Boa Cama Boa Mesa awards-Portugal, 2021

by Maribel 4 months ago

The hotel/restaurant guide for Portugal, "Boa Cama, Boa Mesa", recently presented its awards for best restaurants and hotels for 2021 Chef of the year- Noélia Jerónimo of Restaurante Noélia & J...

Trip Plan for Lisbon and Porto

by PenelopeWitherspoon 2 years ago

So, I will be in Lisbon and Porto from March 23 through March 31. Will spend 3 nights in Lisbon, then three nights in Porto, then return to Lisbon for 2 more nights. So far, my plans are as follo...

Trip Report - Lisbon and Porto - March 2019

by PenelopeWitherspoon 2 years ago

I am still writing up my trip report on another site, but I thought I would go ahead and start my trip report for Lisbon and Porto here. If you are interested in more than just the food, here is t...

Portugal Short Trip - Dining Experiences - April 2018

by karasu 3 years ago

Just got back from a week long trip to Portugal and managed to experience some of the most discussed restaurants in the area. I got a lot of helpful suggestions on this forum - thanks a lot! We ...

Looking for good Portuguese food in Lisbon and Porto

by ioana503 3 years ago

We are a couple travelling to Portugal for New Year's and have a couple more general questions. First of all, some context: We'll be in Lisbon for about 3 days and in Porto for about 2.5 days....

Porto Restaurant with Fado

by Kurtis 3 years ago

Any recs for a neighborhood restaurant meal with fado at the end? Not looking for a "meal and a show" type, but intimate neighborhood restaurant that locals come together for fado after the dinner.

Lard-free Pasteis de Nata in Portugal?

by frencheetoast 3 years ago

I'm visiting Portugal in September. The itinerary is not yet finalized, but I know that I will see Lisbon and Porto on the mainland. I really want to try a true Portuguese pastel de nata, but I hea...

Help with narrowing down Porto restaurants

by TTabb 3 years ago

I'm so excited for our trip to Porto and have read many posts for all of the incredible restaurants available but need help narrowing all the fantastic choices down. We will be there for 3 nights. ...

Eat like a local in Porto, Portugal

by Peldog 4 years ago

Heading for the first time to Porto next week for 5 days from Calary, Alberta Canada - not interested in the fancy expensive tourist restaurants - looking for must eat foods of Porto and must visit...

Lisbon & Porto Equivalent of Tapas Bars/Cafes

by nlight 4 years ago

Hi everyone, My wife and I will be in Lisbon and Porto in late July, and we're hoping the CH community can share some of their favorite places to eat delicious small plates in a casual atmospher...

Porto and Galicia, part 1

by macaraca 5 years ago

Porto, Galicia report - 1 Spent 2 weeks between Porto, Ourense, and Pontevedra, with daytrips to Pinhao, Braga, Lugo, Santiago, A Coruna, and Vigo. Wonderful seafood, especially the pulpo, sardin...

Looking for restaurant recommendations in Porto

by cdrane 4 years ago

Hi -- I'm going to be in Porto for four days next week and am looking for good suggestions on where to eat. We'll probably be eating out for every meal, so I'm looking for a mixture of price points...

Long Portugal report

by Joanie 5 years ago

I read some past suggestions and cobbled a list together and here's what we ended up with. Hopefully this helps with future questions. Fri. arrival in Porto and the first thing I needed to do was f...

Help in Portugal

by Joanie 5 years ago

Hi, we'll be in Porto this Fri. for 3 nights then one each in Coimbra and Sintra before spending 4 in Lisbon. I was in Lisbon a long time ago before I took copious notes about restaurants. Specifi...

Porto/Pedro Lemas

by lichow 5 years ago

There was something very disquieting about our dinner at Pedro Lemas; actually several somethings. One could never, never quibble about the food--you could not do better preparation-wise or taste-...

Portugal advice

by lichow 5 years ago

Good morning--we are a family of 5 from NYC (and therefore food-obsessed), parents and three 20-something daughters, but due to illness and then death in the family we are finally just able to star...

Porto- DOP

by akhorasanee 5 years ago

Has Anyone tried the lunch at Porto...I was wondering how it is? I know the dinner menu is supposed to be excellent but I thought 20 euro for executive lunch sounds like a steal. Any advice?

Two nights in Porto - help with my list !

by willowan 5 years ago

Hello Travelling to Porto this week. Looking for super fresh seafood in non touristy/non stuffysurroundings - a bit like the La Paradeta model in Barcelona. Have looked at Salat o Muro which g...

Restaurants for Barcelona and Porto

by drs444 5 years ago

Hello everyone, we're planning our restaurants for Barcelona and Porto and would love to know your favorite places to eat. We're from NYC and basically travel for food. We'll be with our 3.5 year o...