Potato Chips

Spicy potato chips?

by wc628 9 years ago

I'm looking for potato chips that will provide intense heat. The jalapeno flavoured chips found in major supermarket...


durhamgal commented 7 days ago

Tim's Cascade chips

by cshean 6 months ago

I've been buying Tim's chips since 1986 when they were introduced at the QFC market in the University Village in Seat...


wwahl commented 5 months ago

Cape Cod Golden Russet Chips in GTA

by dlw88 9 years ago

In my opinion, these are the best chips available for purchase in a bag. Does anyone know where I can find these? ...


thejacks12 commented 5 months ago

Maui Style Shrimp Chips Sitings??

by Foodrat 10 years ago

I'm craving Maui Style Shrimp Chips (Frito Lay), which I had on a recent trip to Hawaii... Anybody know if they're s...

Stephanie Wong commented 5 months ago

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Good's Potato chips (Blue, for me)... anyplace in Boston

by grant.cook 6 months ago

Is there any vendor or connection in Boston that can channel Good's Potato chips up to the city? https://www.go...

Herr's potato chips in Toronto?

by CalliopeToronto 6 months ago

Does anyone know of a place that sells Herr's potato chips in Toronto? They're my favourite, particularly the Chedda...

kwass commented 6 months ago

Are Jose Andres the best potato chips?

by Bite_Me 1 year ago

Doing an informal potato chip review and Jose Andres Potato Chips are the best chips I've ever tasted. What's your f...

hill food commented 6 months ago

Where can I find Calbee Honey Butter Chips?

by exoplanet 2 years ago

I've been told that these are really good but I'm not sure where these are sold in the Bay Area. The craze has gone ...

little big al commented 6 months ago

Buy Ol' Grandad potato chips in Ottawa

by MarcB123 4 years ago

Hi folks Anybody know where I can purchase Ol' Grandad potato chips in Ottawa. Just tasted some at a curling club...


copadeb commented 7 months ago

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Deep River Chips - Caution

Maxwell Street Market - Chicago

by Melanie Wong 10 months ago

Sunday morning I made the pilgrimage to Maxwell Street Market to find my breakfast among the bevy of Mexican food sta...


rhododendron commented 10 months ago

Herr's Ketchup Chips

by Elevatorguy 12 months ago

Hi, I've posted here before when the Herr's ketchup chip well ran dry and have had some success getting help. That t...


cutipie721 commented 10 months ago

Gibbles chips sightings

by wordplay 1 year ago

Gibbles chips disappeared from market shelves in southeastern PA awhile back but the company has made a comeback: ...


elmdt1229 commented 11 months ago

Ol' Grandad's Chips near Montreal?

by whiteben 3 years ago

I used to find them at a gas station in Lancaster ontario (first town after the border) but the guy doesn't sell them...


lagatta commented 11 months ago

Yo-Ho Potato Chips

by Warren 16 years ago

Yo-Ho Potato Chips, regional Chicago favorite. Are they still in business? Did not see their product when I was bac...


blaznpat commented 11 months ago

Swanson's Potato Chips Jamestown, NY USA

by lisanoon 7 years ago

I am craving Swanson's Potato Chips. They were made in Jamestown, NY. Cannot find them anywhere online, nor no ment...


melgal commented 11 months ago

Lay's Potato Chips: Just 3 ingredients?

by Covert Ops 10 years ago

We don't normally eat Lay's chips; I always found them too thin, salty and greasy. But a friend bought some over, ...

Tim_Parker commented 12 months ago

Cape Cod Russet Chips-UH-OH

by Mike R. 13 years ago

The once splendid Cape Cod Dark Russet potato chips have suddenly morphed into an inferior, more salty, somewhere nea...


cdonered57 commented 1 year ago

Gibbles Potato Chips

by Beat15 14 years ago

I would like to know if there is a way to mail order (or e-mail order) Gibbles products. I live in New England and ye...


wordplay commented 1 year ago