Prairie Provinces

You can use this tag to discuss food in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. We also have tags for each of the individual provinces, as well as many of the cities within them, which you can browse here.


Any "Montreal-style" Pizza in Calgary?

by DoubleFine 10 years ago

I've been living in Calgary for 10+ years, and have yet to find what's often referred to as the "Montreal-style" pizza. What qualifies as "Mtl style" is really just a well made Greek-style pizza yo...

M & M Food Market- which foods do they do best?

by prima 1 year ago

An acquaintance opened an M&M Food Market (formerly known as M & M Meat Shop) franchise, and I stopped by to give her some business. The business was sold a few years ago. They seem to be offeri...

Moroccan or Middle Eastern Food in Winnipeg?

Zahira SJ
by Zahira SJ 13 years ago

I am going home for a visit to The Peg, and was wondering if anyone knew of any Moroccan or Middle Eastern Food restaurants in Winnipeg, Manitoba? Other Than the Ethiopian ones listed. It has b...

Diastatic Malt Powder

by swisscheese 2 years ago

Who sells Diastatic Malt Powder for baking in Calgary and area?

Some tasty meals in Calgary

by prima 2 years ago

Thought I'd give a quick shout out to a few places I visited in Calgary. Ten Foot Henry: loved this place. I shared a crab dish, tuna tartare, a cauliflower dish, the cacio e pepe pasta and deca...

Buying a whole Beef Brisket in Calgary & area.

by olderwiser 8 years ago

Where is the best place buy a whole packer Beef Brisket in Calgary, 10 - 12 lbs. I have a new smoker and wanting to graduate beyound the usual ribs and pulled pork. Thanks B

How can I get Franco-American Mac and Cheese?

by tarsandbeetle 10 years ago

I am really hoping someone out there can direct me to a site/suggestion on how I can purchase Franco-American Mac & Cheese. I haven't seen this product in years and am willing to order in on-line ...

Alberta Beef in Edmonton

by rlh 14 years ago

During our last two visits to Edmonton, we have tried to find a great local, preferably independent place in the Edmonton area to try the famous "Alberta beef" touted throughout the country -- with...

Cholula hot sauce in Edmonton?

by djk12 3 years ago

My nine year old has developed a taste for Cholula hot sauce. Anyone know where to get it in Edmonton? Thx.

Shaoxing (Chinese rice wine) in Edmonton

by veloxsea 3 years ago

I was wondering is someone knows where I can buy Shaoxing (Chinese rice wine) in Edmonton as I need it for a recipe: https://youtu.be/pETnrudTSkw Thanks.

Calgary: The Guild

by HaveSpoonWillCook 3 years ago

Nov 2017: We visited The Guild on the urging of staff (Nicolas?) at the now closed highly recommended fish restaurant whose name I forget; it was located very close to the Marriott Downtown. I ...

Burns Campfire Sausage

by coldrake 8 years ago

Hi All, I am hoping someone may be able to help me. My Dad grew up in Saskatchewan and was/is a big fan of the canned Burns Campfire Sausages. Unfortunately, we've never been able to find them i...

Where can I find a Takoyaki Pan in Edmonton? Or a Sanyo 3-in-1 Electric Multi-Cooker (HPS-MC3)

by SciFiCanuck 11 years ago

My daughter wants these items...she is gaga about Japanese cooking. I have searched high and low...wondering if anyone out there knows who sells these in Edmonton, Alberta??? Lots online in the...

Three Ravens - Banff

Dr. John
by Dr. John 4 years ago

On the basis of the thread from 2015, we booked a meal at Three Ravens over the Thanksgiving weekend and had a wonderful time. As others have mentioned, it is a modern setting with beautiful views...

Green Papaya

by greatdane12 10 years ago

Anyone know where I can find shredded green papaya in Calgary

BEST Pho Satay In Calgary?

by Kor 14 years ago

Went for Beef Pho Satay soup at a little place on 12th ave and Center St. NE, second best I have had in Calgary. It was a creamier type than most places serve, with coconut milk in the broth I thi...

Fresh Turkey, Where to Buy in Calgary

by jayt90 9 years ago

Need a fresh turkey source, preferably without pre-ordering, in Calgary. Any suggestions? Hutterite source? Thanks!