Know a great spot for a light meal before a show? Share your tip with the community! Or ask advice from Chowhounds on their favorite pre-theater restaurants.

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Looking for Wonderful Restaurant near BAM in Brooklyn

by haraliyaviner 5 years ago

Hi Fellow Chowhounders! I'm going to see African Music & Dance with friends @ BAM Howard Gilman Opera House @ 30 Lafayette Street. Looking for a great reasonably priced restaurant near the Atl...

Looking for Ethnic Restaurant near Lincoln Center

by haraliyaviner 5 years ago

Hi Chowhounders! I'm bringing musician / artist friends to Jazz at Lincoln Center this Friday evening for the Dizzie Gillespie 100 Year Celebration. One of my friends is a Jazz Composer from Braz...

Kid-Friendly Restaurants Near PrivateBank Theatre

by Felliott 5 years ago

My husband and I, along with a group of 6 friends, are going to see Hamilton next month (can't wait!). Originally, we were talking about going to the Cherry Circle Room inside the Chicago Athletic ...

Dinner in Milan near the Teatro alla Scalla

by lavendula 6 years ago

Our last evening in Italy of a 2 week trip will be spent in Milan. We will be seeing an Opera at the Teatro alla Scalla (which is also the area we are staying in) and are looking for a celebratory...

Cheap dinner within a 20 minute walk of the Lightbox

by prima 5 years ago

Besides Pai, Lee Chen and Canteen, and perhaps Shawarma King, which other restaurants would you recommend? Swatow and Rol San in Chinatown also might work. Nana on Queen W would also probably work,...

Pre-Drunk Shakespeare Dinner & Drinks Friday Night @ 43rd & Eighth

by Forklaw 5 years ago

Meeting friends from Canada this Friday for the 10 p.m. showing of Drunk Shakespeare on West 43rd, near Eighth Avenue. Looking for suggestions for a restaurant with a bar within 3-4 blocks of the...

Pre-theater dinner

by ConsApi 5 years ago

Looking for a nice place for a dinner before the theater. Show starts at 8. We're staying in the Upper West Side (~77th st.) and don't want to go out of our way, so we're looking for something in...

Second Time in NYC

by Morgz45 5 years ago

Hello, My husband is taking me to NYC at the end of February as a Christmas present/30th birthday/babymoon trip. You guys have never steered me wrong in the food direction and, since this only m...

Pre-theatre dinner?

by coffeechococheese 5 years ago

My husband and I are heading up to NYC in a week and a half. We're hoping to get day of tickets to a broadway show Friday night and are looking for a place nearby (10-20 min cab ride) to get dinne...

Restaurant near The Public Theater @ 425 Lafayette Street

by haraliyaviner 5 years ago

I am looking for a inexpensive / moderately priced restaurant near The Public Theater located at 425 Lafayette Street in the East Village. Taking a friend of mine who is a very feisty 90 years old...

Recommendations between the Flamingo and Harrah's?

by Michelle 5 years ago

Hi everyone, Planning a trip to Vegas and one evening, will be at the Flamingo and then headed to Harrah's to see a show. Looks like they are fairly close together, so we can walk, but are look...

Dinner near Theatre de Champs Elysees Paris

by monalisa2 5 years ago

Hi, going to be in Paris end of November. Attending two concerts at Theatre de Champs Elysees - Sunday and Tuesday nights. Both start at 8 and will run close to 3 hours. Any suggestions about how...

NYC Theatre District Dinner

by lau2ren 5 years ago

I can't seem to find any recent posts on this topic. If I'm missing something feel free to point me in the right direction... My husband has gotten us tickets to see Alton Brown's show Eat Your ...

Good but inexpensive restaurant near Theater District

by Docmarcia 5 years ago

We're going with retired friends to a Lincoln Center show at the Walter Kerr on 48th St. They are on a limited budget and we're trying to find someplace with good food that isn't too expensive. (lo...

Dinner before the BSO

by QueenBeez 5 years ago

Not sure if my searching is wrong but all the posts were years old expect for one about the Dumpling house. Looking for a higher end place (not Chinatown/asian) that we can get into before the B...

Looking for a Wonderful Ethnic Restaurant in Chelsea...

by haraliyaviner 5 years ago

We will be going to Theater tomorrow evening @ 26th Street & 10th Avenue. Are there any Ethnic Restaurants you would recommend in the neighborhood which serve fish as well vegetarian dishes [in th...

Pre Jimmy Buffet Party Spot

by wendy k 5 years ago

Hi there! We're going to the House of Blues tomorrow to see Jimmy Buffett. We're looking for a place for island drinks and an island vibe that's near the venue. Any ideas?

Dinner near Massey Hall and Ed Mirvish Theatre, 2016

by prima 5 years ago

Where would you recommend within a 10 minute walk? I usually visit Paramount, Sabai Sabai, Salad King or La Bettola. Barberian's and the Queen and Beaver are also quite close. Thanks for any id...

High Park Restaurants in Toronto

by corin 5 years ago

I haven't been to High Park in years and was looking for a great place to eat before we see Shakespeare in the Park. Any suggestions...preferably not Italian.

Pre-Theater Dinner Within 1-2 Blocks of W Hotel

by starbucksbrew 5 years ago

We will be in NYC for 1 night in August to see Hamilton. In an effort not to waste any of our short time there, we are staying at the W hotel near the theater, and we want to eat dinner nearby. I w...