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Question about canning safety

by NonnieMuss 17 days ago

I'm in about my third year of canning - mostly jams, pickles, and salsa so far, but I have a soup recipe I'd love to ...

NonnieMuss commented 1 day ago

Jamming, Canning and Preserving 2017

by MmeFleiss 2 months ago

I just made my first batch for the year. My husband loves the pickled onions that he eats in London, so I decided to ...

NonnieMuss commented 2 months ago

Jam too thick - can it be saved?

by BobB 6 years ago

I made jam for the first time recently (from fresh sour cherries) and I while I followed the ingredient proportions p...


SquishyOtter commented 2 months ago

Ginger - Futurologists Take Note

by jounipesonen 7 months ago

I have diced fresh ginger into small bits. Packed a Ball jar full - and then continously poured in honey. It wa...


jounipesonen commented 3 months ago

What is the acid or pH level of hot peppers?

by Caralien 7 years ago

I'm (again) considering canning or somehow preserving the hot pepper bounty I have. It appears that low-acid foo...


iyksusie commented 3 months ago

Freezing Hard Boiled Eggs

by Pryderi 3 years ago

I have more eggs than I can eat, and I'm looking for a way to preserve them. I thought about hard boiling, peeling, ...

coll commented 4 months ago

Garlic-free zucchini preserves?

by beagles8mydough 9 months ago

I have a bounty of zucchini and very much want to preserve as much as I can. I will blanche and freeze some and will ...


beagles8mydough commented 4 months ago

Thai sweet preserved radish recipe

by frumgirl1 2 years ago

Can anyone help me out with a recipe for sweet preserved radish? I'd like this for making pad thai.

Pammellam commented 5 months ago

Salt-preserved lemons and food safety?

by bythebay 5 years ago

I tried to preserve some lemons a few weeks back, cutting them into fourths, putting salt in them, putting salt at th...


xiaobao12 commented 5 months ago

Preserved Lemons - Safe or Start Over?

by pantsmclee 2 years ago

Hi! I put up some preserved lemons (my first try!) in early May. After keeping the jars on the counter for a we...


xiaobao12 commented 5 months ago

Peach overload SOS

by swfood 11 months ago

I picked up an enormous basket--10+lbs-- of bargain "ice cream peaches" (e.g. some turning overripe) at the farmers m...


Querencia commented 6 months ago

Time to start a jar of Rumtopf

by eatingjoy 2 years ago This weekend kicks off pick your own strawberries in my neck of...

TastyReuben commented 6 months ago

preserving cherry peppers?

by Redbone 12 years ago

We have gorgeous peppers, and my husband loves that stuff you get in Italian delis--like for spreading. Any idea how...


yonza1 commented 7 months ago

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Freezing Candied Sage

by changingwoman 7 months ago

I have an abundance of fresh sage and would like to candy some for holiday gifts. Does anyone have actual experience...

Do you yuzu?

by valadelphia 8 months ago

I've got 5 pounds on the way. I have many recipes calling for it in Preserving the Japanese Way and Kansha: Celebrati...


valadelphia commented 8 months ago

Making jam with or without pectin?

by Lazar 8 years ago

quick question to the jam makers out there. Made strawberry jam with pectin (a brand other than Certo), however, my ...


The Tattooed Lady commented 8 months ago

Homemade "jam sugar"?

by Father Kitchen 8 months ago

I have a friend who wants to make jam in small quantities. I found Sonia Allison's book "Quick and Easy One Pot of Ja...

Father Kitchen commented 8 months ago

Help with lemon butter going watery

by mollyme 9 months ago

Hi. I make a lot of lemon butter and it's lovely the first time I use it. But when I reopen the jar it has what looks...


mollyme commented 9 months ago

Refrigerator Pickles - Heating the Vinegar?

by nickdziegler 10 months ago

Hello, I have been looking at recipes for refrigerator pickles, and they mostly seem to call for heating the vineg...


tastesgoodwhatisit commented 10 months ago

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