Know a great spot for a light meal before a show? Share your tip with the community! Or ask advice from Chowhounds on their favorite pre-theater restaurants.

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Pre-Opera Dinner for Elderly Picky Eaters

by sasicka 3 years ago

I'm looking for dinner options for 3 people in their 70's who cannot walk far or fast. Moreover, one of them doesn't eat anything else than chicken or red meat and that only in the standard Euro-At...

Costa Mesa recs for Sunday dinner?

by Michelle 4 years ago

Hello, We will be in Costa Mesa for a 7 PM show performance on a Sunday evening, and would like to have dinner beforehand. Taco Maria (a favorite) doesn't serve dinner on Sundays. Any other re...

Restaurant recommendation requested for pre theatre dinner

by pamelag35 4 years ago

Going to the Wintergarden Theatre in Yonge & Dundas area this Friday and looking for a recommendation for dinner. Nothing too ethnic. Thanks

Lunch near Symphony Hall

by BostonTparty 4 years ago

Looking for recommendations for lunch near Symphony Hall when we attend the Xmas POPs

Dinner Before Come From Away

by burgeoningfoodie 4 years ago

A group of four looking for good dining options before seeing Come From Away at the Schoenfeld Theater on a Thursday evening. I would guess that dinner would be in the early time slot of 5:30 so t...

Dinner in Downtown Raleigh (by the opera theater)

by mcfreid 4 years ago

Hello Chowhounders, 'long time lurker here and with the decline of foodies (https://www.tastingtable.com/dine/national/instagram-viral-food-harming-businesses) I felt the need to finally sign up...

Lunch before Book of Mormon?

by JillSchorr 4 years ago

Heading to the matinee of Book of a Mormon tomorrow and looking for lunch suggestions before the show. Not looking for fancy but not wanting a slice of pizza beforehand either. We would also ...

Nice pre-theater dinner?

by jclackey 4 years ago

Any recommendations for a good pre-theater dinner? Doesn't have to be the fanciest..perhaps Italian or French?

Pre-Theatre Dinner -- Hampstead Theatre

by moviematrimony 4 years ago

My wife and I are traveling to London this summer for a week. We have much of our itinerary put together for the week, but we are looking for a place to have dinner before a show at that Hampstead ...

Marseille, Esca or Becco pre theater?

by bawc 4 years ago

Which restaurant for pre-theater this week? All look good. My dining companion will just be having something to drink due to health complications, but she is sitting with me. Theater is at 45th ...

Upscale dinner in Manhattan Theatre District (Broadway)

by la fierenza 4 years ago

Hiya NYC 'hounds! I am looking for two (preferably) upscale restaurants for pre-theatre dinners (party of 5) near the Schoenfeld (at 45th) and Schubert Theatres (at 44th) in late July. We are open ...

Restaurants near Saban Theater in Beverly Hills?

by misswonderful1 4 years ago

Looking for a good restaurant, preferably American cuisine, with reasonable pricing within a couple of miles of the Saban Theater. We would prefer to avoid La Cienega's Restaurant Row. Any ideas ...

Bar Seating at Zahav & Other Old City Recommendations

by pbplus 4 years ago

We are headed into the city for a show at the Arden Theatre on a Saturday evening in June. We just made the decision to add dinner to our plans, and we're too late to get a reservation at Zahav, wh...

PreTheater dining near Apollo-Victoria

by lisacope 4 years ago

Hey All - We are going to be in London this July and need recommendations for a restaurant near the Apollo-Victoria (or near our Airbnb in Soho). We are foodies but trying to keep the budget reined...

SOS...SF Bay Area visitors need restaurant and bakery ideas for this weekend!

by houndbythebay 4 years ago

Hello and sorry for the short notice. We arrive from the SF Bay Area Thursday (one day from now) and stay until Sunday evening. Would love ideas for great bakeries in Manhattan or Brooklyn. We like...

East Village for Dinner in Manhattan

by 18points 4 years ago

Going to theatre on E. 13th and third and looking for restaurant in the area. Not sushi or steak place. otherwise open.

Dining near Curran Theater

by rick c 4 years ago

Can you suggest places to eat near the Curran theater that you like, other than Colibri which is our usual, and not Zingari. Preferably close by to the theater on Geary Thanks

Hamilton Pre-Theater Dinner

by michelle_s_d 4 years ago

Hello CHers, Looking for pre-theater dinner options on a Wednesday night in July before Hamilton. We are not picky eaters. Staying at the Langham. Thanks!

Dinner in Paris before the theater

John Talbott
by John Talbott 4 years ago

We're often asked about places to eat before the theater and struggle to answer, La Fourchette aka The Fork now suggests several that serve as early as 18h30. LaFourchette <info@email.lafourchett...

Pre-Hamilton dins

by lavendula 5 years ago

Looking for a mid-range nice dinner near the Private Bank Theater. 1 Vegetarian (dairy and eggs ok) and the rest hungry carnivores. Any cuisine is fine as long as it's delicious. I looked up Te...