The Best Places to Buy Humane & Organic Chicken Online

With mounting concerns about mass-produced and factory-farmed poultry and folks trying to limit trips to the market, we looked into some alternatives, including the best certified humane and organic...

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Superior Poultry Chinatown - Update

by Silver Lake Guy 16 years ago

After a recent post on this board piqued my curiosity, we wandered down to Superior Poultry in Chinatown on Sunday a.m. and picked out a good-sized freshly dressed white chicken for dinner later th...

Maine-ly Poultry -- great chicken

by Allison 16 years ago

This topic may get bumped, but here goes. So I FINALLY got to roast a Maine-ly Poultry chicken last night and it was really fantastic. They are available at Rosemont market and Whole Grocer. ...

Baron's Meat & Poultry now open in Alameda Marketplace

by Ruth Lafler 16 years ago

The Alameda Marketplace is now almost complete with the opening the weekend of Baron's Meats and Poultry. This full-service market offers a range of premium meats and poultry, including "organic," ...

Superior Poultry in Chinatown - I Can't Believe It's Chicken

by TomSwift 16 years ago

I used a dim sum breakfast on Sunday at Ocean Seafood as an excuse to go to Superior Poultry (Broadway, east side of the street, with the white chicken on top) to get a chicken for Monday night din...

Live poultry markets -- question

by Paul Lukas 16 years ago

Do any of the live poultry markets around town also offer live rabbits? And does anyone have any experience with these markets (with or without rabbits)? -- Paul

Williams Bar-B-Que Poultry; UWS

by SLO 16 years ago

I've searched and haven't found any chow comments on the captioned. Has anyone been? What did you think? Do they have all sorts of Bar-B-Que or just chicken? TIA

live poultry market - duck

by jlw 17 years ago

There are a million (ok, I exaggerate) places near where we live (Sunset Park, Brooklyn). How does one find a good place to purchase duck? Thanks

Searching for Best Poultry Chili

by Cat'sChow 17 years ago

I often take the best recipes I can find and replace the meat with turkey or chili because I don't eat pork or beef. After watching Tyler Florence all morning* re: a chili segment, I am now search...

Live poultry in New York City?

by BarryC 17 years ago

Can anyone tell me if there is still any live poultry market in or around New York City with a shochet, even a part time shochet? There used to be several. Fresh killed poultry tastes so differen...

Slavko's Harbor Poultry in San Pedro?

by Hershey Bomar 17 years ago

I only found a brief mention of this place in a old thread. Anyone been? What's it like?

Chinatown for really fresh poultry?

by jenn 18 years ago

The other week at the Hollywood Farmer's Market, we ordered a organic heritage turkey from the LA Slow Food people for our Thanksgiving dinner. I had one last year and it was great. I highly recom...

Live Poultry?

by collin 17 years ago

Hi -- I've just found out about these live poultry markets where you can buy chickens which are slaughtered and cleaned on site for you. This sounds like a brilliant idea to me, but I can't really ...

Turducken & Boning Poultry (Not what you think!)

by Cyrus J. Farivar 17 years ago

So check it out, yo. David Boyk and I are making Turducken for New Year's. We're going to use this recipe: http://www.chefpaul.com/turducken.html Mostly because it doesn't involve deep frying, ...


by carnivore 18 years ago

Does anyone know of any good live poultry markets in Brooklyn? Thank you!

Best place to buy poultry in Toronto?

by cardamom 18 years ago

I'd like to buy some whole raw chickens. The ones I've bought from the local supermarkets are okay, but I'm looking for something better -- either in quality or price. If it's free range, even bett...

fresh poultry market?

by lammasu 18 years ago

In the bronx near arthur ave. you can buy a chicken by pointing to it as it squawks in its cage, then pick it up in a few minutes, feathered and butchered according to your wishes. The fresh chick...

dairy + poultry??

by Susan 19 years ago

Hi, I have always been confused about this, and if anyone can un-confuse me, I'd be grateful: since poultry do not feed their young with milk, can poultry be eaten with dairy products? Thanks m...

Excellent cooked stuffed poultry -- yum!

by Nancy Berry 19 years ago

The other day at Tower Market there was a fellow from King Chicken of Alameda offering tastes of his turducken -- delicious!! It's available by special order at Tower as are all their other product...

Deep-fried poultry

by Kent 19 years ago

Hi, Chowhounds: I recently bought an outfit for deep frying turkeys, but haven't done one yet. I love duck, and am considering deep frying a domestic, frozen duck from a local supermarket. Of cours...

Mainely Poultry - Warren, ME

by The Rogue 19 years ago

I can't remember if I posted on this place, Mainely Poultry on Rt 1 in Warren Maine, just south of Thomaston. If so they are worth repeat mention. They are a small poultry farm that also make so...

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