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What Goes Well with a Chicken Pot Pie?

by Perilagu Khan 4 years ago

A CPP is pretty much a self-contained and complete meal, is it not? It's got meat, vegetables, and with the crust, gr...


JustCharlie commented 7 days ago

Accompaniments for chicken pot pie?

by sallysadie 8 years ago

We are having chicken pot pie tonight. What should I serve alongside, and to drink?


tobeornottobethatisthequestion commented 4 months ago

Freezing portions of a gigantic costco chicken pot pie

by elise h 3 years ago

The Costco chicken pot pie is wonderful. Bountiful large chunks of chicken (white meat) and vegetables. I didn't dete...


Fatso_Calrissian commented 5 months ago

Cooking instructions for frozen pot pie

by dmd_kc 9 years ago

And no, the answer is not, "Just check what Banquet printed on the box!" ;) Thanks to other posters here, I've decid...


jtetmom commented 1 year ago

Suggestions for punching up a lobster pot pie

by intentionally 1 year ago

Was planning to make lobster pot pies for Christmas dinner. I initially saw this recipe on Saveur (see link), but the...


intentionally commented 1 year ago

Favorite savory pies?

by Boxman 1 year ago

I would really love to dive more heavily into pie making, but I am not a huge dessert person. I love making quiche, b...

ad7yn commented 1 year ago

Chicken Pot Pie vs Chicken Pie

by kpaumer 8 years ago

My friends and I were watching the Barefoot Contessa, and she made a Lobster Pot Pie, I started the argument by sayin...

DonShirer commented 1 year ago

Chicken Pot Pie - pre-bake crust?

by KaimukiMan 4 years ago

Im going to be making a couple of fairly large chicken pot pies next week. Should the bottom crust be pre-baked? An...


dave1234123 commented 1 year ago

Chicken broth vs. stock

by E_M 1 year ago

My turkey (the basting part), make ahead gravy, and day-after turkey pot pie call for chicken broth. I have a can of ...


E_M commented 1 year ago

Bang Bang Pie | Logan Square - Chicago

by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

For the stroll home from breakfast at Jam , ...

Melanie Wong commented 1 year ago

Operation beef pot pies

by EVE321 1 year ago

i need some advise i ordered beef pot pies from a company in Georgia to be sent to New York they pac...


zackly commented 1 year ago

Best Chicken Pot Pie in LA?

by thranduil 8 years ago

We went to Nichols in MDR last night and had their tarragon chicken pot pie (Friday night special). It was excellent...


oldusedcop commented 1 year ago

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Anybody Recognize this Chicken Pot Pie?

by LynnLovesFood70 2 years ago

I have been making the most delicious chicken pot pie for 15 years. Unfortunately, I don't make it often enough to h...

Half Baked Pot Pie

by joycetroyer 2 years ago

I am making a pot pie to take to my daughter and her family. Can I partially bake the pie and have them complete the...


Erika L commented 2 years ago

PotPies in Oakland/Berkeley?

by Kate1677 2 years ago

Anyone have recommendations for potpies in Oakland or Berkeley? Bakesale Betty had a great pie for a time and Montcla...

Melanie Wong commented 2 years ago

Hayward (and Temescal Farmers Market) - Pot Pie Paradise

by rworange 10 years ago

There was a recent thread on this but I'm hoping to get some more favorites. So far people like - Classic Chicken, Hu...

Melanie Wong commented 2 years ago

Freezing raw "biscuit" dough

by iheartcooking 2 years ago

Ok my family really likes these pot pies I make from the biscuit dough that comes in a tube. I fill them with ground ...

iheartcooking commented 2 years ago

best chicken pot pie?

by csp84 8 years ago

I am a chicken pot pie-a-holic. I really love it and could probably eat it every night for dinner (well, if it didn't...

PuniceaRana commented 2 years ago

Chicken pot pie - what herbs/spices do you add?

by mrgdess 7 years ago

My standard chicken pot pie recipe needs some "umph". I make the standard filling but use a cornbread batter on top ...


beau10 commented 6 years ago

Can I rescue undercooked chicken?

by beggsy 9 years ago

I roasted a chicken last night to make chicken pot pie. When I took it out to shred it today, some of the breast mea...


beggsy commented 9 years ago

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