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Are Sprouted Potatoes Really Poisonous?

Are sprouted potatoes safe to eat, or are they poisonous? And what about green spots? You've probably wondered about this on occasion, when you’re rummaging through the corner of your pantry and come...

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what is the key to the perfect roast potatoes?

by SpongeBobSquarePegs 16 years ago

My husband, an Aussie, is forever lamenting about the way Americans can't do roast potatoes. I'm talking about the kind you'd have with a roast beef or lamb. Generally, what I do is coat yukon g...

Perfectly smoothmashed potatoes / pommes puree

by Dylan 16 years ago

Assuming I don't want to push the potatoes through a tamis, does anyone know the trick to perefectly smooth mashed potatoes?

Need help with boiling potatoes!

by DanaB 16 years ago

I know that boiling potatoes sounds like a routine kitchen task that everyone should be able to figure out without much thought. I'm fine when boiling potatoes for mashed, because it doesn't matte...

flavored mashed potatoes

by naomi 16 years ago

I'd like to jazz up the mashed potatoes this year a bit....maybe garlic, or onion....nothing too fancy - my family likes super-simple food - as in, if it was up to them, I wouldnt even use salt and...

Ricing Potatoes...Unpeeled?

by Funwithfood 16 years ago

There is a theory that unpeeled potatoes absorb less water when boiled, hence make better mashed potatoes (makes sense). Has anyone ever used a ricer with UNpeeled potatoes? (A recipe I have ca...

POTATOES in Chinese food?!?!?!

by joypirate 16 years ago

Ok hounds, what’s the deal? I eat A LOT of Chinese food. And I mean, A LOT. For the past 5 years or so my office has been 2 blocks or less from either Boston’s Chinatown or Philly’s Chinatown so, ...

Southern Comfort Sweet Potatoes

by Michelle 16 years ago

I made these last Thanksgiving but I lost the recipe. They were a huge hit - it was made with baked and then mashed sweet potatoes, not canned, and it was somewhat sweet but not overly so. And it...

Freezing potato soup

by kc girl 16 years ago

Can one freeze potato soup and thaw to the same nice creaminess as originally made? What about butternut squash soup?

potatoes au gratin

by bankmeister 16 years ago

I had potatoes au gratin at a restaurant recently that were to die for--how can I describe them? They were melt-in-your-mouth; absolutely infused with gruyere flaver and had a fabulous, rather mea...

Baking Potatoes - Yet another shelf life question

by bk 16 years ago

Is there any reason why organic baking potatoes would have a longer shelf life than ordinary baking potatoes? Here's what caused my confusion Usually I would buy 1 or 2 regular baking (russet) ...

Lidia Bastianich Recipe: Chicken Bites w/Potatoes Sausages & Vinegar

by Chuck 16 years ago

Recently saw an episode of Lidia's Italian American Kitchen and she made this dish. I've searched for the recipe on line without success - anyone know where I might be able to find it? Better yet...

Favourite things to do with new potatoes?

by lissar 17 years ago

I picked up a few pounds of new potatoes yesterday. I'm going to roast some of them with garlic, rosemary and salt, and steam or boil the other half to eat with sour cream. I was just wondering abo...

Trout, ramps, potatoes. How to make it interesting?

by Mar a 17 years ago

I want to make a farmers'market dinner this week. My local market has lots of ramps, nice potatoes, and nice trout. Other than steaming everything, any suggestions about how to make an interesting ...

Belgian/European Potatoes

by Dylan 17 years ago

Eating the frites at Belgo's in London I came to the conclusion that one of the reason they are much better is the variety of potato - I think the Belgians use something called "Bjintes" that are p...

Weekend Duck Project: (1) Roast, (2) Potatoes w/Duck Fat, (3) Ravioli

by Denis 17 years ago

I've been contemplating a tripartite duck plan for a while, and I think I'm going to execute it this weekend. The idea is to roast a duck tonight, use the rendered fat to make potatoes to go with a...

Microwave "Baked" Potatoes??

by Lita 17 years ago

Now I know that I should be making baked potatoes in the oven, but sometimes at lunch time I am lazy, and want one right away. I have tried making them in the microwave, but they come out horribly....


by bgorton 17 years ago

Interested to know about mashed potatoes. For Christmas dinner, which we had at an American friends house, the mashed potatoes were glutinous and totally unlike our idea of mashed potatoes. Had the...

Need potatoes au gratin recipe

by RKN 17 years ago

I need to make a potato sidedish for Christmas dinner and don't want to make mashed potatoes. I was thinking of potatoes au gratin but would welcome any other ideas (and recipes).

Holding potatoes

by Caviar 17 years ago

I'm expecting anywhere up to a few hundred people to drop in for latkes this year. Can I peel lots of potatoes and hold them in water for 24 -30 hours, or will they degrade?

Gratin of Japanese Sweet Potatoes

by Melanie Wong 17 years ago

Here’s a recipe for anyone who’s still looking for a side dish on our national feast day. I made this a couple weeks ago for a dinner featuring Scherrer Zinfandels from Alexander Valley to uniform...

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