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Are Sprouted Potatoes Really Poisonous?

Are sprouted potatoes safe to eat, or are they poisonous? And what about green spots? You've probably wondered about this on occasion, when you’re rummaging through the corner of your pantry and come...

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mashed potatoes ideas needed

by JoAnn 15 years ago

I have been assigned two dishes for Thanksgiving, an appetizer and mashed potatoes. The appetizer will be fun, but what to do with the masked potatoes? Not much room for creativity. Any ideas?

mashed potatoes for thanksgiving

by hummuslvr 15 years ago

I am making a thanksgiving meal this year and must keep all the dishes kosher for some family members. Anyone have a good recipe for non dairy mashed potatoes? Thanks!

Mashed Potatoes

by gini 15 years ago

My family's mashed potato aficionado has moved to Vancouver and I have been charged with the task of preparing the taters this year. My mom asked for something "special", so I'm open to your ideas...

potatoes on the side...

by Ed Fontleroy 15 years ago

I am having a small dinner party tomorrow night and my entree is pork chops with an apple and prune stuffing on a bed of mixed field greens and a cider based sauce. I have those small red creamer ...

bourbon sweet potatoes for funwithfood

by withalonge 15 years ago

Hi funwithfood... this is a family recipe of one of my co-workers. I hope you like it. bake sweet potatoes (I usually bake 6-8 good sized yams or in a pinch use two 23 oz cans) The recipe is fl...

mashed potatoes?

by sandramr 15 years ago

How do you make your best mashed? Peel,boil and mash-boil, peel and mash-or bake and mash? I know it depends alot on the type of potatoes used-but would like the simplest and of course best tasting...

Scalloped sweet potatoes - how?

by Nyleve 15 years ago

I'm trying to create a version of scalloped potatoes using sweet potatoes. So far, my experiment (which is still in the oven) appears to be a failure in the texture/appearance department. Here's wh...

Baked potatoes

by Janet from Richmond 15 years ago

I'm not as good as many of the cooks on this board, but I can bake potatoes . This weekend we are having a gathering of friends and having ribs, and baked potatoes and baked beans. I was planning...

help too many new potatoes!!!

by oaklandfoodie 15 years ago

I have way too many new potatoes. Not sure of the specific variety, but I might have a few. Some are red, some look more like fingerlings. My CSA has been overflowing with potatoes for that last fe...

Bad Fries, Burned Arm, Leftover cut potatoes

by krissywats 15 years ago

After a french fry disaster last night - I am refusing to ever again make french fries until we own a fryolator. (Trying to make them on the stove top was a nightmare that ended with crappy fries ...

using crockpot to keep mashed potatoes warm- a good idea?

by twinmommy 16 years ago

Have any of you tried this? I'm hosting a seder tomorrow and I'd like to get the potatoes done before we all sit down for prayers. Will they dry out in the crockpot. Do I oil the crockpot? Do I...

Menu Help Please---Potatoes

by Dan 16 years ago

I'm having a group of 15 over next Saturday. I want a good potato casserole recipe. It could be an Au Gratin type of thing, or even a home fried garlic, onions, peppers and bacon or sausage type ...

Roasted Asparagus w/ Prime Rib & Roasted Potatoes?

by bk 16 years ago

is that too many roasted items? I'm definately roasting a prime rib for 4 people and was planning on serving roasted poatoes. I'm not in a mashed mood. In coming up with a green vegatable, I...

Why did my potatoes fall apart?

by Eva and Ziv 16 years ago

Tonight for dinner I made fancy stuffed potatoes (emmental, thyme, and ham--yum!). But after I baked them, I attempted to scoop out the insides (to combine to make stuffing) and found that instead,...

Potatoes Dish with Bacon

by Roxy 16 years ago

I need help with a valentine dinner I am planning. I am going to make a quiche with Brie cheese and Canadian Bacon. Before I read the recipe I bought just regular bacon so had to go back and buy ...

Thank you for perfect potatoes and pear cake

by Robin 16 years ago

Thank you all! I have made the perfect roasted potatoes (recipe found in December here) as well as the pear tart two nights in a row! My family says they are the best things I've ever made...."good...

what is the key to the perfect roast potatoes?

by SpongeBobSquarePegs 16 years ago

My husband, an Aussie, is forever lamenting about the way Americans can't do roast potatoes. I'm talking about the kind you'd have with a roast beef or lamb. Generally, what I do is coat yukon g...

Perfectly smoothmashed potatoes / pommes puree

by Dylan 16 years ago

Assuming I don't want to push the potatoes through a tamis, does anyone know the trick to perefectly smooth mashed potatoes?

Need help with boiling potatoes!

by DanaB 16 years ago

I know that boiling potatoes sounds like a routine kitchen task that everyone should be able to figure out without much thought. I'm fine when boiling potatoes for mashed, because it doesn't matte...

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