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How to Pull Off a Perfect Holiday Brunch Potluck

There are lots of festive ways to pull off a holiday party, but a brunch can be especially nice since evenings and weekend afternoons tend to book up fast. And there's something more inherently casual...

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Menu ideas for a Julia Child Dinner Party

by jjenn 4 years ago

6 couples each take turns hosting and setting potluck menu for our dinner club. Soom I will host and I'm hopeful to set a menu that pulls from volume 1 of mastering the Art of French cooking. Perso...

Easy appetizer/dips

by Disneyfreak 4 years ago

Update: I heard from the hostess who asked that I bring an appetizer/dip instead of a side dish or dessert. I am going to a housewarming. They are supplying a whole roast pig cooked in a caja ch...

Need your BEST dish for a potluck

by MMinierRN 4 years ago

I need a dish that I can take to a potluck and I really want to impress. What is the awe inspiring that you have taken?

Need comments on a mobile-friendly potluck organizer

by mixersoft 4 years ago

Hi all, I wanted to come to this community with a mockup of a food app I'm building. It's a mobile/web-friendly community meal organizer (aka potluck planner) that puts the menus and recipes on the...

July 4 is coming up

by Candy 4 years ago

We go to a 7/4 party every year and all of us bring foods to share. Last year I brought Sean Brock's (Heritage) fried chicken skins. They disappeared quickly. The hostess only got one piece. I'll b...

Bastille Day Potluck

by dkenworthy 4 years ago

I am hosting my book club on Bastille Day and am responsible for the main dish (others will bring sides). I am looking for something quintessentially French to make that is summery. Not Salade Ni...

Anyone up for a potluck this Saturday?

by brndn1 4 years ago

Hi everyone, My housemate and I thought it would be fun to throw a dinner party this Saturday as a way to meet new people. We live in North Park Slope and can host about 8 people. As with all p...

Botulism outbreak linked to Ohio Church potluck

Heidi cooks and bakes
by Heidi cooks and bakes 4 years ago

http://www.cnn.com/2015/04/22/health/church-potluck-botulism/index.html Wow, I can't remember the last time I heard of botulism. And to have it affect so many people!

Do either of these sound like good ideas for a potluck?

by allipalli 4 years ago

Saturday night at church, after the Easter vigil service, there's a break-the-fast potluck. We have been instructed not to bring anything reminiscent of Lent -- the pastor said that if anyone show...

Brunch potluck where all the brunch basics are covered...

by iheartcooking 4 years ago

I'm invited to Easter brunch which is a potluck and was told to bring whatever I'd like! Quiches, baked French toast, fruit, bagels, eggs, sausage, deviled eggs and unspecific dessert are all cover...

for a potluck: mac & cheese or scalloped potatoes?

by prima 5 years ago

I'll be attending a potluck with around 45 attendees. I've narrowed my dish down to mac & cheese or scalloped potatoes. Would you take mac & cheese or scalloped potatoes? Just curious what you...

St. Patrick's Potluck

by Jasz 5 years ago

I'll be going to a potluck dinner next week with my dance peeps. The hostess, our instructor, has asked us to bring something that doesn't need heating. Also, we'll be dancing beforehand for 2hrs s...

90s food!

by blkery 6 years ago

I grew up in the early-mid 90s and would like to throw a potluck around the theme (there will be some awesome music). I'm trying to think of signature 90s food that isn't soda or candy, but the bes...

Vegetable dish for Potluck?

by marycarol 13 years ago

It is a very casual potluck at a remote location with no kitchen available. I was thinking of taking oven roasted winter vegetables, hot from the oven. We won't be eating for an hour or so after ...

Gluten-free, dairy-free main dish for holiday potluck

by amoule 5 years ago

I need a gluten-free, dairy-free main dish for holiday potluck. I keep thinking of braised chicken thighs or brisket but I'm afraid they might seem too mundane. Or maybe they wouldn't. The occas...

Apple-themed potluck

by TatyanaG 5 years ago

We've been invited over to our friends' home for an apple-themed potluck meal (following a day of apple picking, of course!) I have no ideas at all. I'd like to do an appetizer, but have none th...

Savory breakfast dish recipes for potluck

by ximena2080 5 years ago

Hello - I'm looking for a good recipe for a breakfast potluck. I'm not the biggest breakfast foods fan so I don't have that many recipes in my repertoire. One thing that came to mind is an egg ca...

Campground Potluck ideas please!

by kerryhb 8 years ago

We are taking our vintage travel trailer to a rally this weekend. There is a potluck Saturday night and I need to do better than last year, when I took hummus and pita chips from TJ's. Any kind ...

Non-refrigerated potluck ideas needed

by Leepa 9 years ago

On Thursday, I'll be attending an event about an hour or so from home and afterward (about 5 hours!) there is a potluck planned. We've been asked to bring items that don't require refrigeration. ...

Dish for a Potluck after a Memorial Service?

by buzzardbreath 5 years ago

A dear friend of my husband and I has passed away. Our friend's family is having a potluck lunch after the memorial service in about two weeks' time; they are providing grilled chicken, bread roll...