15 Canning Tips for Complete Beginners

If you're trying your hand at canning for the first time this year, you're not alone. While it's not quite as tricky as creating a sourdough starter, there are some important things to keep in mind...

Cabbage shortage hits South Korea's kimchi culture

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 days ago

" . . . The damage has left households struggling to find affordable cabbages to turn into the spicy pickle, which accompanies almost every meal in South Korea and has become a popular 'superfood' ...

Dried Fruit in Canning?

by NonnieMuss 18 days ago

In the past few years I've made ATK's Balsamic Fig jam and it's just amazing. Then Trader Joe's stopped carrying their frozen figs, and they will be around $12/lb. here when they come into season....

Best way to preserve Tomatillos when limited season?

by borisabrams 1 month ago

Hi there, I am living in the UK and have limited access to fresh Tomatillos. I am not sure the best way to preserve them through the year. I make a lot of different salsa but primarily a Sa...

Free webinar: DIY Preserving Tomatoes and More!

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 months ago

Thursday, September 10, 2020 4:00PM – 5:00PM Online event - free, registration required University of California Extension Master Food Preservers workshop

Can I keep the stems in my crabapple jelly?

by freshnwild 2 months ago

I've injured my dominant hand just as the crabapple tree ripened! All the recipes say to remove stems and blossom ends before making my annual jelly--has anyone *not* done this? I can't use a knif...

White wine vinegar in bulk Toronto

by heylids 2 months ago

Where can I purchase white wine vinegar in bulk in Toronto. Currently preserving, the small grocery store bottles aren’t enough and get very costly.

The 'Perfect' Fig Preserves Recipe?

by cmsmith 4 months ago

I'm looking for a recipe for fresh fig preserves that has less sugar and probably less cooking time. I have not yet been successful in turning out a fresh tasting fig preserves. Does anyone have ...

Preserves in copper jam pot timings

by coppernew101 3 months ago

Anyone on here who makes jams/preserves in a copper jam pot? If so could you give the process you follow? I got a jam pot for my anniversary and have never made preserve before! I have read on a...

Freezing Hard Boiled Eggs

by Pryderi 7 years ago

I have more eggs than I can eat, and I'm looking for a way to preserve them. I thought about hard boiling, peeling, then freezing them. It would be convenient to have the eggs whole, but I'm not ...

Does anyone add salt in their jams?

by N_Little 1 year ago

I'm looking to make a raspberry lemonade jam, focusing on the flavor of the lemons, but I'm afraid it will be too tart to be used as a convetional spread. I heard of and have tried salt on lemons b...

Bell pepper recipe to preserve/freeze?

by oceanhillbk 12 months ago

I have a backlog of bell peppers -- mostly red -- from my CSA and if I don't use them soon they are going to end up in the compost. Any recommendations for a relish/preserve/freezer-friendly recipe...

Preserving, Cooking Before Refrigerators

by kySafran 1 year ago

Many ingredients that lend so much character to classic recipes come from the ancient need to preserve food in preparation for times when it would be scarce. Before we could freeze fresh ingredi...

Red Chili Peppers

by JerkPork 1 year ago

I have a bunch growing on my plant, I typically freeze them whole. Any other ideas on what to do with them?

How to Make Olives Edible workshop, Aug 31, Sebastopol

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

August 31, 2019 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM Held at The Olive Oasis 7820 Apple Blossom Lane Sebastopol, CA 95472 $95 per person Advanced registration required. Contact Don at olivedon@hotmail.c...

"Wasted!" screening & panel discussion, free (July 20 HMB & Aug 4 San Carlos)

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

The Master Food Preservers tackle food waste! "Join the San Mateo/San Francisco MFP program for a screening of the exciting documentary Wasted!, followed by a panel discussion with local leaders...

Whiskey Infused Honey--Can I BWB This?

by secondhandbookstore 1 year ago

I have a whiskey-infused honey recipe (1 cup honey, 1 bay leaf, 1/4 cup whiskey simmered on the stove and then stored in the fridge) that our family loves a lot. My sister asked if I could make it ...

How to store open can of curry paste?

by sarahbeths 2 years ago

Hi! I have this can of panang curry paste that's hard to find I have to drive 20 minutes to get it from a specialty store. $2 a can, not too $$$, but still rather not waste it. Can only use a table...