The bastard child of a pressure cooker and a toaster oven. Might be really nifty, might be ridiculous. I'm wondering ...


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Stovetop pressure cooker in oven

by antihawk 11 months ago

Hi, all. I'm looking to buy my first pressure cooker. I'm eyeing the Kuhn Rikon stovetop model. I wondered if ...


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Severely Burnt pressure cooker

by vocaloide117 5 months ago

So recently I've just finished my final exams at secondary school and to celebrate me and my friends wanted to make a...


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What pressure cooker?

by judybird 8 months ago

For the first time in 50+ years of cooking, I'm ready to try a pressure cooker. We've done a fair bit of research, an...


Miss Priss commented 6 months ago

Is it possible to pressure fry at home?

by Dylan 13 years ago

Most people know that one of the "secrets" to KFC (personally, I'm a fine of the stuff) is the fact that they fry it ...

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