Pound Cake

9 Perfect Pound Cake Recipes

These easy pound cake recipes are perfect for any occasion: a quick weeknight treat, a make-ahead teatime nibble, or a simple dessert to serve after a casual dinner party. And, of course, for National...

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ISO Recipe "Pound Cake" Recipe that Uses Heavy Cream

by Velda Mae 10 years ago

Where can I find a recipe for "pound cake" that uses heavy cream? I put "pound cake" in quotes because I know cream is not an ingredient in a true pound cake. I have a pint of very good heavy cre...

Pound cake: cream cheese vs sour cream vs buttermilk vs heavy cream

by flzhang 10 years ago

It seems like most pound cakes are very similar except for the type of liquid/cream used. What's your favorite? Which one would give me a nice and moist cake? Also, can pound cakes be baked in a...

Do you have a recipe for Starbucks Lemon Pound Cake?

iL Divo
by iL Divo 11 years ago

A friend asked me if I'd ever had Starbucks lemon pound cake. "No, never had anything other than coffee/tea/steamers." Since she knows cooking is a favorite past time, she asked if I could find h...

Anyone for Crunchy Pound Cake?

by Philly Ray 11 years ago

This is one of those epic screw ups that is just too good to keep to yourself no matter how embarrassing... I was trying a new recipe that I found on this site for Amaretto Pound Cake. I mixed ...

glazing pound cake; while warm, or cooled?

by tritecliche 11 years ago

Im experimenting with a toffee pound cake today. The recipe has cream cheese, butter, brown sugar, a healthy splash of dark rum, vanilla, an obscene amount of chopped up skor bars...Anyway, Id like...

Blueberry filled poundcake

by hollywoodkitchen 11 years ago

Hi, I had an amazing cake at a cafe in Vermont last week. It was blueberry poundcake which looked like it had fresh blueberries baked into it, but when we cut into it, a blueberry filling pou...


by Ritcheyd 11 years ago

Here's my story - I cook relatively often but rarely from scratch so I decided to make a nice simple pound cake from scratch. (No boxed mix) I went online and found a simple recipe for a cream chee...

Pound cake/baking times

by Lorry13 11 years ago

I plan on making this pound cake http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/paula-deen/mamas-pound-cake-recipe/index.html but instead of using a tube pan all I have is a bundt pan. If the tube pan baking...

Pound Cake Methodology Question

by Velda Mae 11 years ago

I'm considering two recipes for vanilla pound cake. One is from the King Arthur Baker's Companion and the other is from Dorie Greenspan's Baking From My Home to Yours. The recipes are very simila...

Pound cake

by BLM 12 years ago

Where do you go in Montreal for great pound cake? Something like lemon or orange pound cake. Thanks.

best pumpkin pound cake

by Mel 15 years ago

I just made the most amazing pumpkin and clove poundcake from the newest issue of Cuisine magazine. I was a little worried because the mix was so dense in the bundt pan, but it was insanely good, ...

Cooking to Temp. not Time - Pound cake, Meat Moaf, etc.......

by Jibe 12 years ago

Over the years I find my self relying on the instant read thermometer for doneness, not judging via the clock. I've found this to give me great results on pork roasts, steaks, chicken. I was wonder...

Pound cake mailing tips?

by VAfoodie 12 years ago

What's the best way to mail a pound cake to make sure it arrives quickly and in tact?

Appreciating pound cake

by greygarious 12 years ago

I just made a Sweet Potato Pound Cake whose ingredients I jotted down a while ago - I can't recall the source. I realize that I hadn't had pound cake for several years, the last time being to samp...

Halving a pound cake recipe: ? re baking time and pan

by greygarious 12 years ago

I didn't note the source when I wrote down a recipe for Sweet Potato Pound Cake. It has 3-1/4 cups of flour, 2 sticks of butter, 4 eggs, and is baked in a bundt pan for 60-70 min at 350. Since I'm...

poundcake w/o needing a mixer

by Michelly 12 years ago

We LOVE poundcake, but all the recipes I've looked at, including Cooks Illus. and Saveur, all say that the proper texture can only be had with a free-standing mixer, for which I have neither the mo...

Has anyone made this Hershey's Chocolate Pound Cake?

by javaandjazz 13 years ago

http://www.hersheys.com/recipes/recipes/detail.asp?id=8352&page=1&per=25&keyword=pound%20cake#content_area Thanks, Richie

pound cake problems?

by gl827 13 years ago

so i baked a pound cake tonight using a martha stewart recipe from her baking handbook. it said bake for 50-55 minutes, but it still wasn't done after over an hour! it looked golden brown, but the ...

Pound Cake help

by roxlet 13 years ago

In the last few days, I have attempted making pound cake twice, and neither time has been a complete success. My son asked for marble pound cake, so I googled it and came up with a CIA recipe that...

Apples in Poundcake?

by amyvc 13 years ago

Hi All, With Rosh Hashanah coming up, I'm looking to add apples to my Grandmom's most perfect delicious sour cream poundcake. The poundcake is a classic from growing up - dense yet light, buttery ...