What Is the Difference Between Pozole and Menudo?

What is the difference between pozole and menudo? One has a stomach-churning past, the other is actually made with stomach. But they're both a pair of soul-satisfying soups that also happen to be two...

Dried hominy weight

by JeroenSteinfort 1 year ago

I bought some dried hominy but for the recipe I need to soak and drain it overnight. I have found that the hominy increases in volume when soaked (about 3 times) but I can't find anything about how...

Dried corn, posole, chicos... Help me understand the difference & how to use them

by RWCFoodie 15 years ago

I've been looking at a bunch of web sites about dried corn and I can't really find the answer I'm looking for so I'm hoping the Chowhound community will help me! Today I made posole (Mexican por...

Please Help me save this pot of Posole/Pozole!!

by OliveYou2 3 years ago

Pozole newbie here; Please help me save this pot of soup :( This is my first time making Pozole and I decided to try a meatless version. I was so happy with the results as everything turned out f...

Three Sisters Nixtamal Tortillas @ Portland Farmers Market @ PSU

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 years ago

Continuing our rounds of the Saturday morning Portland Farmers Market, https://www.chowhound.com/post/boyco-foods-buckwheat-honey-portland-farmers-market-psu-1076079, I was happy to see that the mo...

Dry posole in slow cooker

by Natividad 4 years ago

I looked around in internet for dry posole in slow cooker and did not find anything. Last night around 7pm i put a cup of completely dry posole (not pre soaked or anything) in my large Hamilton Be...

Need dessert ideas to go with posole

by ChervilGeorge 9 years ago

I'm having a couple friends over for a casual dinner and serving posole, Mexican shrimp cocktail and starting with a black bean dip and corn chips. I'd like to have a little sweet for the end of t...

Posole in Brooklyn?

by CGeats 6 years ago

I need it bad. Hopefully North of Sunset Park and South of Greenpoint I have errands to run and want to walk it. Hole in the wall, non yuppie places most encouraged.

Red Posole - Chili blends? Straining?

by Javaslinger 5 years ago

I've been looking for a reasonably 'authentic' Red Posole that I'm adapting for a slow cooker. Basically make the sauce in advance, brown the meat, maybe sautee the onion, yada yada yada... The...

Posole - SFBA Dish of the Month April 2014

by hyperbowler 7 years ago

Posole / pozole is the April 2014 Dish of the Month! The goal of Dish of the Month is to collectively try as many versions of posole as we can in the Bay Area. To keep things lively, focus on pl...

Posole and Caldo

by rudeboy 7 years ago

This has been brought up in the past, but time to revisit. Has anyone found a white posole like Las Manitas used to serve? Slowcooked mentioned posole in another post. Also, on a cold day las...

Quick and dirty posole

by ennuisans 7 years ago

I've been craving posole forever, and while snowed in yesterday realized that I could make something a lot like it with the pork steaks and hominy on hand. Referring to the Posole Rojo recipe on...

Pozolería Los Compadres: A Bowl of Guadalajara In Tijuana's Fanciest Area

Gypsy Jan
by Gypsy Jan 7 years ago

From the OC Weekly: http://blogs.ocweekly.com/stickaforkinit/2014/01/pozoleria_los_compadres_tijuana_mexico.php

Pozole That is Really Worth Searching Out

by opinionatedchef 12 years ago

I have always been disappointed in the pozoles I have had in Boston. Turns out that they have been made like they are in Mexico City, with a chicken broth base that is pretty darn bland. Well, Cie...

Pozole in Queens

by 2slices 8 years ago

Yes Coatzingo. Recs on other places? Prefably in sunnyside, woodside, JH I know Corona has great options but it's far for my average lunch run. thanks

Pozole in SW Detroit (or elsewhere in the area)

by Jim M 8 years ago

Made the disagreeable discovery that El Barzón has basically eliminated pozole from its menu. (There's a small appetizer size, green chicken only, no garnishes.) I see where they're coming from—the...

Sunday pozole in AA

by trapani 10 years ago

Tracklements is featuring Mexican dishes to go on Sundays. Enchiladas, arroz, mole, etc. Just had the pozole--veryvery good!! Bien rico!

Pozole in Denver?

by SkaTmon 8 years ago

I searched the board and came up empty, so I ask my fellow chowhounds: Where can I find your favorite Pozole in the Denver metro? Thanks.

pozole in the D? [SW Detroit]

by trapani 10 years ago

Looking for a good bowl of pozole in SW Detroit. I know & like El Barzon for pozole, but are there any simpler places you might recommend, ie taquerias with pozole? Also yearning for "carne en s...