Pound Cake

9 Perfect Pound Cake Recipes

These easy pound cake recipes are perfect for any occasion: a quick weeknight treat, a make-ahead teatime nibble, or a simple dessert to serve after a casual dinner party. And, of course, for National...

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real butter pound cake -- north toronto?

by TorontoJo 15 years ago

Can anyone recommend a spot to buy a good, all-butter pound cake? North of Eglinton is preferable. I'm guessing I'll end up at Pusateri's, but if anyone has any recs, please let me know. TIA!

Non-dairy Pound Cake mix

by PapaT 15 years ago

A co-worker is looking to make a pound cake and cannot use dairy due to a child with severe lactose intolerance. If anyone knows of any mixes please post responses here.

Pound Cake?

by ZippyGaelle 15 years ago

Looking for a suggestion for the best pound cake in the LA area -- and especially hoping Sam has a place in mind

pound cake report

by Smokey 15 years ago

Over the last year or so, I've been trying to get a pound cake recipe I really liked. I tried one from the Best Recipe, and while it was good, it didn't rock my world. Then I tried one from a Pay...

Pound cake mix- substitute

by curly0114 15 years ago

A cake recipe I love calls for pound cake mix. Does anyone know what I can use as a substitution, since I don't have any? Would there be any problem (in terms of proportions to the rest of the reci...

Uebergeek's Pound Cake - Thanks!

by gus 15 years ago

A shout out to das Uebergeek for sharing the excellent pound cake recipe on this board. I dug it out of the archives a few days ago and baked it last night for my birthday celebration today. The ...

pound cake?

by saucethatcounts 15 years ago

Where can I get a good quality pound cake? Ideally, in the north end of the city, but will gladly travel for quality...thanks

Pound cake with too brown crust! What to do??

by maviris 15 years ago

Made a pound cake (in a bundt pan) for a party tonight at a friend's house, but I baked it too long and the crust is too brown. Any suggestions what I should do? I don't think it's ruined (it...

pound cake

by julia 15 years ago

Does anyone know where I can find a really great, moist and fairly inexpensive pound cake somewhere on the westside or mid-city? I would bake them myself, but I need 42 of them! I know, it's craz...

wyf4lyf RE: your lemon pound cake bread pudding

by Novice Cook 15 years ago

I love you, this smelled amazing in the oven, I just took a little nibble and I am just in love, this will be so enjoyed and it was the easiest thing ever! You have really helped me make a most imp...

Candy's Choc. Pound Cake

by wyf4lyf 15 years ago

I just put the cake in the oven for a party this evening. I couldn't find instant espresso powder at my Safeway and didn't have time to go to another store, so bought instant coffee. I hope I don't...

Help! Chocolate pound cake refuses to bake!

by expatslat 15 years ago

All right... I've got this chocolate pound cake in a 9-inch cake pan. (The recipe called for a 10-inch pan.) It's been in the oven at 350 for about an hour and a half, but it's been in a warm oven ...

pound cake report, redux (long again)

by smokey 15 years ago

Well, I was once again faced with a night where I needed some comfort in baking. Continuing on my quest for a good, dense pound cake, I decided to take curiousbaker's advice and try a Payard recip...

Cherry Poundcake- Does anyone have a recipe?

by Laura D. 16 years ago

Does anyone have a poundcake recipe that incorporates maraschino cherries into the cake? My mom had found a recipe like this in the food section of our local paper (Philadelphia Inquirer) about a ...

What makes a cake a "pound cake"??

by wyf4lyf 16 years ago

The pound cake threads here and on another board have made me curious -- What makes a cake a "pound cake"?? I have a recipe for a fabulous vanilla coffee cake (it uses 5t vanilla in the recipe). I...

pound cake report (long)

by smokey 16 years ago

Yep, so while other hounds are busily perfecting shortbread cookies with lemoncreme filling (hi noodles!), clementine cakes (hello petradish!) and almond paste crostadas (hello funwithfood!), I've ...

Pound Cake Dilemma- (kind of long)

by Laura D. 16 years ago

I'm planning to bake a cake for a coworker's birthday next week, and she's mentioned on numerous occasions that she loves poundcake. So, I've done a bit of research, and feel confident using the s...

Requested Chocolate Pound Cake

by Candy 16 years ago

In a bowl mix together 1 C. cocoa powder (Iprefer Scharffen Berger unsweetened and not dutched) with 2 C. a.p. flour 1/2 tsp. baking powder (Rumford if you can get it no aluminum taste and has the ...

Eggnog Pound Cake

by Maureen 16 years ago

In preparation for holiday baking, I just got inspired to make pound cake with eggnog. I've done some searches on the internet and have come up with quite a few recipes, some with eggnog, some with...

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