Pound Cake

9 Perfect Pound Cake Recipes

These easy pound cake recipes are perfect for any occasion: a quick weeknight treat, a make-ahead teatime nibble, or a simple dessert to serve after a casual dinner party. And, of course, for National...

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Looking for Pound cake with a fig sauce,an older martha Stewart recipe`

by Richie 16 years ago

I am looking for an older Martha Stewart(I think) that I saw her make several years ago and is not on the website. It was a basic pound cake with a stewed fig sauce. Very simple but it looked so go...

Pound Cake at the supermarket

by Taye 16 years ago

Ever bought pound cake at the supermarket, frozen or otherwise? WHich brand? In the event that you recommend that I buy it at a bakery, I am in NYC. do you rec. a bakery?

ISO: Old Recipe for Pound Cake

by Sandra Greathouse 17 years ago

Hello...I'm hoping someone might beable to help me with an old (Washington Post) recipe that I've been searching for. It was printed in the Washington Post between 1952 and 1956, and was submitted ...

metallic-tasting lemon-poppy seed pound cake

by phoebek 17 years ago

I recently made a favorite lemon-poppy seed pound cake recipe in a metal bread pan. Although I can't be absolutely positive, I think I used the same one I've used in the past. However, the finished...

Pound Cake

by peckhampam 17 years ago

Does anyone have a recipe for a pound cake. Or any plain cake. I need to feed lots of people with something very non-squidgy. Thanks

pound cake

by flour girl 17 years ago

Why does a pound cake have to be baked in a loaf or bundt pan? I'd like to use the recipe to make a round layer cake instead - Is that possible? Any suggestions?

pound cake question

by Jujubee 17 years ago

I made the pound cake from Cook's Illustrated last night (in their new Baking Illustrated book, also the same recipe as in The Best Recipe). I made sure the eggs were at room temp, the butter was ...

Why did my pound cake crack?

by Elle 18 years ago

For some reason, lately with my new pans some of my cakes are not coming out the same. I baked a homemade pound cake in a bundt pan and around the bottom it was cracked on one side (it looks like ...

What does Cream Cheese Pound Cake taste like?

by Elle 18 years ago

I was just curious about cream cheese pound cake and how it tastes in comparison to a butter pound cake. Is it better? the same? What do you recommend?

In Search of the ultimate buttery pound cake recipe

by Elle 18 years ago

Can anyone share a good poundcake recipe?

Pound Cake Recipe Request

by Pat Darnell 18 years ago

I need a good recipe for pound cake, preferably one that I can make in a large bundt pan, or a recipe that can be successfully doubled. For years I have been making a "7-Up Cake" recipe that I got...

Substituting Nut Oil in Pound Cake recipe

by Tom Meg 18 years ago

I recently read an article by the late Jane Grigson in which she suggests substituting a flavorful nut oil (walnut, hazelnut, etc.) for 2/3 of the butter in pound cake recipes. I was thinking tha...

Pound Cake

by Barney 18 years ago

Who makes a great pound cake? I'm craving a pound cake toasted and buttered.

Poundcake in Midtown

by chowhound newbie 19 years ago

While I'm certainly no expert in poundcake, I can't help passing along what was one of the best poundcake experiences I've had in years. Unfortunately it was accompanied by a watery, not even compl...

Help!!!!! Someone Please Tell me How long a homemade poundcake will stay fresh

by Elle 19 years ago

I shipped a homemade cake via UPS to Chicago and the cake was delivered to the wrong address and by the time the situation is corrected(Monday hopefully) it will have been six days since I baked...

Pound cake instead of brioche for chocolate bread pudding?

by Dan Goldberg 20 years ago

Has anyone used pound cake as a substitute for brioche in making a chocolate bread pudding? Where I live brioche is hard to find and the thought came to me of using pound cake. I suppose challah...

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