LIVE BC Spot Prawns - Price drop at T&T (16th Avenue/Woodbine branch)

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 5 months ago

BC Spot Prawns - Price drop at T&T (16th Avenue/Woodbine branch)!! Bought just over a pound (10 HUGE ones) at the Manager daily special price of $32.99 a pound. (Regular $ 39.99 -$42.99 per poun...

ISO live spot prawns in SF

by kmngq 11 months ago

I went to seafood center on clement and they didnt have any. if possible, would like them for a saturday dinner im preparing, so i would have to buy them on saturday. I can go the frozen route,...

Nate`s Pickled Prawns

by Ray Ferguson 13 years ago

I am a former resident of the Pacific Northwest and remember fondly the taste of Nate`s Peel and Eat Pickled Prawns. You could buy them in most grocery stores in the Portland, Oregon area in the 7...

BC Spotted Prawns season peaking - Great value abound!

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 1 year ago

Had an excellent family dinner at 'Maple Yip' tonight. To my surprise they only charged $32 a pound for the live BC spotted prawns ( wok fried with Maggi sauce )... eating in! Rest of our meal w...

Special Find! WILD Heads-on Argentinian Prawns

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 3 years ago

Mid-Autumn Festival Special at Foody Mart ( Steeles/Warden ) WILD Heads-on Argentinian Red Prawns ( 10/20 ). Was $49.99, now $42.88 for 2 Kg!! Going to cook a few, a la planxa tonight or may be...

Fish tacos and Spot prawns

by Qball 2 years ago

Looking for best fish tacos in/around LA. Also, I don't see spot prawns on any menus. does anywhere from LA up to Santa Barbara serve them?

"Maple Yip" - Last chance to savor BC Prawns before season is over

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 2 years ago

" BC Spotted Prawns season is almost over! Sigh! :( Taking advantage of T&T, Father's Day, in-store one day sale on these delicacies ( $29.99 per lb from normal price of $39,99 ). We bought a bu...

Spot Prawn at Tofino, Vancouver Island

by Anomay 2 years ago

Where can we get spot prawns in Tofino next week? We don't plan to go fishing, but would like to buy them off a dock or store. Thanks in advance!

Live East coast/Florida Spotted Prawns available at T&T

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 2 years ago

Live East Coast / Floridian Spotted Prawns at T&T. $28 per pound. Smaller in size than their BC cousin but sweeter and chewier. Lightly coated with seasoned Tapioca/wheat flour and deep fried he...

Vitello Tonnato; Spot Prawns

by Fine 4 years ago

A search came up with Madeo, but the menu on line doesn't show it. My preference is for strong tuna/anchovy components. Anyone know where I might find it? Any place I can get cooked spot prawns...

Garlic Prawns

by cchavez 4 years ago

Craving garlic prawns like the one they serve at lotus of Siam in Las Vegas. Any local Dallasrestaurants serve this dish? Thanks

live spot prawns in the East Bay

by tingr 4 years ago

Any signs of fish markets selling live spot prawns in their tanks in the East Bay yet? It is August. They are usually around this time of summer. I wonder what the prices are this year.

'Live' Spotted Prawns - Part 2

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 4 years ago

When I posted on this board a few weeks ago announcing the arrival of this year's 'BC' Spotted ( Bontan? ) Prawns season. The posting sparked off a chain of unexpected debates about the exact origi...

Pil Pil Prawn

by CarlosBrigante 4 years ago

I have been served whole, fully shelled prawns in garlic and chili dozens of times in Spain, Portugal and France. However (!) almost every recipe online for Pil Pil Prawns starts with 'remove shell...

Hooray! BC Spotted Prawns Season is here again!

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 4 years ago

Just had a most enjoyable meal at Maple Yip featuring ' Live BC Spotted Prawns prepared with Maggi Sauce '. Also, a steamed '3 pound Strawberry Grouper with ginger, scallions and premium top soy' f...

Deep frying spot prawn heads

by fengyuanfei1 4 years ago

I am heading to the island tomorrow hoping for a good catch of spot prawns and I am packing my deep fryer for the heads... Does anyone have had success frying those sharp spiky things without cu...

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