Pound Cake

9 Perfect Pound Cake Recipes

These easy pound cake recipes are perfect for any occasion: a quick weeknight treat, a make-ahead teatime nibble, or a simple dessert to serve after a casual dinner party. And, of course, for National...

Best Homemade Cake Recipe for using 3D Christmas Cake moulds

by IMccsmudge 1 year ago

Looking for the best homemade cake recipe to use in the cake mould below. I know I need something fairly sturdy but not sure what's best. Anyone actually used them?

Bottom of poundcake “dented”

by kktantique 1 year ago

Hi, I baked a pound cake 2 weeks ago using a recipe which called for melting the butter instead of creaming it. The cake turned out perfect - moist, nicely shaped and all. However, I attempted t...

Boxed pound cake mix

by Bonniekirk 2 years ago

I have several boxes of pound cake mix and I want to add dried fruit to the box mix. Can someone please tell me how to do this.

Ever make a 7 Up Pound Cake

by javaandjazz 14 years ago

Was talking to a fellow classmate in school last night. I have never heard of it before??? What's it like? Thanks, Richie

Extra large eggs make a difference in pound cake?

by nanaof11 7 years ago

I've made the same cream cheese pound cake for at least 20 years with no problems. Recently I made one but instead of using 6 large eggs I used 6 extra large eggs. The outcome was pretty much a d...

ISO Almost Too Dense to Believe Pound Cake

by scarehairnoelle 3 years ago

Hello, I was looking through the states and cities listed in your places tabs. I noticed that Alabama was not represented. Having lived here all my life I am looking for some of the Grandma's, Gran...

Are Janie's Pound Cakes Worth the Dough?

by MPH 14 years ago

I just noticed a display of these today while I was fighting the crowds at the downtown Whole Foods. Apparently, the baker is based in Tyler (http://www.janiescakes.com/cakes.htm ). It's easy eno...

Substitute for shortening in pound cake

by emily49 4 years ago

When i looked up 'substitute for shortening' it said butter or margarine but i have tried that in a different recipe and it did not turn out right. But all recipes are different so i was wondering ...

Pound Cake Icing

by emily49 4 years ago

what in your opinion is the best icing to go over pound cake. i have never made it and i like icing on the cakes i make, so i would appreciate if you would help me and tag your favorite icing that ...

How to correct for an undercooked pound cake?

by MsMaryMc 7 years ago

So I made this cake last night... Lime Pound Cake 1 cup butter (softened) 1/2 cup shortening 3 cups granulated sugar 6 large eggs 3 cups all-purpose flour 1/2 teaspoon baking powder 1 c...

Mailing Pound Cake with glaze

by OneMelanie 5 years ago

I baked three pound cakes today and forgot to add the flavor. I was planning on mailing them to friends. Are there any suggestions for a glaze that I could put in a container with the cake and woul...

Help! Cracking top on poundcake

by rstuart 6 years ago

I have been making a cranberry cream cheese poundcake for a many years, but have noticed in the last few years that I am getting a problem with the top cracking (and lots of space underneath). The ...

Pound cake bakery in east Baltimore

by Terpham 6 years ago

can anyone give me the name of a polish bakery in east Baltimore that specialized in pound cakes. I remember going there as a young teenager and the cake was best pound cake I have ever had. It sou...

Whipping Cream Pound Cake

by raberbm 6 years ago

Has anyone out there tried the Whipping Cream Pound Cake recipe on the bake of the Swans Down Cake Flour box?

Poundcake Batter - Tastes as yummy as Eddie Van Halen but can it be saved?

by Axlsgoddess 10 years ago

I just made poundcake batter but it does not look like I have enough time to cook it tonight. It is already in a greased pan. Can I cover it and leave itin the refrigerator overnight and bake it ...

Best frosting/glaze for chocolate chip poundcake?

by fara 7 years ago

I have a recipe for chocolate chip cream cheese poundcake from my grandmother. My daughter has requested it for her birthday cake. The cake is already super rich, what would be a good frosting, I n...

Pumpkin pound cake

by Imeeyore24 7 years ago

Having an Oct 2015 wedding and we are looking for suggestions for a good pumpkin pound cake. Live in the Willow Grove area and are going to contact Lochel's as I saw it on there options for flavo...

Ritz Carleton Lemon Pound Cake

by SilverlakeGirl 7 years ago

I am moving into my new house in a couple of weeks that will be so much larger than the one I am using and more conducive to doing things right. I want to make a recipe I've had on my Pinteres...

Adding cocoa powder and semi sweet chocolate chips to pound cake

by Nayners 7 years ago

I'm not sure if I need to do something to the cocoa powder before adding it. Any tips on how much I should add would be very helpful. Also should I dust the chocolate chips with flour before adding...