A Visual Guide to Mushrooms, from Abalone to Shiitake

There are far more types of mushrooms than what you usually find in your grocery store. Consider this a visual mushroom guide to our favorites, from abalone to shiitake. Mushrooms, the fruiting bodies...


by KoshVorlon 3 months ago

So - what's the most delicious portobello dish you've ever had? So far, (and I have yet to find this recipe !) is the roasted portobello over at Wild Oats - specifically when they roast it wi...

Marinated Portabellos - A good idea?

by Gary Rolin 17 years ago

In my attempts to lose weight while at the same time sacrifcing as little flavor possible, I have recently been inspired to explore the world of Portabello Mushrooms. I ran across a recipe for "G...

White/button mushroom = portobello?

by soniabegonia 11 years ago

I always thought they were different varieties but this says portobellos are mature white mushrooms. Is this true? Any scientists out there? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agaricus_bisporus

How to tell when Portabella Mushrooms are no longer safe to use

by lianla.rogue 5 years ago

I was craving my special spinach and mushroom quesadilla tonight, as I already bought the mushrooms and spinach on Thursday (today is monday). I bought the other ingredients today, went in the kitc...

Looking for Recipe for Portobellos and Pasta

by Philly Ray 5 years ago

Does anyone have a good, simple recipe? I'm thinking of just slicing and sauteeing the mushrooms in a little oil and then reducing some chicken stock and adding butter to make the sauce. Toss w...

Low carb starting with portabella caps

by iheartcooking 5 years ago

I got a bag of portabella caps on super sale and would like to use them for dinner tomorrow evening. I can slice or stuff them but I can't come up with a brilliant idea with what do do with them. I...

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