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Are Sprouted Potatoes Really Poisonous?

Are sprouted potatoes safe to eat, or are they poisonous? And what about green spots? You've probably wondered about this on occasion, when you’re rummaging through the corner of your pantry and come...

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by bgorton 18 years ago

Interested to know about mashed potatoes. For Christmas dinner, which we had at an American friends house, the mashed potatoes were glutinous and totally unlike our idea of mashed potatoes. Had the...

Need potatoes au gratin recipe

by RKN 18 years ago

I need to make a potato sidedish for Christmas dinner and don't want to make mashed potatoes. I was thinking of potatoes au gratin but would welcome any other ideas (and recipes).

Holding potatoes

by Caviar 18 years ago

I'm expecting anywhere up to a few hundred people to drop in for latkes this year. Can I peel lots of potatoes and hold them in water for 24 -30 hours, or will they degrade?

Gratin of Japanese Sweet Potatoes

by Melanie Wong 18 years ago

Here’s a recipe for anyone who’s still looking for a side dish on our national feast day. I made this a couple weeks ago for a dinner featuring Scherrer Zinfandels from Alexander Valley to uniform...

vegan mashed potatoes?

by JessicaKlonsky 18 years ago

I've been assigned to make vegan mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving (we have a lot of pwas (people with allergies) in my family). Any tips for making them as rich and creamy as possible without butt...

Best Potatoes for Kugel

by Insatiable 18 years ago

I've been tasked with baking the Kugels for my family's Seder. (The guest-list numbers twenty.) I have several recipes for Potato Kugel, but each of them only lists "X-number of Potatoes" in the...

What's wrong with potatoes in America?

by lucia 18 years ago

I have a serious case of potato envy. Just got back from a month in Lincolnshire, England, a place where potatoes matter. With most meals, at home or out, people serve a huge bowl of boiled, butter...

Potatoes for Chowder

by jerick 18 years ago

I would like to make a Scallop chowder that was in the NYT a week or so ago. It says use white potatoes. What kind is this - is it the kind i would use to make a baked potato? What other kind of...

raclette cheese, potatoes, pickles -- is this a dish?

by foodfirst 18 years ago

I've got a hunk of raclette cheese and seem to recall running across a recipe, Scandinavian? that melts it with potatoes and ... could it be... pickles? Is this a dish or am I delusional? If such a...

"Baked" potatoes on the grill

by Zorra 18 years ago

How do you prepare whole, skin-on potatoes on a grill? Can we do this while the meat is grilling? We have a brand new grill/smoker and a lot to learn!

Best scalloped potatoes

by T.Davis 18 years ago

I need to put this recipe to rest and quit playing around with it. I made the cookswork version today which is more like a flan and not very creamy. Also not very good. I saw a couple on epicurious...

Papaya mashed potatoes

by muD 18 years ago

May not sound good, but I had them last night and they were excellent (I like garlic mashed or wasabi mashed, but not a big mashed potato fan in general). I asked the chef how he made them and he s...

Left over mashed potatoes

by Joanne T. 18 years ago

Any ideas for what to do with left over mashed potatoes? I went a little nuts when I made them the other night, and I am looking for some tips to do something interesting with them. Thanks.

How long do cooked potatoes stay good?

by Allie D'Augustine 18 years ago

So, last week, I baked some potatoes in order to make hash browns... and now I have one thoroughly cooked, leftover potato wrapped in foil in my fridge. It's 5 days old and it *seems* fine... Do co...

advice on roasting potatoes in advance

by david kaplan 18 years ago

For a large dinner I am charged with bringing roasted potatoes, which I will need to do in advance and then re-heat at the last minute. What's the risk that cooking them in advance and re-heating w...

Any suggestions for baby potatoes and saffron?

by Zanzibar 19 years ago

I got some saffron as a gift, and I was contemplating roasting some baby potatoes with saffron. Is there any trick to using these lovely strands? Anyone have a "killer" saffron recipe to share? ...

Breakfast Potatoes

by luvfood 19 years ago

Looking for a good way to prepare breakfast potatoes. Im not looking to make hash browns, nor do I want to make potato pancakes! Something with a good potato flavor. I have been experimenting eac...

best "light" mashed potatoes recipe?

by m00ncakes 19 years ago

i'm looking for a mashed potatoes recipe that won't clog my arteries--meaning not too much (if any) saturated fat. i'm cooking for people with high cholesterol (myself included) and i'd like to fi...

Mashed potatoes in advance.

by Slow Foodie 19 years ago

I really like to have everything prepared in advance for the big T day but have always waited until just before the meal to actually mash the potatoes and add the cream and butter and whatever else...

Sweet potatoes/yam

by Margret 19 years ago

I came across this somewhat comprehensive discussion on sweet potatoes and yams and how each is to be use. I found it useful in differentiating which sweet potato to buy. I hope you'll find it he...

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