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Pot roast left out overnight - safe to reheat and eat?

by bscepter 6 years ago

so we were following a suggestion by alton brown that you make a beef pot roast the night before, let it cool, and re...


Harters commented 4 months ago

Pot Roast - no idea what to do

by KeriT 12 years ago

So after a few years of marriage I find out my husband loves pot roast. I have never made it and I don't even know i...


Querencia commented 5 months ago

Pork Roast in Stock Pot?

by crankerchick 5 months ago

I’m planning to roast a pork butt from an ATK recipe that specifically says not to use a non-stick roasting pan as it...


janniecooks commented 5 months ago

Pressure cooker for pot roast

by codmeister 6 months ago

I would like to know what your experience is cooking pot roast with three devices 1. Pressure cooker 2. Dutch oven an...


ratgirlagogo commented 5 months ago

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Arm Roast: What is it and suggestions

by nofunlatte 1 year ago

I purchased a grassfed boneless beef arm roast at the farmers market yesterday. It's just shy of 2 lbs (1.86 to be ex...

Forgot to turn crockpot on all night

by Chelle8888 1 year ago

At 7:00 in the evening, when putting all the veggies, spices and so forth in my crockpot, I had it on warm with a Roa...


treb commented 1 year ago

Advice needed on cooking a pot roast in a slow cooker

by ChervilGeorge 6 years ago

I've cooked a pot roast many times in a dutch oven but have never attempted one in a slow cooker. I'm a complete no...


benbenberi commented 1 year ago

Chuck roast on a stovetop and tender... is this possible?

by Katie Nell 12 years ago

I made Marcella's Pot Roast of Beef with Garlic, Anchovies, Vinegar and Pancetta from Marcella Says last night. It c...


antarcticsub commented 1 year ago

Cooking Frozen Roast

by MissusGerhart 1 year ago

I set a 2.5 pound roast in fridge yesterday, planning to cook it today. As I was seasoning the roast, my husband ment...


acgold7 commented 1 year ago

Can I put a frozen boneless pot roast in the oven in its frozen state?

by laredo 7 years ago

I forgot to put the roast out to thaw. I really need it for dinner tonight --- folks in the hospital; I'm away fro...


byubuf commented 1 year ago

Help! My beef pot roast is falling apart but still chewy

by Cooking1049da 2 years ago

I decided to make a beef pot roast using a chuck roast. I seared the meat and cooked it my slow cooker on high for 5 ...


Madrid commented 2 years ago

Sauerbraten help - please! Party this Saturday

by smokechop 8 years ago

A friend is having an Octoberfest party and asked if I knew how to make Sauerbraten. Long story short - I am now co...


Madrid commented 2 years ago

Chuck roast - Canadian translation, please

by Sweet Pea 10 years ago

I'm appealing to my fellow Canucks to please tell me what the hell a chuck roast is called up here. I've never made a...


durhamgal commented 2 years ago

The First Post is the Densest

by NewbieScum 2 years ago

I purchased a 14 pound (prime) packer brisket, which I plan to braise for pot roast. I'm thinking I will braise it fo...

Civil Bear

Civil Bear commented 2 years ago

English/American pot roasts, rib roasts, Sunday dinners, etc. in NYC?

by BigBrother 2 years ago

So, been frustrated for years about this. Ironically these days, one of the hardest to find foodstuffs is one that u...


gargupie commented 2 years ago

Presentation Ideas for Christmas Dinner Pot Roast

by mmgoose 2 years ago

For the past few years, I've taken full responsibility for choosing and cooking the Christmas menu at my in-laws' hom...


Ttrockwood commented 2 years ago

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Pot roast in oven now--how long to roast if unrolled?

by NotSoHot 2 years ago

I had posted earlier about having 2 chuck roasts to make a double portion of CI's Pot Roast recipe (well, one of thei...

Pot roast questions

by NotSoHot 2 years ago

Going to make Cook's Illustrated pot roast for Thanksgiving. Only 2 of us but I bought 2 3.5lb chuck roasts so we cou...


TastyReuben commented 2 years ago

Help with intensifying the onion flavor in my dips and pot roast, like Lipton Onion Soup provides

by gfr1111 3 years ago

Lipton Onion Soup provides an intense onion flavor in its dried soup, which I have also used semi- successfully in ma...


ChristinaMason commented 3 years ago

help me make a pot roast in a clay pot

by addicted2cake 10 years ago

I bought a 3.5 lb. chuck roast on Friday that I wanted to make for tonight's dinner, but I think I'm running out of t...


Thorbjorn commented 3 years ago

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